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Positive Reviews of Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

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Yum! I’m pretty sure this is what it would smell like if Serendipitous got it on with Montale Chocolate Greedy and they had a lovechild. Not as sweet as Serendipitous, not as smoky as Chocolate Greedy, and different enough that I will probably end up getting a full bottle at some stage, to add to my stable of chocolate scents. It’s got a nice toasted coconut edge to it too, even though coconut isn’t listed in the notes. I keep getting delicious wafts of this, and that’s just from a small dab on my arm from the sample bottle, which I put on over five hours ago. Actually, there’s no probably about it. This is a definite buy. Delicious!
22nd October, 2016
I own Serendipitous but actually prefer this - it's more cocoa less candy floss than Serendipitous. A straightforward chocolate gourmand. Does what it says on the tin.
04th October, 2012
This is not a complex blend of notes which makes it scuptiously delicious. A mix of orange zest, cocoa bean, star fruit and vanilla pod.
It reminds me of hot drinking chocolate warm and chocolatey on a cold winters day...
17th October, 2009
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This is a heavenly smell! It reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie! Mouth watering & inviting! 1 of the best scents out there. I do get alot of vanilla & chocolate while I do smell the starfruit which balances this unique scent out. I dont know why this is posted under women's fragrance bcause it is clearly unisex! This IMO beats Angel A Men HANDS DOWN! If you dont care for the burnt smell of A Men.. Then try this,U wont be dissapointed!
23rd April, 2008
The very minimal olfactory pyramid already gives you a clue for this not being especially complex fragrance, and it certainly is very true : This is indeed quite simple and linear composition. However, the aroma itself is so addictive and pleasant, that it makes the complexity totally pointless.
I can`t say that I get the orange notes at all, but the star fruit in the middle certainly adds that certain fruity twist to it. Also, vanilla is quite obvious all the way, but to me these supporting notes of star fruit and vanilla pods only underlines the fact of this being just a simple cocoa bean scent - perhaps in some of it`s different variations.
Things I get to my mind : Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, White Chocolate and slightly, some darker undertones of Dark Chocolate and freshly roasted Coffee with Milk. Despite the sweetness, this is no sugar overdozed fragrance by any means.

I`m quite suprised that this hasn`t gain more popularity among guys. OK, this may lean towards feminine side a bit, but c`mon....this is completely unisex fragrance.

Probably my second best gourmand favourite ever (nothing can beat good old A*men), and more than that, to me this might well be the coziest fragrance in existance. It creates a warm, soft edible aura that I have found totally calming. Wonderful fragrance to bed, too.

I really do like the simple nature of AdC, and I wear it with more pleasure comparing to some more complex gourmands, such as Eau Noire, New Haarlem and Il Profumo`s.

Sillage is very gentle yet reasonably impressive. To me, a fragrace which could/should be quite liberally used; even 6-8 sprays is advisable.
Lasting power is flawless, don`t worry about it.

Now, all you have to do is prepare yourself for getting some compliments.

16th July, 2007
A chocolate scent that doesn't smell like it possible? Yes! There is cocoa bean and vanilla pod starring here, but I think the star fruit and orange zest round this out nicely. Chocolate with a touch of spice. It is nothing like you have ever experienced! The name is very appropriate ... you will fall in love with it!

After shampooing with Sexy Hair's Chocolate Soy Milk Shampoo, I like to wear Amour de Cacao to add to the layering. I feel completely drenched in chocolate!
02nd June, 2007
I love this fragrance! It just melts on my skin the way chocolate truffles melt in my mouth. It's fabulously delicious and very much reminds me of the way Nutella smells from the jar. The original hazelnut spread with a chocolaty taste by Ferrero. Makes me feel like a kid at a carnival. EDIT 11-27-06: this is more as an aside but I had to comment: This fragrance lasts and lasts. It's funny, I felt compelled to reapply a million times through the day, but the whole room smelled like me. This is not one of those scents makes your skin smell intensely of the fragrance you applied, but literally the whole room will smell it.
02nd January, 2007
When I lived in Ramat-Gan, a part of Greater Tel Aviv, where the Elit Chocolate Factory resides, I could smell the chocolate everyday on the way to work. The building is grey and melancholy looking, just like any busy factory. But this concerned no one. The fragrance of chocolate that wafted in the air within about a mile radius around the factory was the best start imaginable for a morning – particularly on a winter day. And what more – smelling chocolate has none of the (down)side-effects of eating it, even early in the morning. It was pure indulgence.

Amour de Cacao is just this: the scent of a laborious chocolate factory, sweet and rich and creamy and oh so tasty. Today, the first day of weather that does not resemble melted chocolate, I got into the browny mood of warmth and chocolate. I sprayed myself generously without feeling in the least overpowered. I am walking all day in an invisible cloud of rich chocolate, slightly caramely, with nutty undertones of walnuts and roasted coffee beans. Light as cocoa powder, without the sneeze. Pure pleasure.

10th September, 2006
Amour de Cacao has to be the most realistic cacao scent I have ever smelled. Literally, makes you hungry! As Scenteur7 mentioned "hot chocolate mix before adding the water", I agree. As most CSP's this is very long lasting. Amour de Cacao also has a soft, lingering sillage. Very comforting and sweetly sexy cocoa. Just great!
17th April, 2006
Smells wonderful of hot chocolate, but without the toffee seetness. I'm quite amazed that a chocolate scents can stay frsh and light!I guess it's the star fruit which lightens it up.
26th February, 2006
A wonderful powdery chocolate with hints of almond and orange. Smells less like a Hershey's bar and more like a packet of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix...before the water is added.
16th January, 2006
Amour de Cacao is my favorite of the chocolate scented fragrances, that I've tried. This one is heavier on the chocolate then Serendipitous, and the lasting power is great (at least on me). Just when I think it's gone, I can catch a subtle faint whiff of it. The vanilla in this has a tiny bit of a powdery thing going on, but love it just the same. A must have for me.
20th August, 2005