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Negative Reviews of Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

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This is a review of the current Red, not the delicious scent that was SO popular in the early 80's. After the initial eye burning blast it dries down to a mixture of Tide, generic fabric softener sheets, and some kind of strong smelling bath soap. I remember Red in the early 90's having a warm, fruity smell that projected well & lasted for hours. Don't expect this now. I wouldn't WANT this reformulated Red lasting for hours!! I couldn't scrub it off my arm fast enough.
04th October, 2012
Ack! Starts out a rather intriguingly rich and slightly fruity-floral, but a few minutes after application it warps into a foul detergent smell I just couldn't wait to wash off. Worse than cheap.
15th September, 2009
Okay, the Giorgio that my sis wore absolutely stank baaad! But this wasn't too bad, not great, but not awful like the Giorgio. This is what I remember wearing throughout highschool after that awful Tabu insident. It is strong and a bit chemical like, but it was also fruity like and it was sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet because I remember I never reacted friendly towards it. It wasn't a favorite then and it's not now. It was too gut-wrenching for me so I've clung to the musks ever since. Just can't do most perfumes.
20th April, 2008
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