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Neutral Reviews of Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

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Not Vintage, but Not Bad Either

Great scent for the buck. Pepper bomb that dries down into a soapy clean smell. The original had more to it. But beggars cant be choosers, and this still gets compliments. Just not the experience it once was.

Pros: Long Lasting, Great scent, Clean
Cons: Reformulated all to hell"

22nd October, 2013
When Red first came out I absolutely adored it. Mitsouko is my number one most favorite fragrance, so it's hard for me to pass up a chypre when I smell one. The more resent Red is more sweet and fruity. If you smell really hard you can still get a little chypre air out of it, but not much! I will miss you, Red!
15th May, 2011
My husband, back in his young single days, dated a woman who wore this with a relentless fervor. He still gets ill with the thought of this scent. I have worn this on occasion...very few occasions. I can say it is very STRONG. A little dab 'l do ya.
I am sure there are those out there with whom this scent smells heavenly. I am not one of them.
It is a heavy, somewhat smokey, almost acrid scent. But that's on me.
Comes on sweet and heavy dries down to a bitter incense.
18th September, 2008
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One of the first perfumes I ever purchased at the age of 17. I absolutely loved wearing it everywhere, it has a great spicy, sexy scent that is incredibly strong. This is definitely one that needs to be sprayed sparingly, as too much has other's smelling you from far away. And that's NOT a good thing.
It's an incredibly intense scent, and needs to be worn for the right occasion. I would never use Red for day-to-day wear. Sadly, I had a bad experience with Red and have hardly worn it since. After a big night, I came in to work with a nasty hangover, and was wearing my beloved Red at the time. The strong smell made be feel ill the entire day, as I just could not stop smelling it. It still remains on my shelf with the other perfumes, but only comes out when the occasion for a strong, spicy perfume arises.
27th December, 2007
Red is a classic 80s fragrance that is still very relevant today if you enjoy spicy, deep, many-layered melanges of notes combined into a rich and lasting scent. It has a great deal of floral in it - as well as a great deal of everything else, to the tune of 600-plus different ingredients! - but it's not a definitively floral fragrance, though the gardenia, marigold and carnation, all very pronounced notes in their own rights, are most evident. There is quite a bit of ripe fruit here as well, and a classic oriental base of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. Oh, and some oakmoss thrown in for a smidge of chypre! In short, in typical 80s fashion, it's a "big" fragrance with a major presence. Very lavish and almost festive, it's particularly well suited for wearing around the winter holidays.
24th August, 2005