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I always found AE attractive but also overwhelming for me to try it on my skin. Years after smelling it on a dear friend yesterday I came across a sample. I am wearing it 5 hours now and it is still very potent although nothing compared to the super heady opening. Everyone says that AE is a floral and/or green chypre. For me this is a sweet, floral with green undertones and a kind of dirtiness (or maybe this is the leather accord others talk about). This accord is the most staying impression I have of what I am wearing right now. The silage is really powerful and over-applying will give you and the people around you a headache. Longevity seems above average. I will keep on using my sample but I am not taken by AE. I am certainly glad that I tried it though. It is a must try for perfume lovers and although AE has lasted the test of time I do think that it is dated. Can sensuality be dated? Somehow, I think it can. This may be the holy grain for many but not for me.
21st March, 2015
I went to a macy's to test this fragrence. The female SA thought it humorous that I (guy) would want to try on this perfume. But nonetheless let me try.

The perfume starts out herbally, nothing special and drys down into something I though was a herbal musk which was alright if you like this. Try it before you buy.

Sillage 5
09th August, 2012
Almost half a year after purchasing my 25 ml bottle of Aromatics Elixir, I still haven't quite made up my mind about it. I know it's brilliant - striking, dense, complex, wholly unique, masterfully crafted, and possessing almost nuclear persistance on skin. But to call it temperamental would be an understatement. At least half the time when I spray it on, I feel like I'm inhaling the air in a foggy forest on a damp spring day, in the best possible sense - flowers, moss, wood, smoke, and patchouli, masterfully blended and supremely evocative. The other half, I feel like I'm being suffocated by a pile of mildewy rags in a stuffy attic. Did I mention the patchouli? Aromatics Elixir is the Ur-patchouli. This is the patchouli that sends all the other patchoulis scurrying away from the patchouli playground. Montale's Patchouli Leaves, Serge's Borneo, and Givenchy's Gentleman have got absolute zilch on Aromatics Elixir for pure, unencumbered, full-throttle patchouli - the musty, acrid, leather-trunk/hippie-armpit kind that will choke you as soon as look at you. Chamomile, lavender, cedar, leather, incense, jasmine, and rose play equally strident chords in the composition; this is one wallop of a perfume. Intensely out of fashion, beautiful at the right angle, downright lovely and ladylike at 20 paces but acrid and borderline bilious up close. It's fascinating, but I do wish it were a little more approachable. (Bafflingly, it garners more compliments than almost anything else in my collection. See what I mean about the 20 paces?)
23rd February, 2011
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I agree this fragrance is a lesson in you either love it or hate it-no shades of gray here. I wore this for a short time in my early 20's. I loved it. It suited me perfectly- I was single and felt free to express my individuality. No one else I knew was wearing Aromatics Elixir. You have to be careful to keep it light, though. I'm glad Clinique has kept it alive.
20th February, 2011
It's intriguing that in an age of tooth decayingly sweet fragrances, AE is still on the market. But it must have a big and loyal following or Clinique would have binned it. I appreciate AE rather than like it. The worst thing is that I can taste it in my mouth as well as smell it, and that is never good. It's rather dry and formal, and in that genre I already own Miss Dior in several forms, including vintage. For herbal I have Bel Respiro, and for a sweeter and more cheerful twist, I reach for Chamade. There just doesn't seem to be a good reason to buy AE, although I do wish I could pick up those other perfumes as cheaply as AE!
27th February, 2010
I have tried to imagine the perfect scenario for me to apprecfiate Aromatics Elixir. And I have concluded:
A.In a time capsule.
B. In an imaginary History of Perfumes course offered at the University.(Why don't these exist?)
"Here is an interesting example of proto-aromatherapy. Can you smell how the perfumer struggled with composing something salubrious and therapeutic, in a marketing era that was dominated by grand-style, complex, French-school perfumes?? There was no precedent of aromatherapy offerings, only hippie, health-food stores, and strictly medicinal apothecary offerings. Very Interesting. Next..."

But that is just my opinion....
27th February, 2010
Aromatics Elixir by Clinique manages to simultaneously fascinate me with its complex mix of rose, patchouli and synthetics – and at the same time I find it unbearable. I hate it. I think I love it. It smells so encroaching and stifling. It smells soft and sensual. What was I thinking? Why don’t I own a bottle of this yet? What am I trying to convince myself of?

AE has many long time fans (Burr gave it 5 stars; Turin did also) and supposedly it also has a twin brother scent (Aramis 900 is supposed to smell like an EDT version of AE – I cannot confirm this). Nonetheless, I feel a deep seated and hard-to-ignore respect for the fragrance. But…is this enough to push me to wear AE? I must admit, the answer is no.

Yes, AE has rose. And patchouli. Along with a host of other florals and elements overall combining to create a crisp, almost toasty chypre effect. Fascinating! But the overall scent is heavily doused with a large amount of energetic synthetics – acetonic, or like a whiff of mineral spirits mixed with a freshly painted wall. Later, I came running back to sing its praises when a co-worker wore it as her signature scent and knocked me out (in a good way) with her sillage (all around the office when she walked through the front door). I want to smell like that! On her skin it’s filled with a bit more airspace, my nose has the pleasure of creating a bit of beautiful background music, from the scent. On me the strength of the floral and wood combo and the volume it plays at, around in the air quickly becomes uncomfortable - like a week-old, scruffy beard that’s growing out: scratchy, cloying in the heat, sensitive. Combined with the above average longevity and tenacity of the scent to skin, the combination is scattered…a tangled mess of accords.

Bravo to Lauder (Clinique’s parent company), the perfumer, the late Bernard Chant (who’s creations Aramis & Devin, I adore) and to all of you who can wear AE with success. Not me. I am reminding myself that, with a wardrobe as full of bottles decants and samples as mine, I don’t need to convince myself to love AE.
15th September, 2009
Lisle Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is vile and overpowering for about 20 minutes then it's a wonderful patchouli cloud that goes on all day. I find I have to spray and rub my wrists together to get rid of the initial hit. Is it worth it? Kinda...

I'm getting a headache just writing this review. Perhaps it's a masochistic tendancy that makes me wear this?

It nearly killed the guy I share an office with. Don't spray this and get straight into a car as there is a danger of suffocation.

12th April, 2009
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United States
My late mother's favorite. On her it was alluring, on me it smells exactly like Black Flag.
27th July, 2008
This was a Holy Grail scent for me. I kept smelling it on people and wondering what that gorgeous potion was. Eventually I smelled it on a lady in the local newsagent and plucked up courage to ask her.
I immediately ordered some off the 'web.
Sadly, it proved to be a mistake. What had smelled so wonderful, warm, and rich on other people went all soapy on my skin. Even as it dried down, it retained a sharp, astringent quality that stung my nostrils.
I really just don't get on with aldehydes. I can't wear any Chanels either. It's a pity because on the right person, this is absolutely stunning.
15th May, 2007
I keep trying this one because other people have smelled so great wearing it...on me it just keeps a cloying rose note followed by a heavy (and I mean HEAVY - like grandma's fruit cake) patchouli. Overwhelming in a bad, bad way. The only way I'll enjoy this potion is on some passer-by.
15th March, 2006