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Negative Reviews of Heaven Sent (original) by Dana

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I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned this particular vintage scent may stay lost. Not sure why, but once it comes in to contact with my skin horrifying things happen. Rive Gauche, Emeraude, and Straw Hat (Faberge) have a similar effect on me. The only Faberge frag I ever liked was Babe and now it's nearly impossible to find as well. :(
01st June, 2011
The original Heaven Sent, by Helena Rubenstein, was lovely. The 'new' version; feh! What a shame. It smells like it's been 'cheaped down'. I don't know what they've done to it. At first I thought it was my body chemistry that had changed, but now I'm convinced they've absolutely changed the formulation. Pity.
09th March, 2007
Lucifer's girlfriend wears this kerosene-based hell juice, I do believe. I had a trig teacher in high school who bathed in this oily concoction, and many of us hung around her only to ask questions about logarithms and watch our friends' nose hairs curl at the same time.

Best applied on one's enemies.
29th September, 2006
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