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Neutral Reviews of Lutèce by Dana

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A light, powdery floral oriental, of no particular significance. Okay on its own for a refreshing splash, but not a serious contender for a great scent. Very drug store in its normalcy - Lauder, Dana, Arden and the post-1950s Coty.

Barbara Herman describes this as a spicy, powdery oriental, recalling Ombre Rose. I don't get that reference, knowing Ombre Rose well, as I don't detect rose at all.

Top notes: Mandarin, Rosewood, Geranium
Heart notes: Peony, Rosemary, Orris, Vetiver, Muguet, Cedar
Base notes: Tonka, Cinnamon, Musk, Vanilla, Heliotrope

Okay, but not significant or outstanding in any way.
21st July, 2014
I agree with tvlampboy about it smelling similar to Ombre Rose. I tried Lutece in 1993 and it smelled great and I got compliments. I tried it again in 1999 and either my body chemistry had changed or maybe the formula was tweaked because it turned stale on me. I also got in trouble at my job at the time because my boss accused me of drinking beer and I don't even like beer. But she was did have kind of a beerlike quality.
22nd December, 2008
I have fond memories of my 7th grade English teacher wearing this....It worked on her, but never have I smelled it on anyone else......She was one of a kind though
20th January, 2008
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