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United States
The name is a strange choice because there is nothing youthful about this rich, mature, heavy scent. Nor is it fresh like a dew drop. It is a rich, ambery oriental that feels heavy handed and over-ripe. This is a child of Tabu and the precursor to Opium and the sister to Replique, Interlude, Pour Une Femme, etc., but is not as good as those, in my opinion. Hugely popular in its day, this is not the timeless classic that some other orientals are, but a good, but out-dated period piece. This is for the ladies who favor big hair, heavy makeup, chunky jewelry and shoulderpads, regardless of what is in style at the time.
20th June, 2015
My husband bought this for me last Christmas, along with Cinnabar (which I love in the colder months). I really didn't have the heart to tell him that I hated this perfume. To me it just smells like nasty old lady perfume that you can't get away from. Recently I got the courage to tell him it didn't react well with my chemistry (I didn't want to hurt his feelings, as he picked it out for me, so I did the old "it's not you, it's me" thing), which actually worked to my advantage, because he didn't mind a bit when I gave it away (thank GOD that horrid stuff is gone!)
10th May, 2013
When a beauty cream saleslady attempts to turn a cheap bath oil it into a "perfume" just to make a few bucks Youth Dew is what you get. Totally revolting. I do believe this could have been a very interesting fragrance in spite of everything. All the elements were there. If a competent perfumer had taken the time to make a more balanced composition, the results could have been very interesting. However, this dark juice is so strong, unrefined and cloying one would think it was meant for people with virtually no sense of smell. Back in the early 80's, a fellow employee used to wear it. Everything she touched reeked of Youth Dew. We all complained about it and eventually, she had to give it up. She switched to Sketch by Molinard (which has been discontinued, unfortunately). Sketch shared some notes with YD but it was a much more balanced and subtle composition.
20th October, 2011
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BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
A few months ago i found a list of the highest grossing perfumes of the decade, and many of Estee Lauder's offerings were on it.

Whether or not Youth Pew made that list I can't remember, but if it did then 'oh my' is all i can say.

I don't know what they are trying to do with this scent. Alehydes and oakmoss? A strong citrus opening on a heavy base of sweet notes? Tropical florals and incense? Just pick a direction, for heaven's sake.

This fragrance will make you long for adulthood..
22nd June, 2010
I don't claim to be a fragrance expert- let me be upfront about this- but surely some animals were killed or harmed in the making of this fragrance...
and it's either as potent as a drop of cyanide or the people who wear it don't know the meaning of tasteful restraint- smelling it makes me reel with nausea and feel as if the walls are closing in
it definitely leaves an impression...
03rd December, 2009
I do not care for Youth Dew. It is too dark and strong and woody and spicy for me. The following anecdotal episode happened only a few hours ago...

I caught a whiff of some heavy, dark and majorly outdated old lady perfume while at a hotel. I turned to see what I thought would be an overdressed, over-bejeweled 70-year-old woman but it turned out to be a 25-year-old gal who had it on. She said it was Youth Dew. You cold have knocked me over like a feather. She should not have worn it. That perfume is a crime on someone so young. Even her pretty figure and and charming face could not support such an asphyxiating and dated fragrance. I was not so gauche as to tell her the perfume was all wrong for her, unflattering to say the least, and that it aged her. Whatever would possess someone so young to wear it? What a fragrance faux pas that was!
21st June, 2009
My reaction to this perfume was... "are you sure this is a woman's perfume???" There was nothing feminine about it. Yet, it didn't feel "unisex," either. I actually like some unisex fragrances - there are some that feel quite refreshing. This one was... strong in a "yuck" way.
24th April, 2009
I have read quite a few reviews of fragrances in which a negative response is associated with the scent being associated with an old lady. Well, I try to keep an open mind, but this one, Youth Dew, is powdery old hag in a bottle as far as I am concerned. It is so strong and overpowering and I use to smell it so often! I still do occasionally, the last time in a restaurant on a Sunday when people came pouring in after church. It used to give me a headache. I am sure that there are perfectly fine women who wear it, but its certainly not for me. This is a very subjective opinion. I am looking forward to be able to to give fragrances a less pedestrian appraisal, which is one reason I joined this site.
14th March, 2009
Truffles Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Yeuuccchhh! I am not a fan of spicy perfumes in general - the smell of cloves is absolutely repulsive to me so this might be partly the reason - and this is one of those spicy ones. My mum does like spicy perfumes and she used to wear this and I hated it. To me this perfume has absolutely no femininity, just this weird spicy stench. Yuck! Ha, just read JennieJenJamz review, that is funny, I completely agree!
20th October, 2008
The name must be a joke. It is too heavy and old. But that is not why it is so bad. Many old type floral oils are just bearable but this one has a bad composition besides having these old oils and too much spice. Very disturbing. You can use it to spoil a party, two puffs up in the air would disperse the crowd.
16th July, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fragrance I would love to appreciate for its notes and for its heritage... yet, it doesn't do it for me, it does not suit my skin and it makes me feel nauseous. It's not quite as "off" on me as Clinique's Aromatics Elixir, but it's in the same league. Love it or hate it. Maybe Youth Dew is the Marmite of perfumes?
08th July, 2008
Way too moldy smelling to me. Stale. Old. I thought it would dry down to a soft powdery musk, nope, it's an old stale and moldy odor that lingers with a vengeance. This smells like death. A funeral. Like dirt. Old rotting corpses. I think everyone gets the idea about this stench. One of the worst I've smelled. Avoid it.
20th April, 2008
PEE-UWW! LOL at the comment about trying it on and wanting to run away from yourself! I had the same impression and it smells like Tabu. There is nothing 'youth'ful at all about this anachronistic heavy headache-inducing cologne. This is something I can only imagine on matronly dowagers with blue rinses in their hair who are stuck in a time warp.
07th February, 2007
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I had heard how this was an epic fragrance. One of the greats- like Chanel #5. One must at least try it is one is interested in fragrance. I went to my local shopping mall- spritzed it on, and immediatly wanted to run away from myself. I raced to the car as quick as I could- with the Youth Dew demon fast on my heels. I speed home and took a shower at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was an awful experience. The most "Old Lady" perfume I have ever, ever come across. It is a sad, sick joke that it is called "Youth Dew". Ridiculous.
05th March, 2006
I've tried to like this, but I just can't. It's ugly (I know, that's shallow of me, but it's brown, and it gives new meaning to the concept of "toilet water"), it's far too strong and much too... much.

I do find Estee Lauder fragrances to be fairly hit or miss, and this is one I'm happy to miss!
03rd March, 2006
among the estee lauder fragrances, this is the only one that doesnt impress me...too strong, suitable for old women.
03rd December, 2004
A strong and leathal fragrance. Ideal for your granny or anyone else who can remember it from 1953
27th December, 2003