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Negative Reviews of J'Adore by Christian Dior

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Bought a 5 ml sample to test-drive it. Too sharp, floral and sweet and very expensive for such a vulgar fragrance. Reminds me of the cheap fragrances by Avon. You would expect something at least 10 times better from Dior. Tacky, for people with no taste at all, who are happy to spend gobs of money to show off their expendable wealth. The first image that comes to my mind after smelling it is of a bunch of nouveau riche moms in their late 30's meeting inside an elevator at a condo while going for a tea around the center table showing off their perfumes to each other and commenting about their prices.
28th February, 2018
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United Kingdom
What a horribly tacky scent -- cloying and excessively saccharine; I hated it from the first spritz, but by God is it difficult to get rid of. There's no personality, just constant sweetness, like opening a packet of stale, powdered doughnuts.
31st December, 2017
A Snuggle dryer sheet that's been used to wipe down a potted faux rosebush with an anonymous white musk shampoo.


20th September, 2017
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Genre: Fruity Floral

Any fruity floral scent joining a line that already includes Diorella needs to be a lot better than J’Adore to justify its existence. Calice Becker’s floral compositions sometimes take on an overly abstract, almost faceless quality. This is true to some degree of Beyond Paradise, but very much the case with J’Adore. There’s nothing particularly wrong with J’Adore’s lactonic peachy floral accord, but it never smells more than bland and sweet to me. There’s none of the crisp, cheerful green tea that enlivens Becker’s Tommy Girl, nor any of the luxurious tuberose that elevates J’Adore’s “l’Absolut” version. For me , though, the ultimate deal-breaker is a white musk drydown that’s a dead ringer for my current shampoo. (Kérastase Resistance.) I think I can live without J’Adore.

Either I've become less tolerant with age, or J'Adore's formula has been cheapened. I now find the fruity notes at J'Adore's heart unpleasantly cloying.
18th June, 2014 (last edited: 06th July, 2014)
Really wanted to love this... but all I detect is powder, powder, and... powder. It makes me want to sneeze!

Sorry, must not be for me.

Seeing the popularity of this scent, I assume it probably smells better on the people it works on than in the bottle.
16th March, 2014
Unlike Wingie, I wasn't fortunate enough to obtain a sample of the original scent, but I whole-heartedly agree that the newer J'Adore is terrible. It's an overpowering concoction of Ylang-Ylang, musk, and some foul fixative. I reserve single-star reviews for fragrances that contain the formic-acid-scented fixitives found in the cheapest of colognes and perfumes. This fragrance nearly obtained that dubious honor.
31st January, 2014
I know I am in the minority here, but I think this stinks. If you like "clean" fragrances this is for you, because to me it smells like something you would clean your house with.
02nd September, 2012
Three notes listed on ylang ylang, damask rose and jasmine sambac.
Well ,we all know there is much more to J'Adore than those three notes. What about the champaca ?? I find it interesting that on the Dior website, their olfactory notes section doesn't tell us more than three notes for each scent.
Dear People, do you think that we ,the general public , are unable to process the idea of more than three notes at a time ???

Personally I dislike that elongated bottle neck a lot . Personally, I don't know how J'Adore stays so popular as to be No 1 on the bestseller lists.
Be prepared for negativity in this little review /sampling note . Apologies to all who love this scent. Believe me, my life would be much simpler and my wallet fatter, if I also loved this scent more than others !

Today I was obsessed with re sniffing J'Adore. I don't know how The Fragrance Demons attack me in the night that I awake with such a desire to re sniff something I already know, I am not very fond of to begin with ! Off to Cow Town Mall I went.
J'Adore EDP is beautiful to begin with . There is a classical glow at first with such a blend of jasmine , rose and ylang ylang that I get this peachiness. It's like 'diffusive silk' . I love my peach so this was good smelling so far. J'Adore at this point is pretty and swoon worthy . It does seem to present some kind of olfactory picture of " Gold" . I thought to myself " I don't remember J'Adore smelling this romantic and gorgeous. "

Fast forward to the drydown . This is where my problem with J'Adore occurs. I come across this nose WALL block - perhaps it's the fruity blackberry ,perhaps violets and musk combo that really is awful on me. It's like wet cardboard - dank ,screechy ,artificial and this is the character smell of J'Adore I always associate with it. Too bad. The opening of J'Adore is gorgeous and the drydown is like some schizoid character on my skin. That schizoid character just loves to hang around . Hours later and I am smelling seriously of cardboard. it sits right here on my arm and firmly in my poor nose.
It could be worse, J'Adore Eau de Cardboard could've given me a migraine but it doesn't. For this, it gets ' un point '.

If I had not waited till the dry down and bought J'Adore on the spot based on that silky waft of peachy-rose-jasmine , I would have been upset .That wall block of offensiveness at the dry down - such a chemical spill on my skin - would have made me take my purchase right back to Cow Town Mall for my refund.
10th June, 2012
Peach, rose, soap, safe. Saying anything unpleasant about this scent feels like shouting at a teddy bear - who could be so mean? However, the image of nice mummies having lunch while the washing machine spins in the background springs to mind. I find this a cloying scent lying over fresh laundered clothes. Thousands like it, but its just not for me.
04th February, 2012
I really loved this when I sprayed it on the card but when I finally tried it on my skin I got the same gross soap undertone the person below me said. EWWW
14th June, 2011
I hate to jump on the negative bandwagon here, but add me to the chorus that thinks J'Adore smells like a shampoo. It's a fruity-floral that doesn't necessarily smell cheap, just shampoo-like.
17th February, 2011
I am so very tempted to write a review that just says "Blech!" but I won't.
I am sampling the EDP: it smells cheap and cloying, like pear candy at first and like shampoo as it dries down.
It is making my nostrils ache. Honest.
Not complex at all, which isn't a bad thing in itself.
Simple scents can be nice (I enjoy my Rosines and Goutals, after all) but when they are executed in a more delicate and sophisticated way than this.

If you want to smell like pear candy and shampoo, well, stop at the candy store and wash your hair.
03rd February, 2011
About as mass-market a female fragrance can become. I am completely unable to distinguish any of the singular floral notes (where's the champaca?) other than a starkly synthetic rose accord. Basically, it smells like some cheap hair product and nothing like the refined french luxury Dior is trying to sell us.
05th January, 2011
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I tried it for the first time yesterday. It's so bad I don't even know where to begin. I just don't get it.
29th September, 2010 (last edited: 30th September, 2010)
So, I am the second person in a row to think J'Adore smells like shampoo. And no, I didn't read Off-Scenter's review before I smelled it. It doesn't smell bad. I guess I just don't see the point. I expect much more from Dior.
08th July, 2010
I really couldn't believe J'Adore when I first tried it: brash and aggressive, it smells more like hair lacquer than fine perfume. I'm sorry I really can't find anything positive to say about J'Adore. Nasty and aggressive, it gives me an instant headache
29th March, 2010
A screamingly overpowering floral that screams and shouts in bright, glaring lights. Too loud; an unrefined scent that heads straight for the pit of your stomach.
05th November, 2009
Yuck. If I was trying this blind, I would have guessed this a very cheap perfume indeed. A nasty, synthetic, almost metallic peach smell dominates this when sniffing it on my wrist. Sillage is apparently impressive - my flatmate recoiled at the smell from a distance of 12 feet to ask in polite disgust what on earth I was wearing. And that from one small spay to my wrist. Closer examination of the scent from said flatmate elicted the further opinion that the scent at close quarters smelled like BO being covered by cheap scent. Not a keeper.
02nd February, 2009
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United Kingdom
This smells exactly like some dirt-cheap Spanish perfume I smelled while on holiday as a teenager about 20 years ago. So basically I'm not a fan and with the exception of Midnight Poison I don't as a rule like Dior perfumes anyway.
20th October, 2008
Sorry, but my first impression was to run away from the awful stench. Must be my chemistry. I usually like strong scents, but this one was too strong even for me!
05th December, 2005