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Negative Reviews of Azurée by Estée Lauder

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The most revolting smell in the world, how anyone can wear this is beyond me. Tried to like it in the 80s because it was so cheap, gave me a headache in minutes. Tried a friends bottle a week ago and had to wash it off immediately. My poor little dog got up and move away instantly, and I wear tons of perfume everyday, spray my bed every night and the dog but never has he had to leave my side because of a perfume. What is it about this perfume that causes such a reaction, any ideas anyone!!!
18th March, 2013
Is this scent really supposed to smell like the Italian coast where Estee Lauder vacationed? I can't believe Estee stayed anywhere that stank this badly! Now, to be honest I have never smelled the original formulation. Maybe it was once a sunny little chypre. And God knows I do love my chypres! I can't get near this one without feeling anything but nausea and revulsion. I have read Tom Ford did the current reformulation and all I can say is - SHAME ON YOU, Tom!
01st May, 2011 (last edited: 02nd June, 2011)
Is the disparity listed by Basenotes and The Perfumed Court due to there being two distinct versions currently extant since Tom Ford's revision? I just received this today as a sample -- not sure which one I received but might be the original. I definitely don't pick up on anything as potentially edible as orange blossom or coconut. Rather, this strikes me as the kind of Gloria Swanson-style scentbomb that could inspire health-conscious cities to ban perfume. I am a woman of "a certain age" who tends to appreciate dark and demanding scents (though, I admit, I am mixed about chypres and vetiver). But this one is actually turning my stomach! It's fascinating to me how scents with any intensity listed here draw such divergent reactions. The "leather-ette" middle is now becoming slightly more tolerable, but for the sake of my poor, disoriented cats I'm going to hop in a shower!
01st August, 2008
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I'm gonna have to be honest here. I passionately hated Estee Lauder's Azurée. And I hated it for several reasons. One is that it smells terrible. Azurée is a cloying fragrance with an extremely obvious synthetic overlay to the whole concoction. There is no discernible flower note or other kind of pleasant note for that matter. Sad to say that despite the involvement of Tom Ford et al, Azurée's re-issued perfume is a textbook artificial-smelling Estee Lauder fragrance. Youth Dew anyone? Dazzling Silver perhaps?

Which brings me to my next point. I hate that Azuréeis what the Estee Lauder company thinks the American woman wants to smell like. I envision EL's marketing and focus groups repeatedly tinkering with the juice and dumbing it down so that (in their minds) it will smell generically "sophisticated" to a housewife in say, Kansas, and will thus prompt her to buy it. I've never been to Kansas but hope that the good people there and the rest of America don't fall for this awfulness that is being sold as "perfume".

Here are the notes, per The Perfumed Court: Top note of orange blossom, Middle notes of Tahitian flower, gardenia and coconut; and Base notes of vetiver, myrrh and sandalwood.
19th June, 2008