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After reading the many glowing reviews and carefully considering the notes, I blind bought this, and I must say I am very glad I did, too. This is such a feminine floriental. I am very pleased with it. It does not smell quite like anything else in my collection.

Upon initial application, I could smell very fresh smelling white flowers (gardenia predominantly), and vanilla. I think I am also getting the nutmeg and walnut with perhaps a touch of amber in the dry down. Organza is very floral and very sweet. If you like florientals, but you do not like very sweet parfums, then you probably will not care for Organza very much.

Fragrance: 9/10
Projection: 8/10
Sillage: 7/10
Longevity: 6/10

My Overall Rating: 8/10
17th April, 2016
One of Givenchy's best achievements -a warm oriental, perfectly blended, quiet and unobtrusive, seductive and sophisticated.

The sandalwood, amber, vanilla and nutmeg are supposedy supported by florals (Ylang, Gardenia, Peony) but they are not recognizable to my nose, simply floating in the background. Additional woods include rosewood and cedar. I do detect the cedar with its dryness and this merges beautifully with the nutmeg to accentuate that very dryness.

Turin calls it a "vanillic floral," missing the oriental quality, but does give it a deserved four stars.

Right up there with Opium as a great oriental scent.

08th October, 2015

ORGANZA is a definition of Sophisticated feminine Seduce. A Rich Oriental Floral fragrance that captures both a vibrant freshness and a flowery warmth.I've never Enjoyed the smell of a GIVENCHY fragrance such as it. Definitely one of those Addictive fragrances That You can not start the day without it.

Special,Classic,Sweet,Sultry,Laudable, Sensational,Luminous and quite Feminine.
It has a Wonderful Fresh scent in the Top notes,A Brilliant combination of florals In the Middle notes and Upshot a Deep and Warm base notes as are Extremely well blended and makes it High Class.

ORGANZA has a Touch of Earth scents that makes it Attractive for Women and Men.This timeless GIVENCHY Classic is best worn in a COOL climate.Seemly for a Stylish,Confident Definitely queenly. Not an Everyday fragrances but when you are in a SPECIAL mood you Absolutely Love it.Really worth trying.


Longevity?Good on my skin.


24th May, 2015
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Just as sensual as it claims to be, Organza is a remarkably delicious, spicy blend of vanilla and white florals. The amber, wood and nutty notes really warm this one up, as well as provide a lot of its depth and complexity. It's just so feminine, elegant and classy - I would've guessed it launched much earlier than the mid '90s, because it has a bit of a vintage vibe and a timeless quality. The only downside to Organza is that once you apply it, you'll be compelled to creepily sniff yourself for a while.. so, make sure you allow for enough time to get that out of your system before heading out!
06th April, 2015 (last edited: 05th April, 2015)
Genre: Floral Oriental

Organza strikes me as an appealing and well put-together, though not terribly exciting, fruity floral oriental. Given the bombast displayed by entries in the genre during the decade that preceded it – scents like Boucheron, Giorgio, and even Givenchy’s own Ysatis - Organza’s relative plainness can be taken as a virtue.

The opening leans heavily on bergamot, which persists well into the scent’s development and puts a soft fruity finish on a floral accord that’s dominated by jasmine and ylang-ylang. Tuberose is detectable as a separate element, but does not dominate the composition, as it is sometimes wont to do. Instead the most conspicuous and lasting components of Organza’s basic structure are the vanilla, amber and wood base notes. These are well balanced and blended, so that they present the nose with a united front of sweet, resinous warmth.

For all that it lacks some of its floral oriental predecessors’ weight and ornamentation, Organza is still a relatively potent scent that offers plenty of lasting sillage. It does not cross the line into oppressively loud, but it does make itself noticed. If Organza were a car, it would be a Toyota Camry: solid and reliable but not necessarily an exciting drive.
22nd June, 2014
I so looked forward to trying this with so many positive ratings, and I was a bit disappointed when I did. All I got start to finish is vanilla.
05th September, 2012
Obviously Organza is a beautiful classic and autoritative fragrance, warm of woods and vanilla and sensual of edible spices (nutmeg and may be clove), fruits as may be orange and white flowers (more tuberose and jasmine with a touch of gardenia) but i've always found it a bit too fat. It tends to exalt the smell of the feminine skin and sometimes with Organza under nose it seems you are inhaling the whiff of a womanly sweated body after sex, is like breathing on the skin of a woman the smell of the " decomposition" of unguents and parfumed creams under the attacks of the heat and the sweat. The problem is , at least in my case, that when i smell this fragrance on a fashinating, bright and dry of skin woman i feel the smell attractive while in the other cases it's  like inhaling something too oily, mellow or festering (overall in the cases-too common-of very oily and fat feminine skin). Anyway, if Carnal Flower and Tuberose Criminelle are like a twist on the wild, fruity, edible, woodsy-camphoraceous and natural side of Tuberose and white flowers, Organza is a cross on the creamy and vanillic-ambery side of a white flowers based composition with may be some support of civet and synthetic animal notes in the blend. The longevity with the projection are very impressive, the work of the too fluid and dense smell on humid climates is not recomended, at least by me. The final almost gummy, damp, slightly synthetic and unradiant exhalation by Organza could in my opinion break the hearts or on the contrary make it a bit common and intrusive. At each of us its choice.
10th November, 2011 (last edited: 11th February, 2013)
The opening is almost sharp, it's so citrus/floral/spice. I find it very fun as well as difficult to describe.

The heart reads as spicy/woodsy floral, I don't pick up the fruitiness at all.

The amber really comes to the front in the drydown, but it is present throughout. The spices are always there, and I think that is what makes me like it so much.

The sillage is great, noticeable but not intrusive. The longevity is good too.

I bought a bottle and am really enjoying this!
03rd October, 2011
l tried this only recently, & bought a bottle just a couple of weeks later, because it is just the kind of ambery floral that l like. lt holds a position in my wardrobe right next to YSL's Cinema, in the way that it feels both classy & comforting, & fits those evenings that are neither too warm for an amber, nor too cold for a floral.
l get honeysuckle in the opening, a note l love, followed by jasmine, & something creamy, nutty & woody, perhaps the nutmeg. The amber becomes detectable after about 15 minutes, & after 90 minutes there's a soft, warm vanilla. lt projects well for 2 hours or so, after which it settles closer to the skin, but the lasting power is good.
There are moments when this reminds me of both Allure, (my BF loves Allure, & pronounced this one "quite nice", which is a major compliment from him!) & a softer Alien (at the point where the amber joins with the jasmine).
Overall a very attractive fragrance, in a beautiful, Greek goddess-like bottle!
03rd July, 2011
I liked Organza at first. Initially it was quite sweet yet spicy at the same time. The combination was something that I really enjoyed.

The opening was a delicate mix of sugary white florals, spicy nutmeg and zesty bergamot. I loved the richness of Organza, it was elegant and sophisticated.

I enjoyed the scent even into the heart which was mostly soft, pretty florals; honeysuckle, tuberose, jasmine, peony and iris. However, the drydown became nauseating to me.

Perhaps it was the vanilla note which was too syrupy and sweet for my liking. Although Organza is sweet in the beginning, the sweetness became strong and unbearable in the base notes. The woodsy notes just weren't bold enough to balance out the sweetness, so I was left with a sticky concoction on my wrist. I was not pleased at all.

It was such a pity, seeming that I had loved Organza right up until that point. However, looking at some of the reviews here, most people enjoyed this fragrance, so I'll conclude that it is just my own personal taste which turns me against this scent.

15th June, 2011
A fine balancing act, this. Fitting together the puzzle pieces of creamy, nutty, woody, sweet, and citric must have been quite a task. It's like selecting just the right palette for a landscape - Too much of one tone might skew the intent, change the season, the style. If we were to play 'word association' and you were to say, 'nutmeg,' I would rarely reply, 'elegant.'
09th March, 2011
Organza is a Multi-faceted Hodge podge of a scent
it changes like a Chameleon like when you first spray
it on your skin it's zesty opening of Bergamot Orange flower and green notes starts off freshly then in a few
seconds turns cloying with Gardenia with Nutmeg which
makes me a bit Nauseous Middle note is Uber sweet with
Honeysuckle which is my least favorite flower dries buttery with Tuberose There's a lot 0f Nutty nuances
in this scent like dry Walnut Jasmine blends nicely
in a not so nicely scent and peony with sweet and tangy
smell. the drydown is of course with amber but it's a bit diluted due to the Gardenia and Tuberose Effect
i don't detect any woods and it dries with a powdery
Vanilla Finish,

Organza is a woman who changes in a different costume
for scene in a movie or in a Carnival that goes with a different theme but why i keep from loving this because of the excessive amounts of white florals
and nuts like Nutmeg and Walnut which i'm not a Fan
13th January, 2011
Dreaming ,elegant and classical scent.A mythus.Nice gardenia,jasmine white petals on a velvet woody-vanilla base.Special occations wearable perfume that magnetizes with its style.Like the fabric:smooth, valueable and finest.
Organza is a celebration for the senses. It is gentle, silky, opulent, and is the personification of beauty and love for perfection. Organza is the goddess that exists in every woman, she incarnates a pure and timeless beauty. Organza combines the floral with a hint of jasmine and vanilla to really bring out the smell.I love the bottle and perfume.
19th June, 2010 (last edited: 29th April, 2011)
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I love organza - the fabric. It looks classy, even seductive with its translucent luminosity, and glides over skin with a silkiness that just feels great. How does ORGANZA the fragrance fare in comparison?

Very favorably. From the exquisitely indolic white floral heart to the silky drydown of ambery vanilla, this is an elegantly feminine fragrance that sashays with a composure that only a woman of class and substance can muster.

Perfect for that special evening. But to wear it everyday? It may just lose its magic.

30th March, 2010
definetly NOT an "old lady" signature...if older... maybe for a cougar. Nothing less anyway.
18th February, 2010 (last edited: 26th January, 2011)
Sensuality in a bottle, drenched with flowers and drizzled with sweetness, period.
12th January, 2010
A lively honeysuckle, a friendly rose, a sultry vanilla and a demure ambery accord bring this fragrance into a soft, powdery, sweet green floral with a mature yet flirty feeling. It's not loud nor is it too subtle to detect, like a beautiful lady that doesn't need to wear flashy clothes to show off.
23rd December, 2009
Elegant in a mature way. Sensual in a subdued manner. It is strong but restrained. A classic. An evening perfume for the mature, elegant woman.
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)
cjkamm Show all reviews
United States
Organza starts off very powdery, and strong. For me the rose scent stands out from begining to end, making it very much a sigular note on me. Tends to be very old fashioned. A mature fragrance. Reminds me of Boudoir but lighter and less offensive.
15th July, 2009 (last edited: 03rd August, 2009)
This is not the first time I've had to eat my words regarding a perfume I tried years ago. I wasn't into it then. Today it is beautiful; soft and powdery, sweet, spicy, and floral, refined, elegant, and assertive. This one is special. I don't see this as an everyday scent, either. It is also very strong, something that out me off it those years ago, but that I love about it now, that I have learned to fear no sillage!
27th December, 2008 (last edited: 26th July, 2009)
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United States
Givenchy Organza EDP

Notes: Honeysuckle, Rosewood, Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, Peony, Cedar, Vanilla (from Sephora)

I have read that some people find Organza to be "gourmand", even though my memory of it is more as an oriental, and somewhat reminiscent of Chanel Coco. I used to wear Organza daily when it first came out. In a way, it was my replacement for Coco, which was my signature scent. I love Organza, but never really went head over heels for it. These days, compared to the other woody orientals on offer (Armani Mania, for example), I feel that Organza outdoes most of the newer fragrances in the same genre. It is interesting that I seem to appreciate it more today than I did when I wore it more frequently!

On first spray, Organza is floral and powdery, with a hint of peppery spice. There is no particular flower that comes forward for me, but the bouquet tends more toward the "white" side of floral, and has some kind of synergistic effect that recalls spicy carnation. As the top notes settle, I smell creamy wood and sweet vanilla, although the floral notes are really much louder than the base at this point. Regardless, the base seems to deepen the brightness of the floral notes--heady flower nectar meets soothing woody amber. This is one of those fragrances that smells different depending on what distance I take. If I sniff very close to my arm, the florals become intoxicating. If I sniff a bit further away, I smell more of the powder, vanilla and spice. Either way the fragrance is STRONG...not quite the powerhouse that Coco is, but very close.

Eventually the floral notes mellow, and the powder retains a sort of astringent, biting quality that gives the composition some sharpness. The vanilla comes out more at this stage and is soft and sweet. I hesitate to say it is an edible vanilla, but it seems to walk the line--probably a little more vanilla and the fragrance would fall onto the spiced cookie side of the fence. The creamy wood I smelled earlier is not so apparent, although my experience with some orientals is that the woods become so much part of the amber base that they almost can't be distinguished. I actually like when this happens, as I really don't enjoy cedar fragrances that smell like pencil shavings or a hamster cage. In Organza, the wood is smooth and subtle, and probably has some sandalwood sweetening the cedar. I also wonder if there is patchouli in the fragrance, even though it is not listed as one of the notes. Sometimes patchouli has a peppery quality to it that is almost-but-not-quite spice. I keep smelling this peppery note, but it really does not smell like pepper spice.

As I move around, I catch whiffs from a distance, and the vanilla is so lovely--in the drydown it is the central attraction but does not become syrupy or go toward vanilla extract. Since my skin really dries things out, it is possible this could go very sweet on some. As for me, the sweetness is muted, and the vanilla has a fluffy cloud-like quality. The woods continue to be creamy and also a bit sweet. This is where the family resemblance to Organza Indecence comes out, and I love this part of the fragrance development.

In the late drydown, the floral notes are mostly faded, leaving behind a sweet vanilla amber that is soft and a touch powdery. The development went faster than I expected--about 2 hours to get to the base notes, and 6 hours later, the fragrance is mostly a skin scent. I think this is what Estee Lauder Amber Ylang Ylang really wants to be--a soft floral over sweet vanilla amber. To me, Organza does this far more successfully, although the top notes are rather penetrating at first. It is also at this late stage that I can say the vanilla becomes slightly more edible and custard-like, but still keeps arms length from being foody because of the light powder.
06th December, 2008
This is my signature scent and why is that ? It is because its the one perfume i wear that i regulary get compliments on. It is a powdery jasmine infusion and it is covertly sexy.
Organza is a warm floral explosion and i love it.
11th November, 2008 (last edited: 26th December, 2008)
I would expect honeysuckle which is weak and transparent in nature would be shadowed by gardenia. But some how it stay there equally. These two are parallel notes and the scent is balanced with two other focuses; jasmine and amber. The result is a very feminine wonderful classic.
08th October, 2008
Organza isn't a bad fragrance by any means, but I found it to be a little overbearing even with one spray. Very floral with a base of amber and vanilla. Wouldn't consider it for everyday use, but great for a night out. My wife likes vanilla fragrances and she thought this one was much like Shalimar...except not as deep.
I didn't care for it one way or another...I personally prefer more citrusy fragrances for my wife to wear. But as far as quality goes, this is up there.
03rd September, 2008
I am so glad I tried this on me today. Beautiful scent. It smells light and delicious and seems to suit me (a DARK complexioned 33 year old) nicely. I wish it wasn't so common; I'm pretty sure I smell this scent on someone almost everywhere I go.
06th August, 2008
This is like the Christmas pudding.We all love it once a year but not for everyday.Too sweet and beautiful , but who wants cakes for breakfast , lunch and dinner?.
03rd August, 2008
Organza is the fragrance that my husband loves. This is the one he would always buy for me and ask me to wear. I also love it, so unique, so romantic and so joyous in the same time. If Amarige is Mariage, then Organza is the honeymoon. The flower and the wood, so nicely combined: honeysuckle and sandalwood. Absolute success from my point of view!
25th July, 2008
This is a gloriously light and lovely fragrance that smells quite nice on me, but doesn't make me swoon. I like heavier perfumes. Having said that, this is a fragrance that everyone should go and test. It is easily available and often on sale. In general I have found that it suits younger people, up to 35, and those with a fair complexion. Definitely worth a sniff.
21st December, 2007
This one’s a beauty. Delicate, floral, with a modicum of spice kept discreet. I think the secret of Organza is the base that quietly provides a rich but translucent wood / amber background from the beginning to end: It provides more of a texture rather than an olfactory accord, and this grounds the fragrance in a natural and comfortable ambiance while the remainder of the accords flirt with the elegance of florals and discreet spices. The opening florals – gardenia taking prominence to my nose – are rich and are balanced with touches of bergamot, green, nutmeg, and wood. Nutmeg is a tricky spice to use in a fragrance, and I believe the parsimonious yet adequate use of nutmeg here is an important key to the success of Organza. The heart florals are led by ylang-ylang and Jasmine, to my nose, and continue their full spectrumed exposure in a discreet and elegant way with the assistance of the nutmeg from the top and the vanilla from the base. The base is a beautifully rounded classic vanilla and amber joined with an elegant wood combination. This is a very warm floral that is both ethereal AND grounded.
06th November, 2007
I ordered it online after seeing all the thumbs-up given to it.
It has just arrived and it's as scrumptious as I'd hoped, I can't stop sniffing myself ... yum yum yum. So fresh and light, not at all overpowering.
I love it!!!
11th May, 2007