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Creed – Fleur de The Rose Bulgare

First of all, I must refer Basenoters to the excellent and comprehensive review by Zealot Crusader.

My first reaction was to the name itself, since the Bulgarian Rose is a Damask variety and not of the “Tea Rose” variety, immediately confusing the issue in my brain. A look at the very simple note tree alleviates that problem in that the “tea” in the name does not refer to the variety, but to the addition of green tea to this formula.

Second reaction is that green tea was not a perfume ingredient back in 1890 when this supposedly debuted, which puts to the lie the date assigned by Creed. Zealot Crusader clears this up in noting that what I have here is a 2000 recreation of the original scent, not the original 1890 formula.

Whew! Now on to the scent itself. While so many reviewers find this to be a deep, dark, rose scent, I do not. I find it to be a light and refreshing rose with a slightly sharp center, and to my nose it is not Bulgarian Damask, but a real tea rose I am getting. Tea rose is unique in its combination of an apricot roundness with a sharp rose note and very green under notes. I know Damask and I know Tea and what I get here is the impression of a true tea rose, not a Damask, Bulgarian or otherwise.

I did get a passing whiff of green tea in the opening, but it disappears quickly. There may be Bulgarian Damask rose in the mix, but is not the scent I am experiencing at the heart of this creation.

So, I am as confused now as I was before I opened my decant. Still, all in all, it is a superb rose, although quite linear. As an indication of its strength, I never get the one base note, Ambergris, which is usually so prevalent in all Creed creations.

A beautiful rose, which by whatever name it wishes to go by, still smells as sweet.
13th November, 2019
Creed Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare (2000) often gets confused with Fleurs de Bulgarie (1980) because both are centered around rose, but while the latter is more in the Damask vein with green elements like galbanum to sharp it some, Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is decidely more old-fashioned with a focus on tea rose over ambergris. Creed doesn't produce pre-filled atomizers of this like most of their popular lines, so you'll have to go whole hog and buy a 250ml flacon, which isn't a ton more expensive than what Creed normally retails for, but to those who never usually pay retail for their Creed, poses a considerable investment. The story behind Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is similar to Fleurs de Bulgarie as well: a rich woman during the Victorian age writes whichever Creed patriarch was supposedly running the boutique at the time, asking for a realization of her experience with roses afer a honeymoon abroad in Europe. The key difference between this and the claimed original 1875 "vintage" version of Fleurs de Bulgarie is that the latter was supposedly commissioned by Queen Victoria herself, while this was commissioned by a former First Lady of the United States, which history does not corroborate since no US president from that era ever took a spouse on a honeymoon in Europe anywhere near the year given for the release of Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare. My opinion is that Creed gets a bit rosy-cheeked (pun intended) about its own in-house floral absolutes, and loves to tinker with them every so many years, which is why there are so many "fleur or fleurs this or that" in their catalog to begin with, and it's this interest in experimenting that gives them their one legitimate connection to the niche perfume world.

Nonetheless, Creed's penchant for historical re-writes don't deride the quality of this scent, even if the 2000 date of "re-release" is really just its actual debut year. Whether historical re-creation or just an homage to the style of the period, Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is an extremely naked representation of rose, and even more naked than Fleurs de Bulgarie, Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose (1973), or L'Ombre dans L'Eau by Diptyque (1983), which are among some of the most pure treatments of the flower I've smelled. Tea rose is carried over a dry cloud of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin hesperides. This trifecta of unsweetened citrus keeps the rose bouyant without adding too much else to it, although a small puff of Chinese green tea adds a delicate botanical facet which implies a garden more softly than the usual galbanum note would. A touch of jasmine hedione is also present, which further argues the credibility of the 1890 claim as hedione wasn't chemically isolated from jasmine until Edmond Roudnitska started using it widely in the mid 20th century. The base is ambergris, pure and simple. Some doubt Creed still handles and mascerates their own ambergris anymore, and while it is likely cut with high-quality synthetics in more-mainstream releases like Aventus (2010), here ambergris is present in all its harsh, pungent glory. You won't find ambroxan glow or norlimbanol scratchiness here, nor the syrupy composite "amber" note that many confuse for a proxy of ambergris. In fact, the ambergris itself is so strong and unfettered under the rose that it is the most challenging aspect of Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare. If this was worn at the turn of the 20th century, it must have been one Hell of a serious entrance.

A rose this pure, this dry, and this emboldened by the earthy smell of ambergris is not one that will find an appropriate context in the 21st century, yet Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is Creed's best-selling Private Collection formula undoubtedly for the quality of such a presentation. This is a true rose lover's experience but even as a rose nut myself, I cannot say this is anywhere near a Holy Grail for the genre. People who like rose will be tested by its directness, and people who hate rose will subsequently hate you on days you wear this around them, as Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is about as unapologetic a rose fragrance as it gets without dipping into rose oud combos from the Middle East. The price this commands, the difficulty in procuring it, and the nuisance of needing to decant it into atomizers yourself (which Creed will be glad to sell you separately for a premium), means that I can only recommended Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare to the hardest of the hardcore among either Creed or rose fans, but it is a wonderfully fundamental rose ambergris perfume all that notwithstanding. Rose is usually unisex to my nose, although conventional men used to their aquatic citrus woods and amber tonka stuff will probably find this girly, but decants are sold online for the exceptionally curious. Phoney history or not, Creed always knows its way around florals, and its representations of rose are always impressive, just not always the friendliest. Thumbs up!
08th December, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening presents a dark, herbal and deep rose as its core. No light sweetness here. On the other hand, a mandarin with whiffs of lemon bring rays of brightness into the top notes. Very nice.

The drydown adds a pleasant jasmine, but, more significantly, it also adds a dark herbal undertone reminiscent of the leaves and the stems of the roses. Additional, dark and toasted green tea impression develops gradually; a bit like a Japanese hojicha.

All this merges seamlessly into the ambergris that is so characteristic of Creed. And this ambergris is beautiful: rich, harsh but not too pungent and complex - spot on!

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a stupendous longevity of seventeen hours on my skin.

This autumnal rose - suitable for day and night - is not a pretty rose, but a dark, broody and spicy representative of its genre. A rose with a kick. And with excellent performance 3.75/5.
11th May, 2018
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Pretty good stuff. Antiqued citrus. Strong tea. Vintage-smelling rose. Soft ambergris. Though certainly not magnificent enough to warrant the high price.
27th November, 2017
Stardate 20170308:

Rose and marigold. Two accords mixed just right. The green of marigold is the yin to the yang of rose sweetness.
The balance is amazing and that this came from Creed makes it even more stunning.
08th March, 2017
As far as I can smell, this is pretty much just really amazing, natural rose. There's a hint of hairspray aldehydes if you put on too much, and some nice leafy greens, and what I'm guessing is a pinch of vetiver for green piquancy.

I appreciate that Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is content to simply let its rose be amazing instead of drowning it in fruit and silliness. If it weren't for the aldehydes, I'd very much want a bottle of this, but there are other exceptional rose perfumes that don't have them that I'd prefer. But still very much an enthusiastic thumbs-up!
19th July, 2016
The rose accord is crystalline in its clarity - fresh, dewy-green and so realistic it could never be mistaken for anything other than a rose. Projection and lasting power are both first rate. Closer to skin, once the intensity has subsided some traces of warm and mildly sweet hints of what smells like chamomile tea grew more noticeable, further enhancing my appreciation of the scent.

Yes, it may seem a little pricey for a singular and linear rose scent but Fleur de The Rose Bulgare is a beautiful fragrance fit for royalty (lol) and should be at the top of every rose soliflore lover's sampling list.

25th September, 2014
This is a gorgeous rose fragrance, with a hint of tea. The balance is perfect, and the rose is very realistic. I love it. Perhaps I got a weak batch, because it faded very quickly for me. But certainly one of the classiest rose fragrances out there.
13th January, 2014
I'm picky about rose scents, and I find this pretty much perfect!

I tested this in a Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago, and I've still got the fragrance card tucked away in a pocket of my purse. The little bit that made it onto my pulse-points was still there twenty-four hours later, and now my whole handbag smells like it almost a month on. This is the fullest, most convincing rose I've ever got from a bottle; the green tea note is nowhere in evidence when I wear it, although I'd be curious to know if other wearers' body chemistries bring it out. This will be my next major acquisition when I have spare cash to throw around (having used up a recent splurge allotment on acquiring this.)

Pros: vibrant, naturalistic, excellent staying power
Cons: price tag (par for the course with Creed)"

26th July, 2013
Was at the Theatre one evening and kept smelling this fantastic scent drifting towards me. Narrowed it down when this lady walked past to venture out for the Interval. Politely asked her what the fantastic fragrance she had on was called and we ended up having an enlightening half hour conversation on fragrance. I'm not over fond of most Creed fragrances but when she told me about FdTRB I immediately bought a flask the following week. Without doubt THE most classy fragrance I have ever bought. Expensive yes, but good sillage and exceptionally long lasting. Have never once worn it and not been asked what it was and been complimented on its allure. It's linear....but so fabulous and beautiful.....who wants it to change !!
08th August, 2011
There’s an off, sharp green note in the opening that almost pushes the fragrance too much. At that point the fragrance borders on cloying, but these excesses have completely disappeared in a few minutes. Fleurs de Bulgarie’s initial heaviness is necessary in order to build up the energy necessary to release such a beautiful and lasting rose accord. This is one of the most flawless rose fragrances I’ve encountered. The rose note is clear and natural, beguiling and emotive. It is backed up by a light—very light—touch of ambergris and musk, but, for all practical purposes, it is a pure rose scent. Fleurs de Bulgarie is quite elegantly feminine, has excellent longevity, is linear, and is incredibly refined. No seeker of the perfect rose scent should miss this one—it is definitely a contender.
07th December, 2010
The sweet and very adult florals in the headnotes speak of sensual slowness, sweetness, and sultry spicyness soon swelling up. There is something very assured and knowing about this scent. I can't imagine being able to put confidence in a bottle (it's scent anyway) but this has it. It's not trying to floor you with flowers or seduce you with sweetness, and it takes its time to get to the drydown where some of that floral achord takes on notes of incense and burning wood that remind me of old hollywood.

Class in a bottle to be sure.

06th July, 2010
BayKAT Show all reviews
United States can i state what I think of this scent? I LOVE it!

Fleur to the Rose is the glory note of the US National Anthem; the scene in 'When Harry met Sally' that makes the whole movie worth watching; and the landing of Kerry Strugg's gold winning vault jump.

Edit: on this second wearing I am able to detect more of the note interplay; yesterday I was too overwhelmed by the overall affect. This opens with a faint, citrus kiss. Immediately you'll detect the tea and rose, which does remind me of a light 'rose bath soap' scent, but i"m not saying this is 'cheap' or 'generic'.

the tea throws me off a bit; this is a not a note I"m used to detecting. When I've smelled it before the scent was dry and I did't care for it, but here it is 'raspy and dewy', kind of like what my rose garden smelled like when I lived in Phoenix - thta mixture of faint luscious rose and parched, sandy earth that was watered each day to make flowers.

The ambergris dries down is powdery and maintains the hint of green. My opinion holds that this is one of the best floral greens I've tried (I had a similar feeling towards Antonia's Flowers Absoluto)
15th May, 2010
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Long lasting rose, I think this is appropriate for any age with a woman. I think it is seductive and alluring and one that they can wear with class. I approve one of my favorite female fragrances if not my favorite.
30th April, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)
A very realistic rose scent that I am happy to recommend!
01st July, 2009
Rosa damascena Mill; also known as bulgarian rose or turkish rose is the most common rose that is cultured for rose oil production. It is a big pink rose with crowded layers and strong smell. it is mainly grown in Bulgaria, Turkey, and some in morocco Transcaucasia and Syria. When we were children we used to call it plate rose because of its big flat shape. It may be as big as 18 cm cake service plate and as you can guess it is not a kind of lovely rose anyone can put on his collar :) In turkey it is used mainly in water form every where; to tonic face, to pamper baby, as a cologne to service your guests or put on your hair as a frag, in jams, some deserts and turkish delight and as room frag...
If we can come back to rose bulgare; it opens with a clear and loud rose damascana oil smell which kicks me on the nose and reminds me the all these baby bottoms and turkish delight and old villager ladies with rose smell on their white hair... but thanks god that loud note of rose goes away in a few minutes and lemon balances the deadly rose smell... here becomes the beloved classical fleur the rose bulgare, simple and lovely. So simple and lovely that no doubt anyone having feelings about watching the first snowflakes of year or marching ducklings or a great oak alone in a yard would enjoy fleur de the rose bulgare as well.
i am not fond of roses as may be understood but if i would own one rose fragrance my choice would be on the side of romance (Ralph Laureen) which is a much more sophisticated fragrance...
30th June, 2008
Breathtaking. This is a wonderful green rose with a touch of lemon dominated citrus. It pulls at my heart with memories of soft beauty, springtime and peaceful sunshine in a place where life is lived at a slow pace.

I am a man who feels comfortable in roses and I am happier wearing this than the "masculinised" rose scents.

Life is a bed of rose petals.
19th April, 2008
After smelling this, I died and went to rose heaven (where I am writing this). In rose heaven, everyone wears this scent. We live in houses filled with deeply colored roses, we walk on rose petals and we enjoy serenity 24/7. I purchased a ticket to rose heaven on the 'bay for $220, and I'll never return home.
29th March, 2007
This is the soul of Bulgarian roses in liquid form. So Exquisite that it breaks my heart!
28th March, 2007
tmgp24 Show all reviews
United States
this stuff is great.smells of true rose and citrus(lemon)lasts a good while.different and unusual.
21st March, 2007
ekroyee Show all reviews
US Virgin Islands
Was I beset with doubt when I ponied up the cash for my HUGE bottle of FDTRB? Oh yes I was! Do I love love love this, the purest distillation of a rose scent ever, one that actually lasts when it's applied? Oh yes I do! Am I transported each time I catch a whiff of this to a stand of summer roses on Cape Cod in the late morning? Indeedy, I am! Do I wonder how Creed has managed to capture the spicy scent of the rose leaves as well as the flower's heart without it being cloying? Errr...about as much as I wonder how I never grow bored with it... Was it money well spent? Every single penny! Seriously, folks? It's a LOT of perfume--if you like it, buy it, decant small quantities of it to use, & carefully store the rest. Or go splitsies with a friend or three-you won't be sorry! (It also layers beautifully with lots of other things.)
20th January, 2007
Clutch Show all reviews
United States
I had read great things about Creed fragrances and decided to purchase a few sample vials of Creed's women's fragrances for my wife. Rose Bulgare smelled delightfully light and fresh in the vial... but once on my wife's skin almost drove me to insanity. The fragrance was just as fresh hours later as it was moments after she'd applied it. I stayed within inches of my wife all night long just to smell her. Her hair, skin... all were enchanting. Ladies, if you want your fella to notice you and be close to you... if this stuff won't work nothing will. $300 a bottle? Pffffft... what a bargain for what I get in return. Guess what my wife will get under the Christmas tree this year?
08th October, 2006
bugs Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I had some time to kill before a play so I went perfume browsing and tried Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare. I took my seat in the theatre, up in the gods next to a youngish couple. The lights lowered, the play started and a delicious smell wafted up with tantalising irregularity. At the interval the girl made her boyfriend swap seats so she was sitting next to me - coincidence!?!
OK, maybe I'm reading into the situation, but my point is this: as well as being the perfect tea rose scent, it is also absurdly, edibly sensual.
In fact, if I had the good fortune to own a bottle I don't think I could wear it that often. It isn't that it's too heady or overpowering, it's just that I felt I couldn't quite carry it off - it is just so very voluptuous. It's a magnificent, heaving bosom of a scent, but unfortunately I am not that kind of woman!
01st August, 2006
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Imagine yourself in a Victorian rose garden completely immersed in fresh, deep red roses on a cool spring day...bewitching.
18th February, 2006
RHM Show all reviews
United States
I received a sample for a very generous fellow fragrance fiend.
What a mistake!
Not that it was awful, exactly the opposite. I LOVE this! I have searched for 35 years for the perfect rose fragrance. Now that I've actually found it, I won't pay $300 for a bottle of perfume? Well....maybe I will, it's that good!
This is a "clear", fresh rose fragrance that doesn't "turn" chemical smelling, plastic or "fake". For those of you perfumistas on a quest for "THE" perfect rose scent, you'll know what I mean by this comment. Instead, this Creed fragrance creates the most beautiful sillage. The wearer experiences an envelope of dream like aromas which relax the mind & lift the spirit.
This is one amazing fragrance!
12th January, 2006
There are sweet rose scents, there are spicy rose scents, there are cloying rose scents, and then there is Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, which is the truest rose perfume that I have ever smelled. There's nothing too sweet or cloying about it. It's a garden of roses lightly veiled with dew. There's nothing heavy about it, yet it lasts a remarkably long time. It's a rose plucked directly from nature.
08th August, 2005
Fleur de ThÈ Rose Bulgare is a work of fine art. It's hard to describe how absolutely pure and beautiful this scent is. If one pictures extracting juice from a newly opened, bright Double Delight rose and somehow managing to capture this elixir as the first rays of morning sunlight begin to warm the dew, you can almost imagine this scent. I am at a loss for words to describe this perfume (which shows anyone who knows me that this is one heck of a complex reaction)! The scent is not that of a dark, red rose; it's a bright, cheerful orchestration of the most intoxicating and vivid rose fragrances one can encounter. This is a perfume that actually captures one of the most beautiful smells a human can experience. Outstanding. Will upstage and overpower any tea rose fragrance that would attempt to smell like a living rose. Every rose lover must smell even just a drop of this fragrance!
11th June, 2005