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Negative Reviews of Lady Stetson by Stetson

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Like a previous reviewer here, I bought a small bottle of Lady Stetson because it had been compared to Chanel No. 22 in "The Guide". Well I adore No. 22 (EDT), but this to me bears little resemblance. All I get is a very strong 'flypray note' that I have smelled in some other fragrances such as Givenchy Organza Harvest Edition and the current Rive Gauche. I know 'flyspray' is a very subjective descriptor and it's probably the case that I've been sensitised to a particular fragrance chemical previously encountered in the context of flyspray - but that's how it is for me! If you can relate to what I've said, avoid this fragrance. Otherwise, don't base your purchase on my opinion :-)
24th May, 2010
Cheap, and it smells it. This was one of the perfumes I was stuck with growing up. Since my whole perfume "wardrobe" consisted of stuff I was given as gifts, Lady Stetson joined the ranks of such forgettable scents as Exclamation, Love's Baby Soft, Electric Youth, and something put out by Jordache that was so horrible I've conveniently forgotten it's name. It is alcohol-y and blessedly short-lived, and has no real distinctive notes.
21st July, 2008
Spicy, sharp and cheap smelling.
21st April, 2008
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