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Neutral Reviews of Seringa by Floris

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United Kingdom
The opening, and only the opening, has a fresh citrus component in it, but otherwise this is a floral scent. Syringa is indeed present early on, but jasmine and carnation are added in the drydown. A green violet leaf note is present at times. Very pleasant with an original side.

The base adds woodsy components with a bit of musk, and here this product disappoints; the base is too generic and dull. The sillage is moderate, the projection acceptable and the longevity five hours on my skin. A great and well-made floral spring scent let down, alas, by a nondescript base. 2.75/5
25th November, 2015 (last edited: 15th December, 2015)
A green-fresh aldehydic floral scent which almost succeeds in passing off plainness and chemical insubstantiality for "transparency" or "contemporary refinement" or whatever *allure* Floris wanted to give this scent. It is not bad in strict terms, but it smells undoubtedly artificial to many extents, and given that the marketing positioning apparently does not seem to justify it (with, say, some avantgarde, or contemporary, or "post-industrial" kind of concept or imaginary), I guess it may turn into a defect. The scent itself as I said does smell – barely – acceptable-to-nice, with white flowers, aldehydes, green notes, a hint of citrus, carnation, perhaps geranium too, some slightly earthy-mossy notes on the base, a resinous feel of synthetic olibanum: but it all smells quite "mainstream", in this context meaning rushed, generic and artificial. The drydown is even worst, as it basically smell as aldehydic as pale (by the way occurring really quickly). Not worth the price in my opinion.

10th October, 2014
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United States
A dry, airy/musky green floral scent. Like Flora Nymphea by Guerlain without the lightly sweetened honey. Or Angelique Lilas without the angelica or heliotrope. Replace the heliotrope musk and I would say it's close though. Stronger on the musk note. Floral, light, good for spring or summer. Notes that are most prominent would be that of dry, green grass, seringa, musk and a bit of lily coming through. Carnation is light. I don't get any sweet, this is a floral scent, for serious green floral lovers...must also like musky notes as well.
20th February, 2014
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I was surprised at my first sniff of this: At one and the same time It seemed very familiar and also very old fashioned (in a not-so-good way). Seringa is a big floral, soapy and a bit green. To my nose the dominant flower presented is lily; the lily is backed up by a slight musty-dusty rose note. I think I get the mock orange (seringa) note, too, but I can’t be sure of that. As a lily fragrance, Seringa is not so very special. The lily that comes across to me is screechy and I suspect the violet leaf note is responsible for the screechiness. Although the rose should help mitigate the screechiness, it doesn’t… The rose doesn’t seem to be integrated with the other notes – especially the lily, and this lack of integration is too bad because this fragrance needs a lower-vibrational warmth in its delivery (I don’t smell the incense, musk, oakmoss, or patchouli which would warm the fragrance if they were there…). The fragrance doesn’t seem to develop much farther from the original big floral attitude of that lily / rose accord… the attitude just softens and gets more powdery. I have searched for a drydown in my several testings of Seringa (Floris provides generous samples), but I haven’t found any… I just get this big, soapy, sortagreen old-fashioned floral… I rather disliked this when I first tested it… Since then, I’ve gotten more used to it and now I feel genuinely neutral about it. …Firm sillage and very good longevity.
06th April, 2011