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United Kingdom
He first parts is very nice. The slightly mandarin-tilted citrus compliments the ylang-ylang very well, and restrainedly exudes a light and elegant softness.

In the drydown the floral garden blossoms, with oleander, hints of jasmin and touches of a rose. The rose is the most disappointing on my skin; it is rather a bland example of a rose impression.

From then on it turns gradually sweeter, thanks to the fig and the vanilla growing increasingly stronger. In the end the sweetness prevails, but it is never really cloying on me.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant spring creation, with the first have conveying simple elegance and discreet freshness. The second half is a bit more mundane, but overall it - just by the skin of its teeth - deserves a positive score. 3/5.
07th May, 2018
I got this when it was new and used to love its uniqueness at the time. I thought of it as androgynous. Now, it's just too sweet to wear. Very nineties, I guess.
30th July, 2015
I have mixed feelings about this. The Ylang-Ylang is very wearable and a nice, fresh change for a fragrance of this time. If the vanilla was a little more present, I might like it better. Still hemming and hawing whether it is worthy of keeping. Definitely try before you buy.
04th April, 2011
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Fruity floriental: Goodlife Woman really merits that designation. I get a lot of fig… not just the fig fruit, but the fig green as well. The florals are a little less identifiable for me than the fig is: I think I can separate out ylang-ylang and iris, but I get primarily a mixed bouquet. I find the whole presentation of the fragrance very sweet… even sweeter than the fruit would account for and I would suggest that the vanilla contributes a bit too sharply and strongly to the accords right from the start. A strong, sweet vanilla is not a favorite of mine, but it does, along with the fig milk and orris, provide a characteristic warmth to Goodlife Woman, which is comforting if not elegant. Goodlife Woman delivers warmth and comfort abundantly along with its sweetness. I personally think it’s a little too thinly-sweet and the fragrance’s creamy and milky feeling doesn’t quite make up for its massive sweetness.
07th December, 2010