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Positive Reviews of Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani

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Very unisex IMO. One of the best powdery drydowns I ever smelled. 7.5/10
14th December, 2014
Drives me crazy on women

First time i adore a womens fragrance for wearing it on my self!
Love this on women as i wanna eat them ( yes its that bad) normally i like womens perfumes but i never love it (except tommygirl)
This one is woody and cozy and a bit gourmandish.
I sprayed it on my wrist and kept smelling it (a femake coworker came in wearing this so i asked her whats she was wearing.)
Im considering buying this for myself ( its that masculine) maybe one of the best not intended unisex fragrances around ....
Class A

Pros: Easy on the nose

24th August, 2013
Quality scent. Strong when first sprayed but smells nice thereafter. Reminiscent of heavenly by victorias secret...., except this scent is smoother, longer lasting, and does not change. Heavenly smells great on me ehen I first apply it thrn it gets kinda weird on my skin. Armani she stays the same and gets sweeter as time goes by. This does have a little bit of a masculinity to it but its kind of nice that a masculine feminine. I like it but prefer I the fall
12th March, 2013
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A very timid, synthetic floral. Very similar to Emporio he, but crisper and cleaner. Sorry, I have a big problem picking out any distinct notes here. The official pyramid doesn't help one bit. Main thing, it comes across as subtle and pleasant.
14th September, 2012
We call this fragrance Armani She where I'm from. In my area it is extremely popular and has been for many years.

Armani She is one of those simplistic, yet likable vanilla skinscents. Meaning that it smells very natural and delicate on the skin.

The vanilla in this fragrance is warm, milky and creamy. The scent reminds me of Diesel Plus Plus Feminine, just without the synthetic edge. Honestly, the fruit in the top notes don't stand out much to my nose. The lime and pear are certainly present, however the white, flowery tuberose tends to dominate.

The white floral components of Armani She are what drives the fragrance until the vanilla kicks in. However the vanilla in this fragrance is not sweet, rich or syrupy. It is really soft, almost powdery.

I remember smelling Armani White last year sometime, and I recall it smelling a little similar to this fragrance. They both tend to have that clean, natural, creamy feel to them.

The lasting strength of Armani She is good, however the sillage is fairly intimate. Because of its softness and delicacy, I would recommend this fragrance for wear all year round.

07th August, 2011
A very pleasant, if not synthetic, sweet floral with prominent heliotrope, tonka bean, vanilla, and iris.

Rich and creamy, very smooth. I wouldn't wear it, but it smells very nice.
30th March, 2011
Back in spring 2000, my new boyfriend wore the men's version of this scent and I loved it, although I wasn't too keen on the women's fragrance at the time. Then in the summer I flew out to the Greek islands for a pre-arranged holiday with the girls and bought a bottle of She in-flight as I knew it would remind me of his fragrance. When boyfriend joined me the following week he'd also bought me a bottle, so for the rest of Y2K this was the only fragrance I wore. We were married the following year and when I wear this fragrance now it reminds me of hot, sunny days and the excitement and anticipation of a new relationship.
I wear this summer evenings and I love the sharpness as it's sprayed, then the warm powdery notes it leaves behind in the dry-down. My husband enjoys this fragrance as he shares those special memories.

A couple of years ago I discovered Creed fragrances and I find that Love in White is quite similar to Armani She, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?
01st July, 2009
This is my favourite too. I must have gone through five or six bottles of this and now I have the lotion and bath gel thanks to my sister. I have tried to be unfaithful to this but I keep coming back to it. I suppose the fact that I feel "dressed" when I have it on. It feels classy and sensual at the same time. Love it (although I guess my real love is the original Armani fragrance which has been discontinued - please bring it back Mr Armani!)
02nd May, 2009
This is my signature scent & the only perfume that I will always have in my fragrance wardrobe! When I wear it, the compliments come pouring in. I LOVE this fragrance & just like the review by Slinkybabes, I don''t think I can live without it! Definately my all time favourite!
08th February, 2009
I got a free sample of this when I was at a concert years ago and it was being launched. I fell in love with it!!! This is a very warm and spicy scent while being romantic but not overtly feminine. It's very sexy in my opinion. I have yet to own this though but have been meaning to buy it for years. It's 10 years later but I have yet to forget about it!
19th September, 2008
Love this. I can wear it in any season. It smells warm and sweet but not overwhelming.
18th June, 2007
This fragrance is definitely in my all time top 5 scents - one I will buy over and over and over again. It's not really like anything I've smelt before. It's feminine yet has a sense of masculinity. Spicy yet softly floral. In absolutely no way 'sweet'. This fragrance reminds me of a woman wearing a sharp tailored business suit with soft lacy lingerie underneath. I always feel confident and sexy wearing this scent.
29th April, 2006
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent, it is an all time favourite of mine!!! It's sexy, sweet, warm and adorable...I have had many bottles of this and can't live without it...It's great for day time use or layer it up for night, when I wear this people know it :0)
02nd April, 2006
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This is a perfectly femenine fragrance. Romantic. I just wish I could find the body spray again.
22nd March, 2006