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Negative Reviews of Intuition by Estée Lauder

Total Reviews: 5
Genre: Floral Oriental

Intuition’s spiced citrus and light floral top notes steer well clear of the cheap hard candy effect that plagues so many fruity floral scents. I attribute much of the accord’s delightful quality to its abstract nature. Rather than imitate a particular fruit, a cocktail, or a bubblegum flavor, it evokes an unnamed, imaginary fruit, and is all the better for it.

Intuition evolves quickly into a mild, sweet, fruity floral oriental that’s perfectly polite and pleasant to wear, if also nondescript. Both the fruit and the floral bouquet remain abstract – evidence, I imagine, of effective blending. Unfortunately, while attractive and amiable, both are also more bland than I’d like. It’s Intuition’s drydown, though that ultimately lets it down. Intuition is one of those rare fragrances that grows stronger, not weaker, as it dries down, and its base notes center on a soapy rose accord that’s both strident and chemically sour. As the rose’s volume increases it moves from disappointing to outright irritating, so that after three or four hour’s wear Intuition becomes an olfactory nuisance. Lauder has done much better, not least in Pleasures, which shares some of Intuition’s fruity floral content and mild, abstract quality, though in a more purely floral context.
17th June, 2014
My bottle reads "INTUITION Summer In Bloom". It's minty/musky/musty/soapy/very boring. It's been sitting there for 3 years. IDEA - I will use it up as a toilet spray.
28th August, 2010
Sour powder on me. Oh, I was just prompted that this review is too short and I need to make it longer. OK, it's still sour powder on me.
16th June, 2010
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Sharp astringency lasts for over an hour on me before finally settling down to a nice floral on faint, creamy amber. By this time, the scent itself is very faint unfortunately.
23rd August, 2008
Despite a great experience with a sample of this perfume, the scent from the spray bottle of eau de parfum I purchased has a disturbingly abiotic overtone and quickly evolves from nearly astringent grapefruity tones and something rose-like into persistent odors of decaying saliva (their version of bergamot?) and fluid from bacterial abcesses (the "double rose"?). [Unfortunately, I know these and other specific aversive odors through my work.] It is in many ways remarkably similar to the scent of L'oreal's self-tanning lotion.

An ex who enjoys flavored coffee really liked it on me.
31st December, 2005