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A very fruity floral. Tons of fruit, in fact. Sharp floral mix, in the middle. It ends with vanilla and blackberry. Sweet spring or summer concoction.
03rd December, 2017
Light airy floral/fruit frag. Has a bit of a lipstick drydown. Nice overall summer fragrance.
22nd July, 2017
A pretty, cheery and subtle floral. Slightly sweet but shows good taste. Light, nothing heavy here. Cute, clean and fun. If lightly applied it sits close to the skin and indeed becomes a good, somewhat sexy skin scent for a woman.
12th November, 2016
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I thought it would be another clean-smelling scent that doesn't stand out from a bunch of other scents from people on the streets, but it turns out that I haven't got bored of the scent after wearing it for two months! Maybe the chemistry really works well with the weather of the city I currently live in--hot and humid--and this white-floral scent makes me feel so refreshed every time I wear it. Recommend for spring and summer.
03rd July, 2016
I'm a sucker for everything jasmine-tuberose, but what made me keep this one -which I understand is the love/hate note- is the pear note, and what I love the most is the drydown.

J'adore is an amazing blend of delicate and sweet, but also vibrant and sexy soft floral, fruity, musky notes.

At first I felt the fruity note a bit sharp to the point of making my eyes itchy, but after an hour or so, the musky drydown made me fell for it.

Let me put it this way: at first, it's a glamorous post-shower clean, but then it mutates into a flapper girl with a glass of sweet summer white wine in hand, lounging by the pool.

I feel I can wear this -I acually do, as a matter of fact- with jeans+white top and I feel dressed. It's a summer scent, perfect for casual wear, night or day. Lasts about 8 hours on my skin.
08th April, 2016
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United States
I don't think this is for me, because it is very popular, and very floral. However, I tried it on my skin for the first time today after years of passing it by without a thought, and there is something old-world feminine about it. There is a classic structure reminiscent of Diorella and Mitsouko, but with a brighter, more linear effect. It is sunny without being shrill. On the card, the ylang ylang and tuberose screech. On my skin, however, the fruit ripens, and I get a mezzo-soprano voice with mellow vibrato and a hint of dark edges. I think I could wear this. I understand what people say when they say it smells like shampoo, but I think that's a chicken-or-egg issue. I think J'Adore must've inspired some of the functional perfumery in the last decade and a half since its release.
22nd November, 2015
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United States
This is fine French perfumery brought up to date--feminine, sunny and chic, this is a perfect representation of the brand as it is today--a (perhaps THE) great couture house, still relevant in the current day. A fruity floral with Ylang, rose, jasmine and tuberose, lightened by aldehydes and anchored with sandalwood, this is a textbook composition done right. Does it shout for attention? Does it stand out in a crowd? No, but a woman wearing J'Adore will always be one of the best smelling women in the room. Wonderful packaging and marketing, with the beautiful Charlize Theron, sunny, chic and feminine herself, perfectly representing this lovely offering from the House of Dior.
29th October, 2015
My wife owns this fragrance, and along with Miss Dior they are both my all time favorites. J'Adore is just so sweet and subtle. The floral notes are perfectly light. J'Adore makes me very happy when I detect it on my wife. It's light and draws me in and I always want to get close to her to smell it on her skin. A perfect fragrance for a happy marriage IMO.
12th May, 2015

Needless to say:J'Adore by DIOR is a Ambrosial,Eternally Stylish perfume for a Tender Femininity.Most fragrances pale in comparison With this one.Sure to get a Lot of compliments if you wear it. Romantic,Classy,Artistic,Popular, Mysterious,Original,Cheery,Fresh and Feminine.

The composition is built of a perfect harmony.The top notes Encompass a Fruity Melody of Pear,Peach,Bergamot and Melon that is simply Lovely.The Middle notes a bouquet of abstract Flowers with an Indefinable Femininity Due of Charming and Sweet Base notes.

This Scents a Breathtaking Blast of Loveliness that tells of an Exquisite Expression of a Particular Lady.Perfect for SPRING Evenings Even Winter days,when you just need a reminder of a Spring Romance.It Gives you a strange feeling of joy.I would recommend it to a Romantic Lady looking to get an fragrance for Men Attention.


Longevity?It is Truly Weird on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
This fragrance reminds me of a wedding day. Flowers everywhere and sun beaming in the church. It is floral sweet bouquet, pretty and elegant. Whenever I want to feel feminine I reach for this. Opening notes can be quite strong initially but give it a few minutes and it mellows beautifully.
21st March, 2015
J’adore is one of those modern classics we may take for granted: it’s solid, always pleasant in pretty much any circumstance, stylish yet undemanding and carefree. A soapy-fruity blend with a fresh, invigorating opening of bergamot notes and peach, then white flowers, vanilla, a silky and clean jasmine “deprived” of its earthy-indolicness, with a beautiful crystalline rose note on a mellow base of sweet sandalwood and discreet cedar. All perfectly “rounded” and made a bit more “adult” by aldehydes and darker floral notes (tuberose). A fruity-powdery scent, if you want: a bit conventional and not a “wow”, probably, but with a really pleasant and cozy fresh, golden, white-plushy sense of liveliness, this making it quite appealing also for younger audiences. Yet it is also rich, slightly shady if you pay attention, with a thin feel of something more adult and sensual floating all over. Classy and cheerful. Not memorable, probably, and not the most distinctive scent around, but not all scents have to be like that; J’adore is a timeless, perfect, carefree and “safe” scent which can make pretty much any woman (or man) smell elegant, discreetly confident, “generically” sophisticated with a hint of “urban-young” allure in pretty much any situation. One of the several mainstream scents far superior to niche floral ones which rip them off at twice the price. Recommended!

24th November, 2014
*This review pertains to the original 'parfum' version circa 2000, the earlier extrait of J'Adore is more complex, verdant & lacks the syrupy sweetness found in later re-formulations, also the florals & raw materials used are of superb quality, a beautifully blended fragrance indeed, absolutely breathtaking !

This would have to be the very best version of J'Adore available, one of Calice Beckers greatest creations. The original parfum contains both Maroc and Turkish rose, Ch.magnolia absolute, jasmine abs. (Grasse), Comoros ylang ylang & damas plum with a base of rare woods including high quality sandal and amaranth. Not as sweet as the more recent eau de parfum & toilette presentations including it's associated flankers although silage & staying power is phenomenal, projects well when used in combination with the lesser concentrations &/or a moisturizing body product (best when layered). The high quality florals are beautifully blended along with the Chinese magnolia and Cassis bud, this parfum imparts a luxurious silky feel on skin & is both a joy to apply & wear, I'm not sure if this 1999 formula is still being produced (highly unlikely), either way I would suggest searching for and stocking up if possible on this glittering gem of modern perfumery. Get it now while you still can, it's not that easily found so you may need to hunt it down, I guard my supplies zealously. . .
It is certainly worth the effort, liquid 'GOLD' !
"Bon Chance". . .
20th July, 2014
This review is for the original formulation, sold in 1999. There is a difference!

The original version, sold in 1999, is very good; a classic for its era, which was largely an era of fruity-florals. The J'Adore that is being sold in stores today is crap. Pure crap. I think the distinguishment between the two needs to be made because there are reviews of what seem to be the current version saying it smells like house cleaner, shampoo, soap, etc, which is true. J'Adore has been reformulated - more than once I believe - with detrimental results.

But the original formulation is good, one of the best fruity-florals to come out of the 1990s. It can still be found on ebay, the box shows the Christian Dior label in a purple circle instead of a gold one. It is on my wishlist as a collector's item because I know one day it will no longer be available. Samples of the older version can also be found at Surrender to Chance.

Even if you smell the current version and like it, I encourage you to seek out the original version. To me there is no point owning the current stuff when the real McCoy can still be had and is miles better.

Pros: A classic; one of the best in the fruity-floral category.
Cons: The original formula can only be found today on ebay."

23rd August, 2013
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A clean mildly soapy floral. J'ADORE is not particularly interesting but it is rather well made. And I cannot deny its delicately feminine girl-next-door charms. I think it makes a perfectly versatile fragrance for long summer days.
27th March, 2012
No matter how many other perfumes I fall in love with, I never fall out of love with J'Adore. It is just overwhelmingly feminine and beautiful. I think it's the only fragrance which I still love in spite of the fact so many others wear it. It is the essence of summer time, yet it suits all seasons. In my opinion it is the most elegant of scents, not trying to be anything it isn't, just a perfect formulation of jasmine and rose, and it will always have a welcome place in my boudoir!
16th March, 2012
Male perspective: This is by far the best perfume that I ever smelled.
20th December, 2011
Charming, infinitely feminine and very floral and clean smelling. I have such mixed feelings for this perfume as it is the one my best friend wore for years and years and I would buy it for her birthday - she passed away so tragically and suddenly last winter that (I feel so emotional just writing this much) now that I have her used bottles that she left behind, the ones I gave to her, every time I smell it I am overcome with longing for my friend to still be here.

I will buy a purse sized J'Adore to remind me of her always. It was never the scent for me, I am definitely more of a Hypnotic Poison gal but an occasional dab will help keep my precious Cherylee forever alive to me.

27th September, 2011
Well, now. I've worn J'Adore EDP for a few years now, but I have only recently begun to expand my understanding of fragrance. I really wish the notes were listed for this, because I'm sure my ignorant nose will miss all the good stuff!

I like the opening with fresh, white flowers and bit of soap. The middle came on as quite soapy and I don't like it quite as well. The dry down though... that I love. A little musk with some floral and hint of fresh baked cookie.

The sillage has been perfect, so far. I've only had it on for three hours now. We'll see how the longevity goes.

My new education tells me I still like this, but I wish the middle was less soapy.
07th September, 2011
I'm so sad others don't feel the same way as me about J'Adore. I "adore" this fragrance - every time I smell, either the top, heart or base notes I am charmed by its elegance.

Its sillage is excellent, the basenotes are delicious and it just radiates femininity to me. I feel a million dollars wearing it. The way it develops on my skin is just perfect.

It's one of my next to purchase!
20th June, 2011
This is just one of the best perfumes of all time. I can't live without one bottle of Jadore, cuz is the essence of true elegance.

Sweet, soft, feminine, sophisticated, and with a long power lasting without being overwhelming. Everybody know this perfume is a new classic.
28th January, 2011

Fresh, floral, and fruity. The opening of the scent has a clear, balanced, and refined fruitiness that coordinates beautifully with the florals of the middle. The middle mixed florals carry those same kinds of balance and refinement that the fruit notes have, and that is, basically, the strong point of this fragrance: it does not have a strong single identifiable characteristic except that it is so beautifully combined of wonderfully complementary notes. Although it does “lack a distinct personality,” it would be almost impossible for J’Adore to be disagreeable. It is safe—it shows taste and refinement if not uniqueness. I think it might have been taken as an inspiration for Vera Wang for Men.
03rd December, 2010
The EDP is strong stuff, use sparingly otherwise you'll get a headache.
I like this fragrance, especially in the late spring early summer months. It hasn't attracted bees to my wrists so that's especially a plus for me. I detect a honey-amber base to it, which I find intriguing, identifiable and IMO unusual. Would I purchase a bottle of it? Not likely, but it's a gift that I wouldn't mind getting and using. Nicely done.
28th May, 2010
Love this and that's all there is to it, it's pretty, there I said it... I see alot of negative reviews but to each his own I guess.
14th March, 2010 (last edited: 02nd December, 2010)
Beautiful floral that seems to suit a lot of people I know of different ages. Not too sweet or spicy, just light and... well, pretty. If it turns you gold, though, I'd sue the manufacturers.
05th January, 2010
J'Adore this scent! Right at the top of my fragrance pyramid (with Allure)- the L'eau version is particularly outstanding, by the way, and is my favorite of the growing bunch
spritizing myself with J'Adore in the local NK here in stockholm is my favorite aromatherapy antidepressant fix, especially during these dark winter scandinavian days- talk about a cheap thrill! The Dior guy just smiles and shakes his head... Maybe santa will see this note and fix me up...
03rd December, 2009 (last edited: 08th February, 2010)
This sweet and pleasant scent is so unforgettable!! I just love how it lingers and stays on all day long.
29th October, 2009
I'd say, a very linear, very straightforward, very good bright floral with small aldehydic facets and a fat yet quiet fruity note right in the middle. Very nice since some white florals get too screechy and harsh. Not too loud and subtlety sometimes can make something more alluring. Really enjoy the musk.
17th October, 2009
A pleasant scent with some realistic notes. I'm not getting anything besides fruits and florals, maybe a touch of something musky underneath. Gives me an impression of roses and apple peels. I like how the notes have a natural feel while fresh and soapy. Subtly sweet, with something tart to my nose. Sparkling? Sure. Interesting? Nope. Bores me to tears. I have trouble detecting this on me, and it's eau de parfum. Virtually no sillage unless my nose isn't working. Could be because I've been wearing darker, heavier scents lately. I'll have to disagree that this smells mature (not particularly at least). I could see a young person wearing this- even a teenager. At the same time, it could work for anyone who wants to wear this. A light and subtle daytime scent IMHO. Very nice but nothing exciting.
27th July, 2009 (last edited: 31st July, 2009)
J'Adore is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and is one of my absolute favorites! I would classify this perfume as a clean smelling white floral. J'Adore lasts for hours and hours (On me it lasts more than 8 hours). It is classy, elegant, enchanting, and feminine. J'Adore is a high quality, high concentrated product, rather than a watered down fragrance. The scent is gorgeous! It is subtle, light, and airy but is still strong enough to turn heads when you walk by...what amazing sillage! I always get compliments when I wear J'Adore from both men and women. This fragrance can be worn day or night and is perfect for any occasion. I love everything about this is absoutely breathtaking!
30th March, 2009
Woody meets floral. More likely a 30+ fragrance so I wear it only at evenings, for dinners and such events. It's one of those fragrances that make you feel like the golden woman :)
27th February, 2009