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Neutral Reviews of J'Adore by Christian Dior

Total Reviews: 28
This review is for J'Adore Touche, given to me as a 1 ml sample. It's a muskier version of Jardins de Bagatelle, tuberose rich and the rest all thrown in. Nothing new here but very nice.
29th November, 2016
My daughter received this as a gift from a new boyfriend. He did not know her very well because this is not for her. She thinks this scent is old lady. I don't know were that is coming from. I seen a review on this that said it smells good on paper. That hits the nail right on the head. I wanted to like this because it is so pretty and floral. It ends up just smelling waxy after a few hours on my skin.
22nd October, 2015
It's a pleasant fragrance, it really is, but there is nothing really interesting about it. It smells like shampoo, to me. And I like the way most shampoo smells, so I'm not saying it's off-putting, there's just nothing particularly unique about it.

It's one of those fragrances that I would have a hard time pointing out if I came across someone wearing it. I get as far as "that smells nice", but I can't pinpoint anything specific or particular about it that makes me go "oh, yeah, that's J'Adore"

That said, it is clean, inoffensive, easy to wear, feminine and "pretty". Probably great for women out there who aren't particularly interested in fragrances beyond wanting to smell good and inoffensive. But to someone who's smelled a lot of fragrances, this is dull, uninspired and common.
06th January, 2013
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it is for young women i think. it is really innocent and lovely .it is clean and sweet and shy.i really rocemmend this perfume .but i can't say it is for me now.i am seeking something that is more ambitious and brave. i used to have this but i don't want to have this any more.
04th July, 2012
I really want to like this. It's fine on paper, the notes should work really well together, and I love this type of fragrance in general. But when it hits my skin nothing happens. It smells the same throughout, from top to base. The plum gets sticky sweet on my skin, and there is nothing there to balance it out. Maybe its just chemistry.

It's still pleasant enough, but dull, so dull.
Everyday wear for someone else, not for me.
04th January, 2012
The J'Adore dry down, with its rosey and slightly fruity-soapy multifaceted floral wake, is a sort of veritable redemption for a scent that starts somewhat uninteresting with a watery (almost aquatic) orangy-irony laundry feel (aroused by citrus and ylang-ylang in a way that evokes, with its angular trait, the intense lily of the valley presence on the side of citrus) and evolves towards a middle phase that is deeply floral due to a valzer of rose, jasmine and tuberose. The juice is fresh and joyful, sensual and dynamic, dry and changeful. The musky vanilla of the base is delicate and well balanced in order to introduce a touch of smoothness and to amalgamate the complexity of the floral notes. Nothing  bad with this renowned juice but it's simply not the kind of fragrance i rave for.
16th December, 2011 (last edited: 24th November, 2014)
Abrasive top notes dry down to Dial soap scent on me. My friends have all remarked that "it's not bad, but smells like cheap perfume." On someone with different chemistry it may be wonderful. I detect no fruit in the fragrance at all.
20th May, 2011
I must say I was rather surprised by this fragrance. By just looking at the bottle, the advertisements and the overall love that people have for this, I was expecting your typical floral that smells comforting, yet so much like Grandma.

I was quite astounded by its fruity notes when I first sprayed J'adore. It wasn't a horrid blast of citrus or overly sweetened fruits, it was more subdued and sophisticated. If I had to pick a fragrance that was similar in its composition, elegance and style, I would say Miss Dior Cherie is rather similar.

The scent itself is indeed very strong, but for me that is a quality that I enjoy in my perfumes. It definitely, in my opinion, has the potential to be a very seductive and sexy fragrance, as I have heard that many men prefer fruity scents on their women.

I believe that this scent would be signature worthy because it is not something that I can imagine someone tiring of quickly. Although best suited to special occasions and nightwear, I can imagine this being worn as a casual fragrance. I believe that its versatility relies on how much scent you apply to your skin. Remember that less is more when you use J'adore.

26th April, 2011
I really love the scent of this perfume! Sophisticated, original, feminine, classy,...
Unfortunately it fades away very quickly on my skin.
Too bad...
20th December, 2010
Warm, fresh. A little soapy, at least on my skin. Reminds me a little bit of Sensuous by Estee Lauder -- at least, in the way that it's warm smelling. I get more freshness than sweetness. I don't get any fruit at all -- I'm not sure why anyone would smell fruit on this, but I know chemistry is weird. There's nothing unpleasant about it, but nothing really great either. Maybe it's just not my style.
29th December, 2009
Citrussy peachy rose. I have a sample of EdP and it's so watery and weak I could have sworn it was cologne or EdT. I would have liked it more if they'd amped up the peach and rose a bit more and fleshed it out a bit. And it gave me a rash.

But it's not bad for a modern fruity floral. Much classier than most of them out there nowadays.
15th September, 2009
cjkamm Show all reviews
United States
A pretty floral scent, nothing different or daring. Reminds me of Tresor.
15th July, 2009
This is a fruity floral, with the peach and rose standing out most for me. If it were color it would be the peachy pink of some excellent dry French rosés. A very fresh, almost (but not quite) sophisticated non-bold floral. It starts out a bit too fruity but calms down some. A little more bright than I like my perfumes, but very nice and wearable.
The dry down is soft and cheerful. I can't say I adore it. But it's nice. Just nice. Attractive bottle design.

10th July, 2009
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This is an acceptable quality fresh floral but nothing particularly interesting. The Absolu version boosts the florals so much more beautifully, that this version seems oddly redundant.
11th June, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Dior J'Adore

Notes: mandarin, champaca flowers, ivy, african orchid, rose, violet, damascus plum, amaranth wood, blackberry musk (from Sephora)

I never smelled J'Adore before, and had always read it is a peachy floral. I can't say I am disappointed--there is indeed some very juicy peach and a soft, powdery rose which turns bitter and "perfumy" later in the development. The fragrance is quite pleasant, although the rose presentation reminds me of an old-fashioned rose fragrance. If it weren't for the peach note, the rose would deteriorate into a sickly rose soliflore, the kind that gives rose a bad name in perfumery. Yet, there is a familiar comfort to this fragrance--the fruit and floral are not candy-like, and the powder is not sweet. J'Adore is sophisticated and evokes a confident maturity. The peach and rose die down into the middle portion of the fragrance, letting the other mixed florals come forth. But, the peach never really stops--it stays in the background to give a cushioned framework for the florals to settle. This is well and truly a feminine composition. I am not bowled over by it, but I do marvel at the composure this fragrance has, and how it has a calming effect on my mood.

Dior J'Adore L'Eau Cologne Florale (2009 release)

Notes: bergamot, magnolia, neroli (from NowSmellThis)

Who put Miss Dior Cherie into my J'Adore? At first spray, I smelled soft and light notes of watery peach and grapefruit in a cloud of soft florals. It smells GREAT on paper. On my skin, the fresh and slightly biting grapefruit note turn bitter in the same way that Miss Dior Cherie has a bitter, medicinal edge. It is as if I failed to correctly swallow an aspirin, was left with a terrible taste in my mouth, and attempts to wash it down with fruit punch did not work. Thankfully, later in the development, the fragrance tempers a bit. The peach and floral notes stay prominent well into the drydown, reminding me that this is indeed J'Adore and not necessarily a hollow version of itself. I wonder though--who is it that thinks if you add a dose of acidic or sour smelling notes, that a fragrance suddenly becomes "light and fresh"? I must admit, J'Adore L'Eau is not really unpleasant in any way. However, I am having a hard time accepting that the original, composed and calm J'Adore can be easily converted into a fresher version by adding the olfactory equivalent of Vitamin C. Was the original not fresh enough? Alas, I am sucked in by the modern, sparkly quality J'Adore L'Eau has. It fits my idea of a clean, fruity, floral and slightly soapy fragrance done in the contemporary style.
11th May, 2009
This just smells so...90s. I realize that it came out in 1999, but it smells like something every woman my mother's age wore in the 1990s. It isn't bad, and I might wear it at some point (Sephora sent me three samples of J'Adore in a bonus sample grab bag gift) but it's so reminiscent as to be distracting. It's just not me I guess.
10th November, 2008
I thought that this smelled very sophisticated but it's probably designed for older women. As a teenager, i would not wear this scent as it feels too overpowering.
16th October, 2008
not bad but a little offensive, how to say, just a little invasive, sorry
31st August, 2008
It would take an army to steer me away from my favorite Dior fragrance, Miss Dior. (No, I take that back--if they reformulate it any more, I will refuse to buy it again.) Apparently my tastes do not agree with the masses. J'Adore is popular. Indeed, it is pleasant, and I can see why so many people like it. This genre of light, fruity florals is not my favorite. There are too many silly, simple ones. I wonder if most people wear them because they missed the chance to try anything better. For a fruity floral, I think Geir Ness Laila is more interesting. This is a Norweigan perfume of "mountain wildflowers" and a watermelon note, made with no synthetics--pretty amazing. I'll leave J'adore to the masses.
25th April, 2008
I think this smell is strange. Its not necessarily bad, just odd to me. i learned from wearing this that I don't really care for fruity smells outside of clean citrus.
This is more grapey to me. Its not a cheap overpowering smell though, its just not for me.
10th December, 2007
smells pretty.... but it's the poster child I'd say for boring, run-of-the-mill fruity florals. Doesn't smell cheap and has a pleasant composition, so it's a safe one to wear to the office or an interview, maybe, or anywhere you want to appear sophisticated without appearing altogether original.
07th May, 2007
tmgp24 Show all reviews
United States
this used to be my favorite perfume.i got it when it first came out in 1999.the last 2 bottles i bought(within 4 month period)have not smelled right.i brought them back to dillard's and the clerks and manager all said that the perfume smelled sour.i will not be buying it any more.nice thing was they gave me a bottle of miss dior cherie and organza to takes it's place(plus a bunch of samples)
03rd March, 2007
I enjoy most of the Dior fragrances. J'Adore is a very *nice* fragrance but it doesn't knock my socks off. Maybe that's a good thing - there's always room in my wardrobe for a *nice* generic fragrance to wear to a funeral or christening or something. (!!) "Generic" is too extreme, though. J'Adore is not quite generic, but it's not special with a capital "S", though I do like it. I love the bottle.
29th October, 2006
Certainly inoffensive but absolutely not memorable in any way. Just another fruity floral out of hundreds out there. Yawn.
21st June, 2006
I used to love this when i was younger.It made me feel sofisticated and dressed up. Now I guess my taste has changed slightly. I still like it,but tend not to wear it that often.I think somehow it's a bit too ordinary, because too many people wears this perfume.But when I wear it I get lots of compliments and this one used to be a favourite of an ex of mine.It's a lot of memories attached to this one too, so I get a bit nostalgic when I smell it.So all in all I have mixed emotions about this one.
27th April, 2006
This fragrance leaves me flat...nothing special here. Begining Middle and End ~ Blah Blah Blah. There are many other scents with distinct personalities, Ja'dore is mediocre at best.
13th March, 2006 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)
A very ordinary scent, unremarkable in any way. It opens on an optimistic note, but then quickly passes through a brief floral/fruity stage and then dries down to something indistinct and powdery. On my skin, it fades very quickly.
15th November, 2005
Other than a golden, buttery stage this fragrance passes through on the way to the drydown, J'adore is just kind of blah to me. The notes are mandarin, champaca, ivy, orchid, rose, violet, plum, wood and blackberry musk. The florals - predominantly orchid to my nose, obviously laced by ivy - are full and lush, made fruity by the heavy shot of mellow mandarin in the opening and a ripe, abundant plum in the heart. The drydown is also rather plain. I could certainly see how those who adore florals who enjoy this; it's romantic, maybe a little glamourous, a good everyday scent precisely because it doesn't stand out or demand attention or sieze the senses. I would probably be more interested in this if it weren't for the fact that I own something called Signature by S.T. Dupont that is like J'adore amplified. Signature has virtually all the same notes as this one does and some of the same feeling, with the rounded mandarin flowing into a floral heart accented by ivy, but the florals in Signature are more complex and the drydown is far superior to J'adore's.
25th September, 2005