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Reviews of Aspen for Women by Coty

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i developed a contact allergy to this and some other coty fragrances i loved this sweet fresh scent but had to pass it on to a family member who wasnt allergic contact rash no fun!
25th October, 2009
This is one of the perfumes that I CAN wear! I also love Jovan's White Musk. This is outdoorsy and fresh smelling. I smell exactly like the bottle! It starts out with a strong alcoholic blast, but it soon dries down to something unique. It ends up as a type of powder scent on me. Never overpowering, so other noses will not be offended. I can bathe in this stuff and it's never too much! One of the best from Coty! And it's cheap. Can't find it anywhere but online.
20th April, 2008 (last edited: 09th June, 2008)
Had a friend in high school who wore this and I thought it smelled great. Not sure what's in it but it's a great, inexpensive, everyday scent. My mom likes to wear it now and I think it smells as good on her as it did my friend.
17th December, 2007
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