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Negative Reviews of Organza by Givenchy

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I so looked forward to trying this with so many positive ratings, and I was a bit disappointed when I did. All I got start to finish is vanilla.
05th September, 2012
Organza is a Multi-faceted Hodge podge of a scent
it changes like a Chameleon like when you first spray
it on your skin it's zesty opening of Bergamot Orange flower and green notes starts off freshly then in a few
seconds turns cloying with Gardenia with Nutmeg which
makes me a bit Nauseous Middle note is Uber sweet with
Honeysuckle which is my least favorite flower dries buttery with Tuberose There's a lot 0f Nutty nuances
in this scent like dry Walnut Jasmine blends nicely
in a not so nicely scent and peony with sweet and tangy
smell. the drydown is of course with amber but it's a bit diluted due to the Gardenia and Tuberose Effect
i don't detect any woods and it dries with a powdery
Vanilla Finish,

Organza is a woman who changes in a different costume
for scene in a movie or in a Carnival that goes with a different theme but why i keep from loving this because of the excessive amounts of white florals
and nuts like Nutmeg and Walnut which i'm not a Fan
13th January, 2011
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United States
Organza starts off very powdery, and strong. For me the rose scent stands out from begining to end, making it very much a sigular note on me. Tends to be very old fashioned. A mature fragrance. Reminds me of Boudoir but lighter and less offensive.
15th July, 2009 (last edited: 03rd August, 2009)
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