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Negative Reviews of Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

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Smells cheap and one dimensional.

Among the worst of the popular commercial designer frags out there. Who actually buys this stuff, and why?
14th August, 2011 (last edited: 18th August, 2011)
An expensive version of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.
25th June, 2011
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United States
Well, maybe it's me, and maybe it's jasmine, but all the supposedly successful white flower bomb, jasmine perfumes don't seem to do it for me. I have been wearing Cashmere Mist today, and in spite of the woody notes, the scent is simply too one-dimensional, too sickly sweet, to make me want to invest in a bottle, especially when I feel Avon can do as good of a job with a perfume this uninspiring for an eighth of the price. The musky bit of it is ok, and the hint of woods is intriguing, but in the end it just comes off as a generic perfume with nothing in particular to recommend it. Nothing interesting happens in its lifespan; you put it on, and wear it until it wears off.

I can see how this could be a comfort scent for some, perhaps the same crowd of people who are overly influenced by ad copy and think 'cashmere=comfy & luxurious, so this perfume must be both those things too." But I am pretty sure, as I sit here and sniff myself, that 'comfortable' would be about the last adjective I'd use to describe myself if I had to drive around in a closed car wearing this scent. I shudder to think about it. I wish perfumers would do a better job of keeping ugly powders out of their so-called woody scents. I think I'd rather smell a cashmere goat.
08th April, 2010
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I remember the first time I smelled this fragrance. It was familiar, and yet I couldn't give it a positive association. I spent months trying to identify the fragrance. And when it dawned on me that it smells like urinal cake, I understood why I couldn't like it..
27th October, 2009
Cashmere Mist is too one-dimetioned for me, it comes out as just one smell all the time. Comforting, yes, and not too sweet, but nothing exciting at all. I will have to let this one pass by...
14th June, 2008
Am I the only one for whom this smells like strong commercial bathroom air freshener? I cannot recover from the first whiff, which gives me that creepy feeling that my surroundings are likely unclean. Yes, the drydown is better. I smell licorice, bubblegum, baby powder and something floral, all a headachy and artificial. Not for me.
26th December, 2007
Light, boring, nonexistent and yet suprisingly expensive. If you want to smell this neutral, buy something cheap from the drug store.
21st December, 2007
On me this smells very powdery, sharp and isn’t very sweet. I like the lack of sweetness, it makes this seem like a woman’s perfume and not a girls perfume, but that isn’t enough for me to get over the baby powder and sharpness. This doesn’t invoke the snuggliness I associate with cashmere at all.
20th September, 2006
It's a sort of baby soap and bubble gum aroma...too edulcorated.
Nothing in common with the divine Black Cashmere.
27th August, 2006
With my chemistry Cashmere Mist smells like very weak baby powder with bad undertones of vanilla & black licorice. It has no substance. I just don't feel luxurious or 'cashmere' when I wear this. On other's this sounds nice, but not for me. Cashmere Mist is classified as a fresh floral with top notes of jasmine but, I don't smell any floral notes.
13th February, 2006