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I loved Red back in the early 1990s. Is it me or has it changed? I remember it being quite a long-lasting fragrance that projected very well and lasted all day. Now, it seems it is barely detectable only minutes after spraying it on. Have they decreased the amount of essential oil? The cherry/rosewood seems lighter than I remember. When I get fragrances that are watered down, I tend to pour them in a potpourri crock and let them "reduce" down to a stronger concentration, let them cool, and then transfer them to a different atomizer. This lets the alcohol evaporate and leave a more concentrated fragrance (in essence, changing an eau de toilette into an eau de parfum). I've done this with several fragrances and it seems to work because they now are more like an eau de parfum concentration and last much longer. I "reduced" many of the newer and weaker fragrances and got them to smell and behave like their original ancestors. I suppose I'll have to do this with Red for Women by Giorgio Beverly Hills. It is an eau de toilette, however, but would prefer an eau de parfum if they ever decide on making such a concentration in the future. I'll keep Red but "reduce" it to the concentration of my liking.
30th December, 2017
Against all odds, I have become friends with the reformulation of this late 80's icon.

The original was my signature, so when the reform came out, I was immediately aware that my baby had changed-- and not for the better. Where was the myrhh? And why add so much gardenia?

So I sent off for a vintage to test them side by side, and a strange thing happened. Either the vintage had aged into something I could not wear (too cloying), or my chemistry or taste had changed. I went back to the affordable reformulation a happier woman. Cherry, cinnamon, gardenia and patchouli? Why not?

It's lightened up over the years, and without my knowing it, so have I.
18th August, 2016
Not Vintage, but Not Bad Either

Great scent for the buck. Pepper bomb that dries down into a soapy clean smell. The original had more to it. But beggars cant be choosers, and this still gets compliments. Just not the experience it once was.

Pros: Long Lasting, Great scent, Clean
Cons: Reformulated all to hell"

22nd October, 2013
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This is a review of the current Red, not the delicious scent that was SO popular in the early 80's. After the initial eye burning blast it dries down to a mixture of Tide, generic fabric softener sheets, and some kind of strong smelling bath soap. I remember Red in the early 90's having a warm, fruity smell that projected well & lasted for hours. Don't expect this now. I wouldn't WANT this reformulated Red lasting for hours!! I couldn't scrub it off my arm fast enough.
04th October, 2012
I wore this in a really good period in my life, so I associate it with good times and it makes me appreciate it more. I feel this is a warm floriential, reminds me of Samsara, without as much complication and high price tag. I am basing this on the fragrance I wore around 1991, I haven't smelled the reformulated version. I may have to give this another try.

ADDENDUM: I tried the new version of it at a local TJ Maxx and this has turned into an absolutely revolting fragrance. Has a sharp chemical burn like aerosol hairspray, nothing at all like the fragrance I wore in 1991. This fragrance has been totally ruined.
07th September, 2012 (last edited: 19th January, 2013)
I love the top notes on this: crisp, spicy floral and fruit. Once that calms down, the middle is a little overblown, fruity floral. Like a teenager's scent. But I really enjoy the warm, spicy, musky drydown.

I'm glad it's not expensive, as I wouldn't want to pay a lot for it. But I wouldn't mind owning a bottle, at all.

Sillage and longevity were spot on.
07th September, 2011
When Red first came out I absolutely adored it. Mitsouko is my number one most favorite fragrance, so it's hard for me to pass up a chypre when I smell one. The more resent Red is more sweet and fruity. If you smell really hard you can still get a little chypre air out of it, but not much! I will miss you, Red!
15th May, 2011
Ack! Starts out a rather intriguingly rich and slightly fruity-floral, but a few minutes after application it warps into a foul detergent smell I just couldn't wait to wash off. Worse than cheap.
15th September, 2009
My husband, back in his young single days, dated a woman who wore this with a relentless fervor. He still gets ill with the thought of this scent. I have worn this on occasion...very few occasions. I can say it is very STRONG. A little dab 'l do ya.
I am sure there are those out there with whom this scent smells heavenly. I am not one of them.
It is a heavy, somewhat smokey, almost acrid scent. But that's on me.
Comes on sweet and heavy dries down to a bitter incense.
18th September, 2008
A good perfume that gets a bad rap, possibly because of the price (inexpensive) or possibly from the overexposure. I bought this when it first came out just because of the name. I loved it then & I like it now, especially the price. I use the bath gel, lotion & perfume for staying power. It is a warm, spicy scent that is perfect for cold New England winters. If this one is too much for you, try Sensi. It has staying power but it is much more subtle.
04th August, 2008
Wow i absolutely love this fragrance and repurchased when i ran out. It is quite a powerful perfume and i use this on nights out when i want to feel really sexy, the perfume lasts a very long time on your skin and you can still smell it the morning after. Only a couple of sprays is plenty. This is definately a scent that i can't live without it is warm and inviting and makes you feel loved.....
20th July, 2008
I wore the hell out of this one in the late 80s and early 90s. The smell was everywhere back then. Still one of my top favorites. Better for the winter months than the warmer months. I'm actually going to purchase it for this year's holidays! This reminds me of I guy that never paid any attention to me until we were at a friend's wedding and we danced really close, all night long. Must have smelled really good to him!
27th June, 2008
Okay, the Giorgio that my sis wore absolutely stank baaad! But this wasn't too bad, not great, but not awful like the Giorgio. This is what I remember wearing throughout highschool after that awful Tabu insident. It is strong and a bit chemical like, but it was also fruity like and it was sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet because I remember I never reacted friendly towards it. It wasn't a favorite then and it's not now. It was too gut-wrenching for me so I've clung to the musks ever since. Just can't do most perfumes.
20th April, 2008
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One of the first perfumes I ever purchased at the age of 17. I absolutely loved wearing it everywhere, it has a great spicy, sexy scent that is incredibly strong. This is definitely one that needs to be sprayed sparingly, as too much has other's smelling you from far away. And that's NOT a good thing.
It's an incredibly intense scent, and needs to be worn for the right occasion. I would never use Red for day-to-day wear. Sadly, I had a bad experience with Red and have hardly worn it since. After a big night, I came in to work with a nasty hangover, and was wearing my beloved Red at the time. The strong smell made be feel ill the entire day, as I just could not stop smelling it. It still remains on my shelf with the other perfumes, but only comes out when the occasion for a strong, spicy perfume arises.
27th December, 2007
Love, love, love this one. Too bad they don't sell it here anymore. I love the scent of Amber, ripe fruit and the sparkling scent seems to last and last... . I still own a small bottle of it but never use it (miniature). Red is to Giorgio Beverly Hills what Beautiful is to Estee Lauder.
07th June, 2007
I know very little about the alchemy of fragrances or what distinguishes quality from trash, but I would say that red is at once the boldest and yet the warmest, fluffiest kitten in the litter. It's like the more subtle, smoldering sister of YSL's Opium and the more knowing experienced Aunt of Samsara. Spicy, rich and floral but not bright and flashy. It's darker and more clandestine than both. It's more slowly forthcoming in it's treasures. It weaves an intoxicating and compelling narative of florals, spices and elixers that takes hours to fully reveal itself.
17th January, 2007
Magnificent - a bulldozer of a fragrance unless applied sparingly even then it remains sexy and brazen but never cheap or commonplace. An intoxicating '80's delight for those who appreciate the olefactorial equivalent of huge shoulder padding...
08th August, 2006
Smoldering Red slithers into the senses with a complex layering of scent sensations. Red is a very bold fragrance; certainly not for the feint of heart or the very allergic. It is the clearly defined amber notes that hold court almost more than other note in this mixture. Red perfume is my addiction. You will find, as well, woody green chypre notes and a sublime blend of florals that is so intense it is hard to single out one note because they are all so intertwined. Yikes, I caught an air of saffron crocus in this too, also some wee hint of musk: the list could go on but if you want to know more about this perfume suggest you give it a sniff but be prepared to sniff for a fews days.
31st October, 2005
Red is a classic 80s fragrance that is still very relevant today if you enjoy spicy, deep, many-layered melanges of notes combined into a rich and lasting scent. It has a great deal of floral in it - as well as a great deal of everything else, to the tune of 600-plus different ingredients! - but it's not a definitively floral fragrance, though the gardenia, marigold and carnation, all very pronounced notes in their own rights, are most evident. There is quite a bit of ripe fruit here as well, and a classic oriental base of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. Oh, and some oakmoss thrown in for a smidge of chypre! In short, in typical 80s fashion, it's a "big" fragrance with a major presence. Very lavish and almost festive, it's particularly well suited for wearing around the winter holidays.
24th August, 2005