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Negative Reviews of Escada Margaretha Ley by Escada

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Endless volumes of syrup leading to a predictable conclusion:

Once the redundant bergamot and lime intro flies off, Margaretha Ley is revealed in all her sugar coated orange blossom and ylang ylang glory, eating canned peaches - in a nail parlour.

While the floral nuances hold up it's actually not bad, but these soon decay to reveal a heart so massively sweet that even Barbara Cartland might have found it schmaltzy.

Then comes the long slow descent into the banal, and slightly awry, oriental drydown.

20th May, 2016
I loved this scent on a friend and went in search of an affordable version on line. So disappointed. It knocks me out, almost literally.Not just in being overpowering, but it also makes me sick, headachy, sinuses swell ....guess what my friend is getting for Christmas!
25th November, 2011