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Sweet patchouli. Roasted wood chips. Slightly smoky. Plum-scented candles. Dark, sharp cinnamon. Becomes smooth, turning into a rather milky oriental. Most excellent amber, musk, and vanilla combination. This style / profile has been done to death, in recent years. OI, is one of the best. Maybe, one of the originals. This is glamorous, heady, and intoxicating. I've not tried the original Organza for comparison. Might have to now.

Later, musk and vanilla remain lovely on the skin.
07th April, 2019
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United Kingdom
The Original Formulation:

Wood and cinnamon - a lovely and creamy cinnamon rhat is a touch on the somber side - are the prominent constituents during the opening stage. The cinnamon - a bit like a cinnamon brioche - is less sublime that in, for instance Ambre Cannelle, my benchmark regarding this note, but is is a very nice cinnamon indeed.

The drydown adds added richness to the cinnamon in the form of a lovely vanilla note that has a touch of a subtly spicy dark rose aroma included at times. Later in the base a dark musk and a soft patchouli are present, but less convincing that the previous stages.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A very delightful wintery first part, convincing and satisfying, but the base is more generic and dull compared with the rich and warm opening; the latter in its beauty is the reason for the - barely - positive score. 3/5.
31st March, 2017 (last edited: 06th April, 2017)
It starts with a scent of cinnamon toothpicks (do they make those any more?) that was a little jarringly familiar, but not unpleasant.

It slowly faded to a soft cotton scent that was faintly like detergent and really one of the better fabric type notes I've seen.

Than it bloomed into that horrible powdery amber that drives me crazy -- like resinous amber needs to be tempered by baby powder to make it soft enough for girls -- but it stopped before it reached talcum powder levels and just stayed warm and soft, and grew on me. If cashmere smelled like how it feels this would be the scent.
28th September, 2016
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I loved the original Organza. The only reason a bottle does not reside in my collection is that I found it too close to YSL's Opium, one of my very favorite orientals, to justify purchasing a bottle.

Organza Indecence I am experiencing from a sample of the vintage juice. The opening is a kaleidoscopic mixture of orange, vanilla, sandalwood and rose. This is slightly hurt by the detection of a sharp, unpleasant dry, bitter wood note. This must be the Jacara Wood. As the heart unfolds, the Jacara calms down and mellows, aided by the emergence of cinnamon and musk.

It is a buttery, thick, olaceous scent, reminiscent of inhaling generously buttered and syrup covered cinnamon French toast. So there is a gourmand quality to it for me.

As with all Givenchy scents I have sampled, it is strong -the firm does not stint in the quality or quantity of its oils - and on its own, a fine flanker to the original Organza. I can't see owning a bottle of both, so I do encourage you to get a sample of each and if you are so moved, to select one.

If you love orientals, both the original and the Indecence should be exerienced.
30th December, 2015

This exciting scent is a wonderfully feminine celebration of nature,with a sensual,seductive side.Elegantly provocative and simply lovely. Vanillic,Oriental,Passionate,Feminine,Sweet,Warm and Glamorous in a Dramatic Bottle.

Patchouli blends with cinnamon,Musk and Amber for a voluptuous bouquet however vanilla is more prominent here.This mixture is comfortable and sensational like wrapping yourself in a nice cozy blanket whereas your lover pat your hair.It is not sweet in a cloying way and warms to a lovely veil of scent that lasts through the day.

ORGANZA INDECENCE is pretty heavy for daily use but great for a night out on the town or a Romantic night with your man.perfect for Autumn/Winter and a Sophisticated lady.if you are looking for a gift for your wife,trust me it is worth it.

Sillage?Very Good.

Longevity?About 6 hours on my skin.

24th May, 2015
Genre: Floral Oriental

Organza Indécence opens on an intensely boozy cassis top note that has me in mind of a purple berry cordial. The rose note that wells up alongside it is itself redolent of plummy liqueur, so the after dinner drink sensation remain fixed well into the scent’s development.

Sweet spices, rich stewed fruit, rose, heady patchouli, and vanillic amber dominate the composition, and if I had to encapsulate Organza Indécence’s style in a few words I’d call it an rose-centered gourmand oriental. In both its sweet density and its reliance on cassis, vanilla, and patchouli, Organza Indécence clearly derives from Angel. It is a darker, woodier composition, and its emphasis on rose renders it sufficiently distinct from the ur-gourmand to warrant interest. The composition stays its linear course for several hours before drifting off into a woods and patchouli drydown. The late stages are the least convincing to my nose, since they expose an abrasively chemical wood reconstruction that could have strayed in from a banal mass market masculine. A disappointment, but not enough to vitiate the pleasures that precede it.

With all that rose, patchouli, and amber, and with Angel in its genealogy, Organza Indécence is no lightweight. Sillage is substantial, and the scent has the capacity to fill a room if applied with any generosity. Applied lightly enough, I can even imagine it as a passable masculine – particularly in light of its woody base notes.
22nd June, 2014
I too am sad that Oi has been reformulated! I don't know why they even bother!! Yes the vanilla is missing, which is what I liked the most. It had a warm soothing scent, that lingered on me all day. A spicy, exotic vanilla, and now its gone and replaced by citrus notes, like really did they think we would be ok with this??? And all these ppl searching for a replacement, me including... have realized that nothing comes close to the original.. except in a ironic way, unfortunately the new version. Plain, uninspired bottle too!! Its really sad and pathetic that soo many ppl enjoyed that fragrance and Givenchy yanked it away. By the way, if you live in Canada, go visit your Bowring store. They have a potpouri called Iced Patchouli, that totally smells like OI, I did a double take!!! And of course bought it, maybe its the patchouli I'm attracted to? If you love that perfume then try this potpouri!!! Comes in diffuser too thats what i bought. If anyone has any suggestions with a good replacement of OI let me know.
29th November, 2013
This short review is for the vintage organza indecence, not the new formula;

I LOVE this fragrance! It is the sexiest, seductive and downright smouldering perfume I own! The vanilla in its base is too die for! creamy and decadent without being too sickingly sweet; This perfume is Man Bait lol! Men will follow you around like dogs when you wear this... My husband adores this perfume on me and I only wear it when I want to feel sexy and feminine. I am anxious to try the re-formulated version. I was so upset when Givenchy discontinued this marvelous gem, and I payed a small fortune on Ebay the two times I purchased a vintage bottle. From what I have been reading online, the vintage is best, but that's the case in lots of perfumes...

I own and wear the original Organza as well, but in my opinion, Indecence is the sexier, more slutty version :P
25th March, 2013
Cyn Show all reviews
United States
Way to much vanilla! I smells exactly like creme brulee. I prefer to eat my desserts, rather than wear them.
01st December, 2012
Like vanilla, it's nice. Nothing exceptional on me, however. I get a hint of spice, but not for long. And as mentioned already, sillage and logevity are minimal for me.

I actually prefer original Organza. Now that smells happy!
12th June, 2012
As much as I really,really, really wanted to love this perfume, I have to say that all I smell is vanilla. On me it smells just like vanilla extract. It's been on for four hours and it's still...just vanilla. I'm impatiently waiting for the spice!

Based on the positive reviews here and a review outside of basenotes that said "'s what I imagine the inner thigh of a woman smells like..." I bought a sample of this on ebay (that very moment). I was certain my husband would be smitten with me when I wore it. He hasn't said a word. My 10 year old daughter told me I smell like candy...great. (Actually that's a compliment coming from her.)

Nice sweet vanilla fragrance just not a nice mix with my chemistry. Too bad.
22nd March, 2012
Yummy scent that lasts well on my skin but projection is zero. Even after less than an hour I can only smell it if I actually sniff my wrist. Shame
22nd March, 2012
LOVE this! To me it smells more vanilla than patchouli, but im a noob. Amazing smell though. Catching wiffs of myself 6 hours later.
11th June, 2011
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Organza Indecence is one of the most beautiful vanilla fragrance I've ever tried. I know there isn't any vanila or honey note in it, but i feel them. The first other notes out of the bottle are definitely smoky cinnamon, and sweet patchouli accompanied by spices.

Vanila Lovers will die for this fragrance! If you like, Obsession by Calvin Klein, or 'L' by Lolita Lempicka, you must Try Organza Idencence.

¡Gorgeous LastingPower!
26th January, 2011
A bold mix of rum and vanilla egg custard with a bit of pumpkin pie or potpourri spice. The edp sampled from an older bottle with flowing gown is warm, strong and very long-lasting. It's beautiful and quite different from most feminine perfumes... but in many ways it works best in smaller doses.
16th September, 2010
Thumbs up for this one. It’s simultaneously dark, sweet, bold, modern and mature. Yes, there is vanilla here, and plenty of it. If you like vanilla, and like it used in a smart, sexy way, you’ll probably enjoy this scent. It’s a departure from the horde of boring perfumes that all seem to smell alike these days. This is something different. It breaks away from the wimpy, smell-alike crowd to deliver something bold and interesting. It has the strength and staying power of older classic perfumes while still being up-to-date.
14th July, 2009
AnnS Show all reviews
United States
Organza Indecence is a nice spicy vanilla, just a little sweet. It's well done and very pretty. It is something dark for vanilla lovers.
30th April, 2009
For me this is sexy!! On me its very woody spicy, not as long lived as I'd like but then I only have the EDT.
25th February, 2009
I remember this fragrance from the past as absolutely flirty sexy scent. Having received it lately, I was overwhelmed. Mightbe my taste has changed but all I get now is a mixture of vanilla and rum baking essence with incredible longevity. Not sure if I really want to smell like baking ingredients........I guess I have moved farther from gourmand scents and don´t prefer them anymore. Not bad at all....just not me.
03rd February, 2009
This is basically Hypnotic Poison but a bit less milky, and with woody notes in it. Basenotes lists Jacara Wood, but to me, it's just similar to other woody fragrances, but I don't remember if this is sandal or cedar wood that I remember.

This is also very similar to Hanae Mori for women. To me, Hanae Mori is Hypnotic poison, but less milky. So Organza would be close to that too, only with wood.

It is pleasant, and this is a deep, creamy vanilla. I think this is something I would love to smell up-close on a woman.
26th January, 2009
The new bottles of Indecence are available in stores now for any of you wishing to purchase. It is in a new, boring, bottle. Same perfume. I've seen the old bottles advertised on Ebay for over $100 dollars. I got a new bottle as a Christmas gift. Let me know if anyone is unable to find it in the stores. I am in Michigan.
27th December, 2008
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Notes: (from Givenchy)
Top: Cinnamon, Tangerine
Heart: Jacaranda Wood, Plum
Base: Amber, Patchouli

I bought Organza Indecence when it first came out, so my bottle is the feminine one with the open, flowing gown, and the fragrance is EDP strength. At the time, I was already a lover of the Original Organza, and OI was having a special on gift sets, so I also got a cute mini, some body lotion and shower gel. It appears they no longer make the body products, and I am not sure if the fragrance is the same juice, but I read on the Givenchy site that the re-release is also an EDP. The new bottle is blocky, a tall rectangle like the Serge Lutens export line.

I am not generally very keen on fragrances that emphasize spices (eg, Serge Lutens Russe or Arabie), but for some reason, I never really noticed the cinnamon in OI. Spraying it now, I do smell the cinnamon more (since I am paying attention, probably), but it is not an edible cinnamon or part of a spice melange. Rather, it blends initially with the other top and mid notes to give a sort of tart fruit and light wood effect. In some ways it reminds me of a holiday potpourri, but it definitely does not have a cheap candle quality. Still, the combination of citrus, spice and wood is very reminiscent of wintertime holidays. In fact, OI is a great cool weather scent either by association, or by the depth and relative heaviness of the composition.

As the top notes burn off, I notice the patchouli much more. Sandalwood is not mentioned in the notes, but I smell something that could pass for sandalwood--it is a dusty, sweet wood smell with no cedar notes that I can detect. It compliments the cinnamon and patchouli very nicely--the patchouli becomes more rounded and the cinnamon helps the fragrance retain just enough sharpness to keep it from becoming fuzzy. Another note which is not listed is Vanilla, but I am sure it is in there (it could be in the amber accord), pulling the whole composition together. One of the mid-notes that becomes more apparent is a sort of preserved fruit note--either dried fruits or fruits steeped in brandy.

Further into the development, the cinnamon is still present, the sandalwood becomes more strong and the fruits fade. The sandalwood is a bit more powdery at this stage. Sometimes it seems like the cinnamon comes out more, but then a later sniff smells more like sandalwood. The patchouli is also still there, but quiet and earthy. Smelling the fragrance close to my skin, I can smell distinct notes, Smelling it further away, it is a gorgeous blend. The combination is creamy, not what one would expect given the notes. At the same time it still has a pleasant "bite", like a kind of tree wood that does not exist in nature.

I think the deep drydown is what most people associate with this fragrance, and it is well worth the wait. The creamyness amplifies as the sharper top and mid notes soften. The result is a beautiful creamy vanilla sandalwood with light cinnamon spice. It is still not edible-smelling, but it is incredibly voluptuous without being pretentious, and gracefully soft without being girly. It is really a difficult scent to describe--I find my self resorting back to the individual notes, but again, their combination is what makes this one special.

Overall, the fragrance is complex and deep, but is not extreme in its development. In fact, I would say it is mostly linear except that different stages highlight different parts of the scent quite well. I always used to think it had very strong sillage, but now it seems more moderate. Compared to a fragrance like Mugler's Angel, OI is mild mannered and genteel. It is not light by any means, but not a shrinking violet, either. Longevity is excellent--after 10 hours I can still smell it. It is light at this point, but not so light to be a skin scent.

As I write this, I am struck by the similarity of OI to Shiseido Feminite du Bois. Both are orientals built primarily on a woody base with spices and dried fruits. Where FdB focuses on cedar and cumin, OI highlights sandalwood and cinnamon. In either case, there is a comforting quality that makes me want to be enveloped in the scent. With OI, the fragrance hints at being edible without turning into candy or cake. I love the contrast of sharp and soft, sweet and dry or dusty. I love how the all the ingredients work together so that the cinnamon becomes part of the fragrance composition rather than taking over (a very common problem with some spices). Mostly, though, I love the blend that is more than the sum of its parts.
01st November, 2008
It is my signature scent. It is not fruity or flowery it is womanly! It says I am woman hear me roar! I get so many compliments on it and the other night a woman ask if she could sit next to me in a meeting (I didn't know her) because she liked the way I smelled. She even had her husband come over to smell me. I can't say enough about it.
27th July, 2008
A louder version of Organza, not bad, however, I prefer the original. Of course, this is just me.
25th July, 2008
This was recommended by several Basenotes members when I asked about grown-up vanillas. When I originally tried it, it screamed GRANDMA to me (and not in a jazzy, fun loving, life affirming Nana way, more of grandma's in a nursing home way :-( ). So I put it away for a month, and recently re-tried it. I love the notes, so I felt like I SHOULD similarly love the fragrance--and besides, so many BNers recommended it! Well, I have found the LOVE!! All warm spice and yes, a deep, dark grown up vanilla note as well. Just a little sweet, which I like. No flowers detected (as advertised). On me it quickly progresses to an interesting deep dark and intriguing vanilla musk with some spice that lingers for hours. It has nice sillage-not overpowering-more introverted than extroverted. Thumbs UP! And THANKS to the many community members who recommended it! You were so right....
24th June, 2008 (last edited: 19th July, 2008)
katyas Show all reviews
United States
My favorite perfume; I just adore this one. I can't believe they've discontinued it - I mean - what WERE they thinking?? It has a HUGE following, from what I can tell, so it just doesn't make sense ... It's a softly spicy scent with a slight undertone of wood, quite lovely.
14th May, 2008
I bought a mini, which strangely is still available in South Africa at perfume knock-off boutiques (but this is no knock-off, they also stock minis that are original). I had to see what all the fuss was about with this discontinued fragrance. And: hmmm. I love some spice, but this is JUST cinnamon on me, as in, straight from the spice rack. Unfortunately, on me there's no development, no oomph. Ah well, I still like owning something rare! I'll wear it sometimes in winter, I'm sure. And the little box is very lovely (NOT the bottle, bleh!).
UPDATE: So now it's winter, and I get this more. It does have some development on me, not the absolute cinnamon 'soliflore' I thought. But after four hours, it's getting a bit much in all its warm softness. Not my favourite, but a lovely fragrance if you're looking for a soft spicefest.
07th April, 2008 (last edited: 16th May, 2008)
sweetie Show all reviews
United Kingdom
No other perfume I have worn has attracted so many compliments - it has great staying power without being overwhelming. Soft, warm and sexy with just a touch of spice.
12th December, 2007
Nice accompaniment for chilly autumn & winter weather. Warm, dry and very woody. Although cinnamon is found here, Organza Indecence doesn't come off foody or gourmand whatsoever. Daring, with a friendly vanilla laced throughout; making it approachable.
16th October, 2007
This is a dynamite winter or fall fragrance. A blast of warm fluffy sweetness, yet very dry. And it really has good sillage, lasting power. I read this is a rare perfume in that it contains absolutely no floral ingredients or notes. So, if you shy from flowery scents but want something that smells pretty and feminine, try this one. The cinnamon, wood, musk, patchouli and amber are married beautifully in this, as if they've melded seamlessly into a unique smell, with no one note standing out. I think of rocks baking in the desert sun when I wear this. Try one spray between your shoulder blades or on your abdomen- you will keep catching divine whiffs of tis all day long.
04th November, 2006