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Neutral Reviews of White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

I tried this on my aunt and mother's suggestion, both of whom wore it as young woman and listed it as their all-time favorite fragrance. The top notes are delicious, a very strong floral without being offensive, but as it cools down it can only be described as powery. The lily of the valley is very present (which I like) but other than that it smells almost like wet baby powder. Not terribly offensive, nobody's going to gag smelling you, but it's not something I would choose on purpose.
16th August, 2009
Very floral in an almost bathroom spray way. Lily, gardenia, lilac, all stereotyped, exaggerated versions of flowers. It holds nothing back, is naively straightforward, unsophisticated. Not bad, but not for me.
21st May, 2008
I know they've changed it from the original formula. It's not as sharp and crisp as the older version. It's still nice, soft, clean and flowery, but not the same. It's almost too soft. So, this would be perfect for those who don't like strong scents. My mom wore this back in the 70's, yup, when it was the good stuff. I liked it better than, but I still like it. Just watered down, I guess. It reminds me of coming from the shower. It is a bit soapy, now that I think about it.............
20th April, 2008
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