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Smells like a feminine powdery version of Habit Rouge. This should have been called Headache, because that's what it is.
15th November, 2016
AIUUUGGHHHHH I just tried this on at Walgreen's. This perfume (at least the formulation available in 2015) smells so terrible... It's like a horrible mixture of something vaguely Shalimar-esque mixed with those tree-shaped air "fresheners" - the scent of which is one of the few smells that tend to make me legitimately, stomach-churningly ill. So much regret during the car ride home, even with the car windows open. I really hope I haven't spoiled Shalimar for myself by association.
16th April, 2015
I got a bottle of this because my grandmother wore it, and everything about her was so elegant. But on me it's just way too green. Too bad.
30th December, 2013
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United States
Whatever it may have been, it is no more. Émeraude in its current incarnation is little more than a sharp and nondescript chemical-green blast up front, followed by a powder-puff granny-esque drydown. Synthetic, cheap-smelling, and truly vile.
30th June, 2011
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United States
After reading reviews that compared Emeraude to Shalimar, I had to try some, so I had a test of the EDT in Walgreens. To my nose there is no resemblance. I smell a heavy vetiver note and I don't like vetiver.
10th October, 2010
This was on my test list after so many people spoke highly of it. I picked it up on my next visit to the drug store and couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately I hated the way it smelled on me and washed it off after 30 minutes. It smelled very similar to the original V05 hairdressing. I decided to give it another try just recently and came to the same conclusion. I will give others the benefit of the doubt and assume that what I picked up was a re-formulated version and that the original smells much better.
12th July, 2010
AMEN to that vintage red! couldn't have said it better myself. the original emeraude is exquisite, a nosees dream: musk, incense, civet. this reworked version is pooh.
simple as that.
thumbs down for the current
thumbs up up for the vintage/original
14th September, 2009
I have avoided writing a review because I am old enough to remember the original Emeraude. It was a lean, mean Shalimar at a far better price! The new junk that Coty is putting out these days is a disgrace to the company's former greatness. You could always depend on Coty to give you wonderful quality for your dollar. Now you can depend only on cheap junk, which has no value regardless of the price. **** for the old Coty products/ *for the junk today
31st May, 2009
I can't believe the good reviews this has gotten!  They sound more sentimental than anything.  I first saw a tv commercial for Emeraude the beginning of my 8th grade year.  I thought it looked so elegant I couldn't imagine it smelling anything but lovely.  I was also excited about being able to put a full-size bottle alongside my Dune and Liz Claiborne minis.  With no tester to lead my nose, I purchased a bottle, confident of what was inside and so taken with the name and the gem-shaped bottle.  Well, the stuff was horrid, sort of a pine-y, acrid, synthetic hodgepodge reminiscent of cleaning fluid.  But I would have never admitted this to anyone.  This, I learned, is what I got for buying drugstore fragrance and it was the last time I ever did so.  I tried so hard to love it, to even just sort of like it, that I powered my way through half the bottle before admitting defeat.  I just couldn't pretend anymore.  
31st December, 2008
Emeraude is on my top 5 most loathed smells ever invented. Why they still make this toxic brew is beyond me. It's funny, I was talking to a cab driver and she named all of my most hated smells as her favorites, and Emeraude was at the top -- along with Shalimar, Poison, Tabu (TABU!) and Angel. There are more, but those are the worst!:)
01st December, 2008
I used to smell this stuff when I was young. Made me want to vomit every time! This stuff is so pungent that a goat would shy away.
02nd October, 2008 (last edited: 07th July, 2017)
I'm blown away by all these good reviews! Seriously, this stuff reeks bad! My mom loves this and I can't figure out why! I guess I should be happy when she wears it, because then I don't have to smell that other stinky stuff patchouli oil. Oh, LORD! Or Tabu! Or Maja! Why does she like the stinkies? It does dry down nicely to a powder, but, well, it's too chemical like! Too sharp! When applied lightly, then maybe I see this being okay. Not for me.
20th April, 2008 (last edited: 09th June, 2008)