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I just Love this , love each and every breath which carries it without being bothered to explain why...this is simply Sex in a bottle which whenever confronted, suspends whatever is running in my head for a while and compels me to adore the perfumer and the wearer as well. To me Addict is the sexiest fragrance on a woman besides Hypnotic Poison.
Fucking Fabulous indeed.
17th May, 2018
2014 version... Boozy at first. Slight greenish orange. Creamy vanilla at the end.

The vanilla had a slight burnt feel to it at first. It mellowed out nicely.

Overall, a nice fragrance. Not extraordinary but, nice.
03rd May, 2018
Gorgeous fragrance. Deep, heavy; with amazing longevity and sillage. Absolutely favourite.
14th January, 2017
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Not my cup of tea but absolutely gorgeous creation , heavy , dirty , cheeky , non - gourmand vanilla ..Monster sillage and projection .
06th October, 2016
Rich & creamy vanilla with a spicy citrus punch. Delectable, sensuous, warm.. with a bit of a dark, seductive quality. Though it only has a few notes, it seems like a much more complex scent. Incredible longevity, as well.
13th June, 2016
I have the 2002 EDP,and its a masterpiece. King of Vanilla scents, in my book. And I call it 'a King', because its very unisex to me....I know MANY male scents that are wayyyy sweeter and far more floral than this.

I also gave the 2014 EP, which is a lot more heavy handed with the orange blossom and green notes. But it STILL hasnt lost its original integrity. Which is to say, its not far away from the original. Its just dialed up a tic, with florals.
25th January, 2016
I have had a mini of the original edition of Addict for years. But I disliked the scent for a long time and only kept the mini for the bottle. The fragrance seemed to evoke images of creepy tropical plants in my mind.

Recently I got the urge to revisit it in the process of finding the ideal spicy vanilla fragrance. Despite my previous dislike I remembered it would fit the bill. Now I can't understand why I didn't enjoy it sooner. All my favourites are strange dark orientals. But I got there in the end.

Obviously, the quality and lasting power are amazing even with the most conservative application. What caught me by surprise was that Addict feels like a darker moodier version of Chanel Allure EDP. I compared their respective notes - they do have several in common: orange blossom, jasmine, woody notes and vanilla. Where Allure is luminous and sunny, Addict is gothic and strange in its beauty. (That dark strange quality is also very prominent in Dior's Hypnotic Poison Elixir.) But I detect a "family" resemblance unlike Allure's official relative Sensuelle.

I'm happy to have finally seen the light about Addict. Maybe it's good it took me this long. It's no longer used by every other person, so I get to enjoy it in peace. Even better I found a partial bottle of the original formula on ebay for pennies, considering what it is. Happy days!
17th May, 2015

Another awesome fragrance by DIOR.Everything about ADDICT speaks of Seduction and Opulence.A staple in a Seductress Collection.It is all of my favorite elements to make a real Oriental fragrance and has a Sweet Spice that attracts men to you. Mysterious,Enticing,Queenly,Heavy,Deep, Provocative,Sultry and Addictive.

Mandarin Leaf and Blackberry introduce the scent which fades into a Rose,Jasmine and Orange Blossom heart spiced and sandalwood,tonkabean and vanilla to give a naughty wink beneath as it represents the essence of womanly passion and leaves a Passionate smell even when you have left the room.

The dry down is really Glamorous and Superb.This DIOR EDP is definitely a Winter type fragrance.Suitable for SPECIAL occasions in WINTER EVENINGS. If you re looking for a Great Oriental fragrance ADDICT might be your new fragrance but it is not for Everyone then test it first.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
Reminds me of Kenzo Amour - less gourmand, more floral
07th April, 2015
I had the same unpleasant experience as Montagne, though at a Perfumania shop in a mall. He said it well - the silly flankers, the discombobulation of the many generic smells. It made Dior Addict seem rich by comparison, almost a relief from the sheer banality - all the cheap, tarted-up bottles on display in mirrored trays, synthetic colored juices. It was a disconnecting experience, while actual perfume testing and wearing should be all about a connection.
So what did this disconnect in a perfume store produce? A bad choice. What seemed blessedly rich in that atmosphere in actuality is surprisingly thin with little complexity, and a cheap one note vanilla. The fragrance it becomes fairly quickly is a watered down version of sultry - it doesn't have enough notes or complexity to even begin to smoulder, let alone cause a fire in anyone.
I had little patience with it, so I took the store and the name ('Addict'? - not even) out of the equation. I found it to be a somewhat characterless but semi-pleasant ambery vanillic comfort fragrance. Dior Addict is a good match for the store I purchased it in, and is a perfect reflection of banality presented as depth, mystery, and art. Not terrible by any means, just entry-level. I have the edt - it seems the richer edp would improve the experience of Addict.
09th March, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Dior Addict’s coconut cream and floral top notes may be blatantly synthetic and crassly “foody,” but I can’t help liking them. The white flower-infused vanilla pudding that follows is no less crude, but I’m ashamed to admit that I like that, too. I guess I’ve always been outrageously gauche in my tastes, but my responses to Dior Addict drive the point home. (Burps, grunts, scratches his groin…)

In composing Addict Thierry Wasser has executed the same brilliant gambit that Olivier Cresp did a decade earlier in Angel; pushing an intensely sweet floral/gourmand composition through the looking glass of vulgarity and into a realm of alternate dimension beauty. While the two fragrances smell nothing alike, the trick works just as well for Dior as it did for Mugler. Addict may smell dumb but beautiful, and it’s easily as loud as an Airbus on the runway, but examine it with care and you’ll find a very clever and subtly executed construct.
12th June, 2014
Such type of fragrance i always like to smell around and to inebriate me with but that never would dare to purchase or to bring as a gift to my beloved one. Dior Addict is delicious and almost edible (yes sultry, carnal, may be erotic) but is finally "amorphous", inoffensive and "deliciously banal", something lacking luxuriousness, real class, full texture and eventually naughtiness (or mysteriousness), something finally linear and monolithic, an aroma you would like to smell over your pillow before to sleep (or over your wool sweater in the course of a lonely cozy evening at home while outside a storm is in a full swing) but that i would never see as ideal over my woman along a special evening at a gala or at theatre (in order she to let a femme fatal image) nor as a casual choice along an ordinary day. It starts with a blast of "scattered" and slightly humid fruity/floral elements (citrus, mostly mandarine, blackcurrant and rose ) and ends with an "unsyrupy" but "moderately sweet" and pleasant amber/tobacco-vanille and powdery sandalwood. Creamy, vanillic, white and with a subtle and rounded tobacco vein. A more than decent concoction, confortable, balanced, never cloying, synthetic in a tollerable way but nothing revolutionary or gorgeous. Good projection and durability over my skin.
08th November, 2013 (last edited: 10th February, 2017)
First wore this when a sample was given to me. Liked it, used it.
Just around the time the sample was almost gone, I found myself looking for more, wanting more, and no other perfume seemed to fill the void. I ended up giving in and purchasing a large bottle. Later on, I found myself buying a smaller bottle for travel. While I am far from being "addicted", I often find myself craving the indescribable warmth and all-encompassing aura that only Addict seems to evoke for me.
I love wearing it for an evening out, and find it has the same effect as diamonds. Great with (faux) fur! As a woman in her early 30s it strikes me as seriously mature and devilishly young at the same time. Lasts a long time and leaves beautiful fragrance memories in garments worn.
Far from cheap, I find this fragrance gives off an instant richness and classiness, a feeling of opulent elegance and citrusy refinement, notes that impress you and imply a certain level of status, right before you find yourself melting into an unrivalled smokey warmth, with such blatant sexual overtones you soon become aware that you are in overt seduction territory, and yet the balance is one of "sophisticated dirtiness" - the tonka/vanilla and spiciness arouse an almost spiritual vibe, not exactly mysterious - but deep and warm and dark and cozy. Too comforting to be dangerous, yet too dangerous to be comforting. This fragrance is captivating, and simply beautiful. Pairs well with cold weather, evening outings, elegant attire, and deserving romances.
22nd March, 2013
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Amazing scent. LOVE this one. Dark, gothic and bewitching beautiful night perfume. The drydown is like visiting heaven. Stays on my skin 18 hours. Vanilla and white flowers dance together seductively. There is a synthetic type smell in the flowers called queen of the night flower and silk flower. Very different, sexy and beautiful. Only 2 sprays or you will ruin its effect. You have to try this on your skin because it doesnt work for most. Thank god it works for me cuz its the best smell in the perfume store. 10/10
12th March, 2013
The opening is flowery in a slightly bitter way. Vanilla is the dominant note almost from the beginning and combined with sandalwood and tonka, the overall impression is very warm. The drydown is soft and somewhat similar to Hypnotic Poison but lighter and more pleasant to my nose. There's also something in the combination of floral notes and vanilla that reminds me of 5.40 pm in Madagascar by Kenzo.

The 2012 reformulation is different but even with a side-by-side comparison it's difficult for me to describe how exactly. It seems somewhat more stingy. However, in both versions the scent of the sillage is stingier than what can be smelled when pressing the nose directly on the skin.

At first I was pleasantly surprised about Addict but after sampling it several times I don't find it appealing anymore.
12th February, 2013
I love this, its like dark blue velvet in a bottle, so the bottle is the right colour for the juice. To me iit is pure class, almost inestimable...vanilla, tonka and jasmine. Startling, unusual, gothic
23rd November, 2012
I bought this blind, sure i would love it. I keep trying to wear it, and i find it strange, because the opening is nice and sweet and warm, as a whole, but then i get this jarring note that stands out, and stays sticking out, amidst a lovely warm drydown. Mostly, i like anything with vanilla, i thought i loved gourmands, but i just can't stand the jarring floral note, that sticks out in the middle, all angular and annoying. I think it must be jasmine, and i have seen ylang ylang mentioned as being included on one site, which would explain my dislike. I can get away with jasmine sometimes, if it's included in a gentle, light, and not heavy way, maybe lifted by something brighter - don't know enough about all the varieties to be able to discuss it with any knowledge, but to have ylang, and a discordant jangling sharp jasmine in the same fragrance is too much heavy floral for me, i just hate their heavy, waxy, cloying clinginess, they drape around you, some might say seductively, i would say parasitically. It stays there, glaring at me, the entire time i wear it, and doesn't go away, like all horrible smells.

For me, it spoils what might have been a lovely scent, warm and cosy, sexy and cuddly all at once. Except for those horrible flowers. I feel very glad to have finally admitted how i really feel about this. I was pretending i liked it, to avoid being annoyed with myself at wasting money on a blind buy that i don't like.

I am getting rid of you Dior Addict
07th September, 2012
I really wanted to like Dior Addict, but on my skin there is a sharp (white?) floral top note that just gives me a headache. Unfortunately, it doesn't disappear when the lovely, smoky, vanilla scents start to appear. Sadly, this is not one for me.
29th December, 2011
Dior Addict is my favorite fragrance. I love it. I wish I had found Addict years ago.
25th October, 2011
i am a straight guy but cant get enough of it..lucky that the seller agreed to substitute it for dune female version on my request ...the way i would describe addict, you take a little bit of lipstick, mix it with chocolate and pour it all over yourself , getting curious now :)
18th October, 2011
Dior Addict starts as a dessert-like floriental of the contemporary school. Its initial tone is expansive but heavy, but it winds up an interestingly monochromatic oriental where vanilla and tonka cancel each other out and give a loud, beige tone.

I don’t understand Addict, but it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure that I spray on in department stores. Believe me, I ask myself each time, “Why on earth am I doing this?” Every bit of me tells me I should hate this. I guess I enjoy chasing that shouldn’t-but-do experience. Reminds me I can still be surprised and that the notion of good taste is often nothing compared to trashy fun.
19th August, 2011 (last edited: 25th August, 2011)
There is definitely something in this fragrance that I really like. On me, it comes across as a sweet and spicy gourmand scent that makes me think of sticky vanilla pudding or a vanilla scented candle. It's very pleasant, and I would definitely buy a candle in this fragrance if they made one. However, I feel like it might also be a little too heavy and sweet for normal every day wear, so I probably wouldn't wear it all that much if I bought it. However, aside from that there's not much to dislike. Probably most people who are fans of vanilla and gourmand fragrances will enjoy this one.
18th August, 2011
"Wickedly delicious", indeed! This is a big, gorgeous wallop of rich, smokey vanilla & amber, kind of like the drydown of Obsession without those overwhelmingly spicy top notes. lt's dark & sexy, yet comforting, with fantastic projection & longevity. l tried this at the airport before a 4-hour flight, & was more than a little concerned that it might be bothering my fellow passengers. Just one spray created huge sillage, & was still going strong long after we landed! For me this would be a perfect winter scent, & not for enclosed spaces. l would seriously consider a bottle of this...
05th July, 2011
Terrifically trashy jasmine/vanilla bomb, projected through a haze of smoke, wood, amber, and noise. Guerlain's Shalimar with her wrinkles Botoxed and her eyebrows tweezed, her hair Elnetted to within an inch of its life, and half a cigarette dangling from her mouth as she picks out her skimpiest outfit to wear to the club. Dior Addict - as in, a woman hooked on Dior products, not an addict of the "Intervention" sort, Dior is quick to clarify - is brutally effective in its mission of seduction. Sweet and slightly narcotic, vulgar with just enough false-lashes-and-pearls glamour to resist immediate dismissal, full of enjoyably crude charm (that creamy/plasticky, dialed-up-to-11 jasmine note would never have found its way into a '20s-era Guerlain), and with a winkingly retro "don't wear it around your parents" vibe that's anaethema to today's squeaky-clean perfume paradigm. A good deal less respectable than its classic oriental forebears, but arguably more fun. And if (like many) you're unconvinced of Dior Addict's quality, some food for thought: Its creator is Thierry Wasser, one of the best noses in the business and currently the in-house perfumer for...wait for it...Guerlain. (More food: Its smoky vanilla/musk drydown bears more than a passing resemblance to that of Le Labo's vaunted Patchouli 24. Stick that in your holder and smoke it, niche snobs.) Bonus: Projection and lasting power that border on the unholy. Who says you can't get bang for your buck anymore?
28th June, 2011
Oh, this is delicious! It's a pity that I didn't find this fragrance sooner.

Like Hypnotic Poison, Dior Addict is a rather potent yet sexy vanilla blend. It's hard not to like such a richly unique and complex scent.

Dior Addict opens with a sultry and smokey vanilla. The blackberry and mandarin leaf notes only compliment the vanilla, they never overpower.

I find this fragrance to have an almost animalistic quality. The scent is sweet, but not sugary sweet, just pleasantly so. I love that this fragrance is dark and mysterious, it's something that would suit a woman in power perhaps even a femme fatal.

The lasting power is amazing and the sillage quite strong. I probably wouldn't wear this as a casual Spring/Summer scent because it just doesn't seem to fit into that category. By all means wear this as a night fragrance or even as a nice, unusual choice for the chilly weather.

05th June, 2011
WOW! I gave this a good two sprays while I was out and abuout at the mall. Probably not a good idea for TWO sprays, since one would have been good enough for the day. I sprayed a few more scents, trying to keep them apart from eachother, on different hands and arms. Even sprayed one scent on my pocketbook. Well, after ten minutes, I couldn't smell a darn thing anymore, so I left the store. I kept smelling each wrist/arm etc... to see if anything caught my interest. A few stores later, I was nearly embarassed to say that I got this BLAST of scent from (somewhere) on me, and thought, "Oh God, floks must hate me right now." But I loved it, and tried desperately to figure out which scent it was. Well, it turned out to be addict!
Yes, at first I did get some sort of strange plastic smell. But now, nearly three hours later, I smell this wonderful, intoxicating boozy spiced vanilla. Yum, it is pure heaven. And it lasts! I am a bit disappointed in the high cost of this juice, but given it's strength and longevity, I think I'll invest. Actually, I am going to use my eBay bucks and discover cashback bonus to get three bottles of this stuff. My husband absolutely loves it!
28th March, 2011
a previous reviewer stated, "...dirty in the best way. I understand that it may be vulgar, and whatevs."

And that person is exactly right. Addict is like dark dirty sex in a bottle and I LOVE it.

I've noticed that this scent gets a lot of hate here, and i don't get it at all. That may be due to my unconventional tastes in...everything, really.

I'm not a fragrance connoisseur, so i cannot speak to the more technical aspects of notes and drydown. I can only say that for a thirtysomething goth chick, Dior's Addict is a wickedly delicious fragrance.
26th March, 2011
I smelled the bottle, the card and loved it. Bought it and put some on. I couldn't help but think what the heck is that smell.... I stink!!!!! Sweet, strange... not in a good way and my sweater later didn't smell right. I gave this away. Smelled good in the bottle but not on me. I guess I have a difficult body chemistry to wear parfumes. I can see how people either love this or hate this one.
23rd February, 2011
I wanted to like this. I was looking for something richer and darker than the flowery/flowery orientals I usually wear (think Chance, Coco Mademoiselle) and I certainly got what I was looking for. It opens like a sledgehammer, with no clear notes to grab on to and settles into a creamy vanilla, rich and heady. However, it's not the one for me. It seems to fight with my natural smell instead of complement it and it's way too overpowering.
15th February, 2011
For years, I refused to try Addict on my skin because it had a weird synthetic note. I wondered, "What is this?" but could only find one unfamiliar note listed: Queen of the Night flower. After years of thinking about it, and repeated wearings, I think I've identified it -- vinyl! -- and now I love this same note that used to make me wrinkle my nose. This fragrance starts out with a strong aroma that smells like plastic. Then it blooms into a sharp, sweet vanilla. After awhile, underlying caramel and creme notes emerge. At its drydown, it smells like a big bowl of warm tapioca, possibly even coconut cream. Addict has a live, fleshy quality, like the scent of fresh milk. I don't get any dangerous, drug or sex addiction vibes from this perfume, but I do appreciate the strangeness of that plastic aroma. Addict is a great combination of weird and comforting.
08th February, 2011 (last edited: 25th February, 2015)