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Positive Reviews of Lutèce by Dana

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Classic. Very pleasant and enjoyable. I especially love the hints of peony and heliotrope over the powdery (not gaudy/dated at all) vanilla/musk base. Recommended.
02nd September, 2009
I find this fragrance to be a wonderfully soft, powdery, cool scent. It is classic and unpretentious. i own it in the original EdP formulation by Houbigant, so I do not know how it compares to other versions. I think it is far more powdery than Ombre Rose and the floral tones do not have as much rose in them. Truly a classic.
15th June, 2009
Gorgeous for a bargain frag. Perish the thought? I couldn't disagree more.

I find this one almost a dead ringer for Ombre Rose (another great bargain) -- warm and powdery floral that will never go out of style.
13th January, 2008
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