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Against all odds, I have become friends with the reformulation of this late 80's icon.

The original was my signature, so when the reform came out, I was immediately aware that my baby had changed-- and not for the better. Where was the myrhh? And why add so much gardenia?

So I sent off for a vintage to test them side by side, and a strange thing happened. Either the vintage had aged into something I could not wear (too cloying), or my chemistry or taste had changed. I went back to the affordable reformulation a happier woman. Cherry, cinnamon, gardenia and patchouli? Why not?

It's lightened up over the years, and without my knowing it, so have I.
18th August, 2016
I wore this in a really good period in my life, so I associate it with good times and it makes me appreciate it more. I feel this is a warm floriential, reminds me of Samsara, without as much complication and high price tag. I am basing this on the fragrance I wore around 1991, I haven't smelled the reformulated version. I may have to give this another try.

ADDENDUM: I tried the new version of it at a local TJ Maxx and this has turned into an absolutely revolting fragrance. Has a sharp chemical burn like aerosol hairspray, nothing at all like the fragrance I wore in 1991. This fragrance has been totally ruined.
07th September, 2012 (last edited: 19th January, 2013)
I love the top notes on this: crisp, spicy floral and fruit. Once that calms down, the middle is a little overblown, fruity floral. Like a teenager's scent. But I really enjoy the warm, spicy, musky drydown.

I'm glad it's not expensive, as I wouldn't want to pay a lot for it. But I wouldn't mind owning a bottle, at all.

Sillage and longevity were spot on.
07th September, 2011
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A good perfume that gets a bad rap, possibly because of the price (inexpensive) or possibly from the overexposure. I bought this when it first came out just because of the name. I loved it then & I like it now, especially the price. I use the bath gel, lotion & perfume for staying power. It is a warm, spicy scent that is perfect for cold New England winters. If this one is too much for you, try Sensi. It has staying power but it is much more subtle.
04th August, 2008
Wow i absolutely love this fragrance and repurchased when i ran out. It is quite a powerful perfume and i use this on nights out when i want to feel really sexy, the perfume lasts a very long time on your skin and you can still smell it the morning after. Only a couple of sprays is plenty. This is definately a scent that i can't live without it is warm and inviting and makes you feel loved.....
20th July, 2008
I wore the hell out of this one in the late 80s and early 90s. The smell was everywhere back then. Still one of my top favorites. Better for the winter months than the warmer months. I'm actually going to purchase it for this year's holidays! This reminds me of I guy that never paid any attention to me until we were at a friend's wedding and we danced really close, all night long. Must have smelled really good to him!
27th June, 2008
Love, love, love this one. Too bad they don't sell it here anymore. I love the scent of Amber, ripe fruit and the sparkling scent seems to last and last... . I still own a small bottle of it but never use it (miniature). Red is to Giorgio Beverly Hills what Beautiful is to Estee Lauder.
07th June, 2007
I know very little about the alchemy of fragrances or what distinguishes quality from trash, but I would say that red is at once the boldest and yet the warmest, fluffiest kitten in the litter. It's like the more subtle, smoldering sister of YSL's Opium and the more knowing experienced Aunt of Samsara. Spicy, rich and floral but not bright and flashy. It's darker and more clandestine than both. It's more slowly forthcoming in it's treasures. It weaves an intoxicating and compelling narative of florals, spices and elixers that takes hours to fully reveal itself.
17th January, 2007
Magnificent - a bulldozer of a fragrance unless applied sparingly even then it remains sexy and brazen but never cheap or commonplace. An intoxicating '80's delight for those who appreciate the olefactorial equivalent of huge shoulder padding...
08th August, 2006
Smoldering Red slithers into the senses with a complex layering of scent sensations. Red is a very bold fragrance; certainly not for the feint of heart or the very allergic. It is the clearly defined amber notes that hold court almost more than other note in this mixture. Red perfume is my addiction. You will find, as well, woody green chypre notes and a sublime blend of florals that is so intense it is hard to single out one note because they are all so intertwined. Yikes, I caught an air of saffron crocus in this too, also some wee hint of musk: the list could go on but if you want to know more about this perfume suggest you give it a sniff but be prepared to sniff for a fews days.
31st October, 2005