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I am usually not that into the “discontinued hype”, often I find that discontinued scents well sought-after by collectors at high prices aren’t really that special. So I don’t really want to sound enthusiastic just because this is a rare fragrance, but... Jesus! Sensi is great. Plain great. I’d say it’s even perfect in its own way; it’s not mind-blowing, as it’s a very refined, sort of discreetly “academic” and somehow mannered (maybe too much) white floral-woody blend, but it’s just impeccable on every aspect. One of those fragrances which I could really see well working as a lifetime signature. Depending on you and on circumstances it can be luscious and sultry as much as perfectly clean, laid-back, youthful and lively.

The balance of the diverse nuances is just amazing: fresh, deep, powdery, sweet yet not a “gourmand” thing, rather a very crisp, mature, “satin” blend of clean, fascinating white-almondy notes. It’s a very simple blend actually: a gentle, top quality, classy cascade of “whiteness” in its most pleasant, bracing nuances – jasmine-driven whiteness, “sweet” nutty whiteness, even woody-resinous whiteness thanks to some very clean, smooth cedar-benzoin base notes, all topped with a beam of zesty citrus just to keep it fresh enough. At the very core of the scent lies a brilliant sort of fruity-rose heart which is very subtle, very natural, like a tiny pulsating heart giving life to the breezy, uplifting, sophisticated natural brightness of the scent. The drydown is a mellow shimmering modulation of nuances which as time goes by, gain some sort of slightly creamy “sun tan” texture, adding a whiff of floral-scented milk, together with some warmer and stronger presence of woods. I also sense quite a recognizable earthy-talc hint of orris root, although it isn’t listed in the composition.

That’s it, and it’s heavenly. Nothing more to say, not a single flaw to mention. Tremendously classy yet completely versatile. A smooth gem to spray liberally and smell gorgeous anytime, anywhere. This is how perfumes should be made, it exudes skills, confidence, quality, and wearability. Maybe not “creativity”, and to this extent I agree with Luca Turin review stating it’s not exactly an “inspiring” scent, but who cares! This is the quintessence of a classy, outstanding quality workhorse. A perfect signature, as I wrote above. All in all, in a world with so many people paying the same money for pathetic garbage (I’m looking at you, niche), Sensi is probably still worthy the collectors’ prices (well, the lower ones).

16th December, 2015


It was A Magical Moment with SENSI when I tried it.A Sophisticated scent for Ladies who are not afraid of show their Emotion. Oriental but not Too overpowering Like the most of orientals. Chic,Exquisite,Glamorous, Creamy,Sweet,Feminine,Romantic and Elegant.

The composition is built of a perfect harmony.It is Strong and Fresh with Lime in the Top notes Then quickly reveals it is a Sweet feminine Scent But Not Too Sweet by heart notes. final notes of Powdery Warmth radiate from the Skin for hours on End That is Simply Bewitching and a Great Affection on skin. I Love the Sweet and Powdery notes in it.

Bravo ARMANI for This showing that oriental can be Fresh at the same time.SENSI is Suitable for Most Seasons Especially SPRING/AUTUMN Evenings. Ideal for a Dude Especially if she is Between 25/35 Years old.It makes You feel Feminine and Confidant. Actually Appropriate for a Beautiful Romantic Lady as In my opinion It is Reminiscent of Warmth ROMANTIC Moments.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

16th December, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Lime and jasmine form an initial friendship, later buttressed by sweet, very sweet fruitiness. Synthetic, bland overall. Lasts two hours on my skin.
23rd November, 2013
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Laylah Show all reviews
United States
Lovely, classic but fresh. I always get compliments and have worn it off and on for years. Not at all too much or too old, but still old school LBD of a perfume.
29th January, 2013
The first time I tested Sensi I got an awful shock because what I got was an acidic, oily, putrid smelling concoction on my wrist. However after scrubbing it off vigorously in the ladies room, I tried another tester bottle and much to my relief, this tester bottle was not off.

The real Sensi, while still fresh, is delightfully elegant, slightly powdery and clean smelling. The scent is heavy enough to be worn in the colder months, however if applied with a light hand, Sensi could be worn well in Spring.

This perfume is simply lovely. Although not very unique, I like Sensi's simplistic scent. However I will agree with Annehke that for all the unique and interesting notes listed, the overall product does slightly disappoint. I was expecting Sensi to smell unlike anything I'd ever tried before.

I do however get the jasmine, almond and vanilla notes which together make a delightful mixture. Like all Armani scents, this fragrance is certainly sophisticated and elegant. I can see this scent suiting almost every occasion, whether it be casual or formal.

I recommend Sensi to lovers of creamy, powdery and classic scents like Allure by Chanel and D&G by Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few.

04th June, 2011
One of my favorite perfumes. It has everything! It is creamy, soft, sensual and in the same time makes me feel good and protected.
26th December, 2009
I came across Sensi a few years back, while looking for a new fragrance and from the first whiff, i was in love. My heart pounded, pupils dilated and my cheeks went rosy red. I was head over heels. It took extreme self control not to walk away with a bottle. I've been caught confusing love and lust before - i didnt wnat to make the same mistake again. Over the next several weeks, i visted the shop many times to try on the fragrance before work. An amazing thing happened to me. I felt confident, self assured and so sexy when i wore this fragrance. Men compliement men, women asked what i was wearing. This was THE fragrance for me. Even now when i spray it, my heart does a flip-flop and and i turn from a simple girl to a femme fatale. Quite simply, this fragrance is sex in a bottle.
08th November, 2008
Powdery, feminine and discreet - a true winner when it comes to skin scents. Unlike the others reviewers I find Sensi rather cool and not warming at all, although the acacia adds a kind of golden shine to the composition. I adore it's understated elegance.

Sad news: Sensi has been discontinued. :-( What a shame.
23rd September, 2008 (last edited: 04th October, 2009)
A beautiful, refined, and warm floral/woody fragrace for the sophisticated career woman. This scent is versatile enough to carry one from the office straight on to dinner. Very nice indeed. Not really for girls, IMO. This opens with a blast of florals highlighted by powdery aldehydes, then settles into a very warm woody/vanilla/musky base. Excellent sillage.
20th September, 2008
I suprised no one has made the connection before but as a medical weed state I know that this Sensi smells like Sensi buds. That bubble gum over ripe banna smell on a backround of vanilla. It's to synthic for my tastes but an interesting concept.
02nd September, 2008 (last edited: 13th October, 2008)
A warm, pretty, uncomplicated scent. I used to wear this one exclusively in the winter, until I read a comment that wearing this in summer was a refreshing change. On a summer night, there is something sexy yet comforting about it. While not inspiring, this is a safe choice for a gift and a safe choice for any situation. Just like my old cotton nightgown, Sensi is a fragrance that I like to keep around.
04th August, 2008
Fresh? I don't think so. I bought this fragrance as a gift, but then I showed it to a friend of mine just to get her idea about the perfume as a gift. I always liked her fragrance taste and when she said "really good", I decided to keep it for me. As I said, it is not fresh to me. I like fresh perfumes and my understanding of fresh is more like Davidoff Cool Water (women). I like powdery perfumes, too, but I can not say that Sensi is exactly a powdery perfume either. It was strange to me at first. Not exactly my style. But because my expert friend told that this piece was good, I kept it and started to use it frequently after a while because I got compliments whenever I used it. Then it became my top choice. I like some other Armani stuff and I agree that armani has its own signature. Sensi is strange to me at first but not a "bad strange" rather a "good strange". It is powdery somehow but not an ordinary powdery, it has its own and unique way of powdery. There is something weird in it, I don't know what, may be this benzoin thing. But I don't suggest it to those who like flowery fragrances or romantic stuff. Sensi is mature yet not old, feminine and sexy. I also agree that it has reat lasting power. It is not fresh according to me but definitely dynamic and energizing. To sum up, Sensi is good stuff.
13th April, 2008
A winner when it comes to women frags. Definately not a cheapo smell. Initial whiff did nothing for me, but once it settled down, it had this clean, fresh sexy that I love. Subtle vanilla does very well with everything else (quite exotic!) blended together to create this gloriuos scent. Confident femininity without any feminist tones, sexy sensual yet non-flirtatious, "I mean business" but I am friendly...perfect for the married woman!
09th August, 2007
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This is a wonderful "Play-Doh" type scent that creamy and long-lasting. It slightly reminds me of Dior Addict but with less floral notes and more of that almondy something that caresses your skin and makes my hubby chase after me ;).
02nd January, 2007
I can't do Sensi. The lime (I can smell gineger in there too) is very harsh and overpowering. I had to give it to my son's girlfriend, who loves it.
24th August, 2006
Marritza Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Sensi is a laid-back, shimmery and warm fragrance and it definitely makes the same point with the bottle - very sensual :). It's well-balanced but not fresh enough for me - after a couple of hours it smelled like sweaters made of acrylic - kinda plasticky and invasive - maybe it's the benzoin. It's a wonderful fragrance though - on others.
11th August, 2006
I think Connoisseur's review sums it up perfectly although the other reviews are right on too. Sensi is lovely and it definitely has that musky vanillaish type of smell to it, and it's not too sweet. I fell in love with it when I smelled it on a co-worker of mine and when she told me it was something by Armani, I went all around looking for it. As a result, I got into the Armani perfumes which I had never smelled before. Armani definitely has his signature in all of his perfumes EXCEPT Sensi. He sort of veered off on this one to my most pleasure. Thanks Armani, you've done a great job with this one!
04th August, 2006
Although I don't wear this one every day (I usually choose fragrances depending on my mood), I love this fragrance. The top notes of lime leaves gets me every time. It's beautifully crisp and fresh within the first few minutes of applying, but it warms down to this powdery vanilla as the day wears on. I've gotten great compliments on it at work as well.
29th May, 2006
IMHO Sensi is refined and restrained, quietly confident and sensual.It is sophisticated in a relaxed rather than artful manner. Whenever I wear this I feel serene, chilled out and happy to just take it easy. Not my first choice for work then(!) but for when I want time to stand still almost Sensi is absolutely perfect.
25th April, 2006
The top notes on this are a real wow for me, very fresh and light and spunky, and then the fragrance settles down into something a little sweeter, with a final note of a delicious vanilla (and musk?) that's sweet, but not too sweet. This one is perfect for a great many occasions, because it's subtle but distinctive, and definitely feminine. Very nicely designed fragrance, and one of my regulars.
20th February, 2006
Also one of my fragrances. The lime top note is very refreshing and i love the vanilla in the basenote. everyone always comments when i wear this fragrance and it lingers on and on and on and on......
10th December, 2003
Starts out a very soft, clean and fresh floral and becomes somewhat warm and sweeter as it dries down. Has a very pleasant powdery note that gives the scent a distinct feminine flavor. In my opinion, Sensi is a perfect mix of sexy, mature femininity and the sweet pleasures of youth. Has great lasting power too. Sensi is definitely one of my new favorites.
16th November, 2003