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I had this back in '87 when I was at college, so it has a certain nostalgic significance for me. I picked some up recently to see how it is now and I do think there is something different about it. For one thing, the opening aldehyde blast is mostly gone. It seems to be a bit softened and replaced with a floral note that makes me think of a bathroom handsoap smell. The aldehyde blast would make it seem outdated and old-ladyish, so it makes sense to tone that part down. But that bathroom handsoap note is not such a good thing. Apart from that, on dry down, I can still smell the old Lady Stetson that I remember, so I can still enjoy it. Those looking for a nostalgic blast from the past might be disappointed, but some might find it OK.
15th November, 2015
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United States
Looking at other reviews I really do wonder if we're all smelling the same scent. For me I find it has a brief burst of floral that's a bit soapy when first applied, it reminds me of bubble bath. It quickly fades and mellows to a warm creamy scent, a touch of musk and vanilla and the barest hint of spice. It would be very nice if it actually held up but I find it doesn't linger, after an hour I have to nearly put my nose to my skin to smell it.
25th October, 2011
Amazing what one can do with cheap musk and denatured alcohol -- one can almost make it resemble perfume.
18th December, 2007
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This one isn't my first choice, but for some reason many men love this. Just for that reason I wear it. Nice & very musky
04th December, 2005