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Endless volumes of syrup leading to a predictable conclusion:

Once the redundant bergamot and lime intro flies off, Margaretha Ley is revealed in all her sugar coated orange blossom and ylang ylang glory, eating canned peaches - in a nail parlour.

While the floral nuances hold up it's actually not bad, but these soon decay to reveal a heart so massively sweet that even Barbara Cartland might have found it schmaltzy.

Then comes the long slow descent into the banal, and slightly awry, oriental drydown.

20th May, 2016
This was my all time favorite and I am just devastated that it's discontinued. I used to buy the ", Collection" bottle every Xmas. Why did they discontinue such a work of art and will they ever sell it again? I wish I knew so I could've cherished a bottle.
23rd June, 2015
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United States
This is a flowerhouse scent of the first degree--lots and lots of gorgeous flowers--iris, jasmine, orange blossom, ylang, ylang--support the star of the show, the hyacinth. The scent smells like it has other flowers smell like freesias, honeysuckle and muguet--in fact like a whole host of flowers that aren't even included. It is a juggernaut of flowers! There is enough vanilla and musk in the base to give this a floral oriental designation, but for me, the flowers smell too fresh, too much like a florist's cooler, to be truly oriental, with all of the rich spiciness that implies. When this came out it was completely unique and was perfect for the time. An elegant, sexy floral. I am not really sure what the Escada brand promise is, or what the fashion line is like, but this was their best offering and it is a shame if this has in fact been discontinued. This is a perfect fragrance for spring or for when a woman wants to be reminded of spring in other seasons, like wearing an Easter bonnet all year round.
27th January, 2015
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I bought this scent when it came out in 1990. I just love it. Too bad it has been discontinued in its original formulation. I've got a few bottles but guard them jealously. Wore it the other day and after a few hours i got a scent of something wonderful when the wind blew - realized it was me! I will caution that this is a very heady scent and must be used sparingly. If you use more then 3 small sprays you've probably over done it and will be disappointed.

Sure wish they hasn't changed this one. If anybody has original they don't like let me know.
24th September, 2012
I loved this scent on a friend and went in search of an affordable version on line. So disappointed. It knocks me out, almost literally.Not just in being overpowering, but it also makes me sick, headachy, sinuses swell ....guess what my friend is getting for Christmas!
25th November, 2011
I fell for this fragrance the first time I encountered it in a department store. For almost 20 years, I have always used this, and many people have asked me "what are you wearing" and gone out and purchased this fragrance for themselves. It is elegant, classy, a bit spicy and understated. It is an Audrey Hepburn type fragrance.
13th November, 2009
This was the first oriental I bought years ago. It envelopes you in a cloud of peach, coconut and vanilla. I still love it if I don't over do it. Very rich sexy scent.
11th May, 2008
Wow, powerhouse is right! Calchic nailed this one dead on. My initial impression of this rich, heady oriental by Margaretha Ley; is Christian Dior's Poison - the original. It is spicy and sweet, with womanly sillage to spare. The flowery part of this Escada is like that of Givenchy's Ysatis...soapy, heady & also a powerhouse frag! The orange blossom here is front and center throughout it's extra long life! Less is more with this juice - if you over apply this stuff, it will end up 'wearing you'. I do like it, on occassion!
07th April, 2008
I have quite a few perfumes and where I don't consider myself a cognoscenti I do know what I like... I am sure no two people feel the same way about a particular scent nor does it react with everyone's chemistry the same way. But this scent is very blah. It has no depth or layers or personality. I thought when I sprayed it on it was admixed with one of my other scents and maybe ruined its essence, but I tried it on another day and it was not good enough to be room spray, plus it gave me a sinus headache both times I sprayed it... Oh well.. makes my collection look nice though........
11th January, 2007
Certainly an evening scent or for special occasions. This scent is rather rich and strong and as it's an EDP the lasting power is great. However, I find the topnotes to this last for about 15 minutes, which is disappointing because those are the note I like most. The dry down is a lot gentler and all the way through it maintains that rich texture. Strangely, this one reminds me of Chanel No 5
14th February, 2006
The early part of the 1990s saw the releases of some pretty heady fragrances - guess the "power scents" of the 1980s were still wielding a bit of influence - and this sure was, and still is, one of them. I worked for a fashion magazine at the time and so was often the recipient of beauty biz new launches, and was introduced to Escada by Margaretha Ley in triplicate via a big, honking set of fragrance, body lotion and shower gel. As with Calvin Klein Escape, another early 90s launch that I received gratis, I wore Escada in relative abundance and quite happily until one day I was suddenly seized with inexplicable headache and nausea. It actually took me a little while to realize my own fragrance was making me sick, it turned on me that suddenly and out of the blue. I have since worn it sparingly, never again layered, and only when I've had access to an open window and/or fresh air source. This is a strong waft, one that would probably be overly cloying with its notes of peach, coconut, frangipani and vanilla if it weren't for the sandalwood at the base of the composition. Ah yes, the sandalwood that both saves and slays; again, as with Escape, I'm convinced that it's the sandalwood here that ultimately is just too strong and bug-sprayish. Sure, it provides great staying power, but when your scent's making you sick, is that a good thing? All that said, I don't dislike this fragrance once in a great while on the right occasion; it is rich and luxurious and unlike many of the much wimpier juices that come out on the market these days. As long as I exercise tremendous restraint in the application, I can stil handle this headstrong scent.
18th September, 2005