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Quite feminine and complementary with the male version of the scent. In style, de facto, male and female version are the same and yet the male version is unmistakably masculine, whilst the femme version is unmistakably feminine. This is not for a "from the hood" girl, but for a woman that has some class and is intelligent. Scent itself is quite flowery, slightly backed up by woody notes, very well rounded and refined. There is a certain heaviness about it, but not such that it could not be worn during hotter weather, albeit with very mild application.
25th September, 2012
I've never really been a fan of Estee Lauder fragrances, I always found them to smell slightly odd to my nose, however Intuition surprised me to say the least.

I really enjoyed the citrusy opening which was refreshing and instantly reminded me of Summer. I just loved the way the lemon, grapefruit and bergamot blended so well together creating a scent that was sweet and lively.

Unfortunately it is scents with these citrusy openings that never blend well with my skin chemistry, and sure enough this beautiful scent turned to rotten grapefruit when I wore it.

Despite the fact that this fragrance and I are not meant to be, I still admire this scent when worn by other people.

The heart of Intuition becomes a soft and somewhat powdery floral blend, which is absolutely gorgeous. The rose note is an absolute standout and it gives this fragrance that classy, feminine touch. I'll also agree with the other reviewers here that sensed a vanilla note in Intuition, it is certainly present for my nose as well, particularly in the drydown.

I actually adore the bottle design of Intuition, which is surprising because I very rarely pay attention to a fragrance's packaging. The oval shaped bottle with the slightly off-centre, abstract cap is clearly something you would take pride in displaying on your dresser.

The lasting strength was great on other people, however on myself, not only did it smell off but it also didn't last. I do urge you not to do a blind purchase on this fragrance because you may end up with the same results as me. Apart from that this fragrance is a crisp, pleasant and casual scent which I highly recommend.

04th June, 2011
I very much liked this fragrance, I always think it smells of guava, perhaps it is the mixture of scents that combine to produce the guava effect on me. I love the smell of guava, it has a very distinct smell that I just want to keep inhaling, like this fragrance.
08th May, 2008
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United States
Intuition is lovely and sensual but not so sensual that it cannot appropriately be worn during the day. It has a warm, golden amber base but light, fresh floral topnotes that make it extremely well-rounded. My husband really likes this one. This is one of my favorite amber fragrances as its not too heavy or powdery.
22nd February, 2006
I really like Intuition. It is a great scent for a day at the office. Would also be nice for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. A plus is that Dear Hubbie likes it very much! The body lotion isn't true to fragrance so I don't recommend the lotion.
28th November, 2005 (last edited: 13th February, 2006)
Intuition EDP.
Glorious sunshiny scent. Very bright and fresh on the nose on first spritz, then gradually warms up on the skin to a gently sweet floral with amber permeating right through. Like a second skin. Wearable all year round with great longevity.

Was given this by a friend who received it as a sample but despises perfumes. Out of pure serendipidity, I found my Holy Grail!
If you like the frgrance of Earl Grey/Lady Grey tea, then you'll love this!
14th September, 2005