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Kind of watery, kind of fuzzy, kind of bright floral scent with a citrus undercurrent. AS much as I want to believe 'high altitude laurel' adds much dimension to the composition, Happy is a fairly straightforward thing and will neither shock nor dismay anyone. It is an orange-tinted fairweather day. It simply exists.
17th December, 2015

HAPPY is a Appropriate name for this one because It is like a smile on a young girls face. Definitely it is not a Stupendous but I like it. A very refreshing scent that opens your Eyes and Uplifter Your enerjy level when you wearning it. Casual,Fruity,Pleasant, Unpretentious,Vivacious,Refined,Bright, Summery,and Youthful.

Sparkling start with citrusy scent and a touch of sharp and Aquatic notes which leads to a floral heart of Rose and Orchid.It finishes with a Clean base notes.However The alcohol smell is pretty Persecutor in the first but totally I found it a Good smell Full of Life.

In fact It is both floral and fruity at the same time.suitable for Tropical Weather.I would recommend This Dynamic EDP for Young and Teenager Girls with a Active and Refined Character.CLINIQUE HAPPY is also perfect for EVERYDAY wear.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

01st June, 2015
This was the first scent I wore on a regular basis in high school. While everyone else was still into the Bath and Body works sprays, I was wearing this. It was very age appropriate actually might have actually been a little old for me at 15-16 but I liked it when I wore it. Just grew out of it I guess. Wet on to Hanae Mori actually and still wear that from time to time.

What to expect, well from what I remember Happy is a very clean smell, very fresh but also heavy citrus. Some say floral but I got that more with the Paradise.
19th November, 2014
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I tried Happy for the first time in a large department store while holidaying in Melbourne, Australia. I instantly loved it and quickly added Happy to my perfume wishlist. I was shocked when I heard how many negative reviews this perfume had been given and I found it extremely hard to understand why... until today. I entered that same department store, (except in a different location), where they had a Happy tester bottle waiting to be sprayed. I tried it, and was utterly shocked! I now know what people meant when they said that Happy smelt like burnt rubber and licorice.

Happy does not have a very long shelf life. It has been known to go off in as little as 8 months. In the case of tester bottles, they have been exposed to the heat and lighting around the store, and most of the Happy perfumes in their boxes have also been stored in an overlit cosmetic case for god only knows how long.

My advice is if you have similiar experiences as to what I had with this fragrance, I suggest you buy from a trusted dealer, especially a place that sells Happy at such a rate that they have to renew their stock every 6 months.

26th April, 2011
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United States
fruit juice and constant florals. blended ok as far as me not detecting the alcohol. not much excitement with this, happy feels like a safe scent in many settings.
08th April, 2010
Strange how your tastes change as you get older isn't it? Between that ages of 20 and 25 I absolutely adored this scent, wore virtually nothing else and went through quite a few large bottles of it plus the body lotions etc- it was 'my' smell for sure. But now I almost cannot bear it. It smells very citrus/orangey (the colours of the packaging really match it at least) and when I say orangey, I mean in a syrupy kids drink sort of way, like Sunny Delight or similar. The flowery aspect, which was less apparent on me, is also overly sweet. Funnily enough, I remember that I always felt there was a 'mystery smell' in there somewhere and now, after reading these reviews, I know what that smell is- it's the 'latex' smell others have mentioned. I'm not sure I know what latex smells like exactly, but there's definitely a faint whiff of plastic, perhaps hot or burning plastic or maybe even burning sugar. I think I believed this gave it a 'hot edgyness', but now I just think it adds to the sweet, syrupy fruity mess. Definitely wouldn't wear it now, but will give it a neutral as I once loved it so, plus I must admit I did get regularly complimented on how nice I smelled back when I wore it, so I guess it can't be all that bad? Perhaps it's just for the young and I'm getting too old!
07th March, 2010
This smells weirdly of powdered cosmetics. However I find the synthetic qualities quite appealing. A definite floral-based scent. One of the few plastic-smelling fragrances that I enjoy. I find the citrus notes very weak and hardly detectable.
18th June, 2009
Bought on impulse, now seems thin and bland floral to me, but I get many compliments about this. Twice I've been stopped by men and asked the name so they could buy it for girlfriends.
01st January, 2009
I loved this when it was first launched, but now can take it or leave it. Yes it is very frivolous and flirty, but seems slightly shallow to me. No depth whatsoever, maybe because there are sooo many notes piled into one bottle, I feel it somehow lost its way. I wear this only occasionally but do not really enjoy the experience. Will not repurchase.
30th April, 2007
I avoided this fragrance at all costs when it was first introduced, only because everyone else was wearing it and I want to be unique. It wasn't until a few years later that I was at a co-workers house that I finally spritzed some on myself and fell in love...For a minute! Its very nice, but a little too fruity for me.
13th October, 2006
I had a bottle of Happy a few years ago, and it served me well as an occasional casual scent. It wouldn't have done for evening, but for errands or shopping, etc., it was nice enough. My husband liked it.

I didn't wear it very often, and it went bad in just under two years (properly stored, too!), with half the bottle left. The citrus deteriorated terribly and the scent just smelled 'off', it became a very chemical smelling mess. I wasn't very Happy, to say the least.
09th May, 2006
You can never put an age limit on any citrus or clean based perfume! They go well with everyone, and happy has been good for a ton of women.
26th March, 2006
I have two friends who wear this fragrance exclusively ~ and they always smell fresh, clean and sweet. I put it on and it's 'instant headache.' The citrus top notes are juicy and bright as sunshine. The drydown is basically a non-event...but leaves a trail of light floral freshness. I've tried to enjoy this scent but I'm only happy when wearing something else!
17th March, 2006
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It starts off with a brilliantly effervescent hit of citrus, but it quickly fades into a weird mix of greenish florals. It's not bad, but just not what I like to smell on women. The creamy basenotes are a redeeming factor, but not enough to pull Happy out of mediocrity. If the citrus lasted more than (literally) 30 seconds, it would be much better.
21st February, 2006
I liked it while I had it, but probably wouldn't buy it again. I didn't feel I was quite old/mature enough to pull it off, either.
06th January, 2006
Weird - for some reason, I was perfectly okay with this fragrance until one day it crossed me mind that it was a simplified, less dark and complicated version of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. And then I started resenting the heck out of it! Billed as a citrusy floral, Happy is, to me, a citrus-sandalwood-powder combo, sharp at the outset and settling into something clean, spicy, powdery, soft. I am not one hundred percent sure I get why this is so popular among younger fragrance wearers; in fact, I'm not even sure I get why it's called Happy. I don't get "happy" from this at all - more like witty, slightly dry, a smidge sarcastic. The concept of happy in a bottle to me is more along the lines of Creed Spring Flower, L'Artisan La Chasse Aux Papillons, flowery and spring-timey butterfly stuff. Anyway, in terms of the true personality traits of Happy, those things are fine by me and not a problem as I can certainly relate to them. But once I began comparing this to the JPG, it came clear to me how much depth Happy lacks, how relatively plain and unchallenging I found it and how it lacked that backdraft of mystery and drama I like with my wit. It has been considered by me to be "JPG Junior" ever since and I basically never wear it. Not a bad fragrance at all - just not my style, as it turns out.
24th September, 2005
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United States
The notes described here are almost funny in their creativity (high-altitude laurel, morning dew orchid?). The entry I made in my fragrance diary after sampling Happy mentions little more than carnation. Maybe I'm unsophisticated, but I found no range of experience here. From my notes: Simple, sweet, mild, clean, flat. Not very interesting.
10th August, 2005