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Somewhat overrated, especially compared to the other superior Donna Karan scents (pre-DKNY technicolor devo). The drydown is in fact smoothly incensed, graceful and grand. But one must sit through a sandpaper opening and riveted middle. It feels like those too tight, high waisted early 90s jeans looked. Though I love strong scents, Black Cashmere is almost obscenely loud, an all-black clad chain-smoking corporate artist with a booming New York accent. She might be your type. I strongly prefer Signature and Chaos. Black Cashmere is the scent of the incense itself, fire and all. Signature and Chaos waft more of the incense smoke.
29th November, 2012
Don't be fooled by reviews that this is a dark scent ok it has good amount of incense but i'ved smelled perfumes that
are darker then this like Habanita and amouage Lyric Woman but it promises to offer coziness and warmness those are the
ones i agree with, Black Cashmere has the same dominant note of Saffron as of Chaos
but not as overpowering then chaos

it does give you to cozy feel of a cashmere sweater i also love the nutmeg
note it reminiscent to the scent of hot espresso on a cold winters day curled up
with a good book,

the spices are suble and yet noticible
and with carnation to warm the senses
and powdery rose to dry the middle for
the more woodsy touches of Sandalwood
pure and uncut warm amber and vanilla

I wouldn't called it Opulent dark mysterious I think it's a little to
shy for that and a bit modest but
Cozy warm and Soothing.
04th December, 2010 (last edited: 12th December, 2010)
There's something synthetic in here, but maybe I'm smelling the cloves too much. It seems a little medicinal, an empty sweetness reminiscent of that strange musk smell that Americans seem to equate with cleanliness. Ivory dish soap, I think that's what I'm thinking of.

The incense is lovely, but that clove-Ivory-soap element makes me think of washing dishes.

It's a good scent for someone without my associations though. It's dense, heady, and sometimes cloying; great sillage, but it evaporates away within 4 hours -- strange for a scent that starts out so very strong.
05th November, 2010
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A bit manly on me; I'm surprised to see a few comments that this is "definitely a woman's frag". I find it dry, cinnamon-y, smoky, woody, with a bit of new band-aid. I like it, but think I'll like it better in the fall.
07th April, 2010
I had the chance to try Black Cashmere again a few days ago. Per usual, upon application its rich, sweet, inky dark fragrance enchanted and I was ready for my 'shadowy forest floorbed covered by rain soaked autumnal leaves lit only by the mysterious full moon' Black Mass. But then, per usual, it started to give me a headache. One can't truly enjoy a Black Mass with a migraine. I mean, am I wrong? Black Cashmere is so...THERE...on me. It's there, permeating, seeping, enveloping-but not in a luxurious cloak or sexy embrace way, more like a locked inside a newly varnished cedar wardrobe with no chance of escape way. All that written it's still a gorgeous scent, unfortunately, because I've officially realized I can't do woods (with the exception of CdG Avignon=divinity). For me, woods are the new violets.
20th August, 2009
I want to love this. A whiff off of the bottle brings me a hint of warm, creamy incense with subtle spicy tones. Unfortunately, when I wear Black Cashmere, it becomes far too dry and almost raspy. Body chemistry aside, BC is a far more interesting and sophisticated fragrance in the moderate department store price range than most others, and can be wonderful on the right person. Definately a cool or cold weather scent.
28th February, 2009
I am not totally amazed about the fact that this has become a hit among guys, but you know what…? After I myself used it several times I ended up thinking that there was something disturbingly feminine in this scent for me to handle it. I couldn’t wear it anymore, and I sold my bottle away.

I maybe in minority here, but at the same time I see why guys are wearing this; I think it leans heavily towards feminine side.

Oily flowery incense that smells very exotic. It has a weird smoky liquorice accord engaged with sweet woods. Develops some soapy tones in the drydown.

I don’t quite understand why they discontinued this one and then came back soon with that exclusive release.
03rd February, 2009
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United Kingdom
Too much of everything for me, I'm afraid. Donna Karan's Chaos shared some elements of this (but in Chaos, they were blended with fizzy cola bottles and sparkling lemonade). I bet this will smell exciting on the right person, but for me, it was headache-inducing. (And luckily, Chaos is now being reissued, so I'll wait for that lovely gem to return instead!).
10th August, 2008
This is my first incense scent -- the one that launched many that came afterwards for me. Very rich and heady, to the point of headachey. At first whiff, the smell reminded me of a buddhist temple or better yet a buddhist funeral.

This is not an everyday scent and I will only wear it if I'm in a certain mood, especially when I'm alone. It remains as a favoured bottle in my collection and my bottle will likely not be used up quickly.
22nd June, 2007