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Cabochard’s a green, twiggy, russian leather, with an attractive hint of spicy floral like geranium or carnation. I find the leather to be similar to the petroleum type of my favorite, Knize Ten. Underrated, perhaps, and surely a bargain these days. Man or woman if you like Bandit, Aramis, so on and so forth… Russian Leather, yes!
08th January, 2018
It's not the same as the original but still better than most of the sickening sweet perfumes today. I love Cabochard in all of its iterations.
17th November, 2017
Cabochard is a perfume classic made for talented and mysterious Madam Gres by Bernard Chant, the maker of famous perfumes such as Aramis by Aramis or Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. Inspired by her journey to India and her stubbornness, the perfume got its name - “headstrong”. It appeared on the market in 1959. In a time when lifestyle magazines were launched and the main question before every night out was: what perfume to give to your loved one? Middle-class men and women began working on their scent wardrobes and the perfume finally got the place it deserves, not only as a means to smell nice, but also a way to express personal style and identity.

When I talk about perfumes I often talk about character. That particularity is seen in fragrance notes from top to bottom and it clearly states who it is with every minute or hour on the skin. I’ll say it right now, Cabochard has character. And lots of it. Actually, to say that Cabochard has character is like you said the sky is blue, and the best cake in the world is cheesecake. That is a given. It was built like that, from the very beginning. Cabochard's basis is the classic chypre base of oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Then come floral essences of jasmine and rose, enriched by upper notes of green galbanum, juicy ylang-ylang. But above it all is the leather. That dark, dominant, animalistic leather that harmonizes other notes and enthralls them the to its will. The beauty terrifying and seductive at the same time. I immediately thought of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings saying “In place of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me, and despair!” But the magic of Cabochard comes with a price. When you get used to chypre leather perfumes, you will never wear anything else. All other perfumes will lose its appeal.

The perfumerists of that time loved to experiment with isobutyl quinoline, the scent note of skin. Their experiments gave us top perfumes like Bandit by Piguer or Cabochard. When I have isobutyl quinoline on one tester and Cabochard on the other I realize how magical the perfumist job is. Yes, I feel isobutyl quinoline in the perfume but there it has a completely new character. Soft, rounded, almost eatable. Like cocoa - creamy and a bit spicy. Different from Bandit. Different compared to anything else. Its own and stubborn. Completely Cabochard. So, don’t let the trend of fancy perfumes that offer nothing and want everything get to you. Defend your right to top quality stubbornly. When novelties disappoint you, you’ll always have perfume classics like Cabochard to return to and who will never fail you. The only question is….will you fail them?
04th November, 2017
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For those that find Tuberose laden Bandit a little hard to take, Cabochard provides the Leathery Bitter Green delight. The Rose, especially in Vintage is extraordinarily and beautifully set against an Oakmoss canvas.
Vintage Parfum is the best and is sumptuous for man or woman. A taste of 1975 Pure Parfum will knock you head over heels with it's buttery Oakmoss.
26th October, 2016 (last edited: 20th June, 2017)
This review is for the current EDP, which is widely available at an unbelievably low price for a classic - albeit heavily redacted - fragrance. Cabochard is often compared to Bandit and Azuree, and indeed they are very similar (especially in the drydown); but to my nose it smells more like the current excellent reformulation of Magie Noire, which is more floral than Bandit and Azuree. Cabochard still has its leathery and smoky edge, though. It opens very sharp and green, and mellows into a satisfying modern chypre (i.e. no oakmoss, what an oxymoron!). It retains its structure throughout many hours on my skin, with a healthy sillage. Of course, like most current reformulations, Cabochard EDP isn't as robust as its vintage predecessor - but it's still quite good.
25th October, 2016
Cabochard is a mossy green leather chypre with a hefty dose of tobacco and various floral ingredients which keep it from being too butch like it's sister scent, Bandit to which it is often compared. I have the current EDP version and it was a blind buy as it is very reasonable in price. I like Cabochard and find it is very similar to Aramis. Cabochard can be worn by either a man or a woman. It has a definite masculine edge belied by the tall bottle with the demure gray bow on it. I can see this as a scent more for a man than for a woman. Decidedly individual with the isobutyl quinoline and castoreum in the mix making Cabochard a bit animalic and interesting. Not as finely made as Bandit but for the price, a good buy.
30th December, 2015
Like it. I get heavy oakmoss, aldehydes and spicy herbs. Green, herby, clean and fresh. The predominant scent is oakmoss but you can sense a number of complex scents coming and going underneath, including something slightly floral. I wasn't surprised to see rose listed as an ingredient. The scent really does develop underneath the constant moss, ebbing and flowing like an undercurrent.
For me it's slightly more masculine than feminine. I guess that's because the heavy moss reminds me a bit of old fashioned barber shop scents. But I agree 100% both women and men could wear this. In fact it's the only "women's" scent in my collection to date.
The nearest thing I have to it is Paco Rabanne pour homme, but this is like PR's more refined, classy, elegant, complicated brother. I can picture a carefully and subtly dressed guy, refined, quiet, slightly quirky. Not sexy, but that's ok too. Scent doesn't always have to be about sexual attraction, in my opinion.
Longevity and sillage weak to moderate for me, but that's also ok, you just need to reapply. Incredible good value for the price. I bought a bottle.
November 2015
07th November, 2015

The countdown has begun and now is the time to enthrall the object of your desire,this is a time when everything is possible. CABOCHARD slips in at this moment of calculated seduction,fatally sensual, intoxicating the skin with scents of leather,wood and tobacco.this is a winner and one of my all time favorite classic perfumes on a mature is definitely intended for those who are more daring in their fragrance choice. Classically Sensual, Irresistibly Bewitching,Excessively Aphrodisiac and Perfectly Leathery scent.

Spice,sage and aldehydes essence compose the beginning of this mysterious perfume.followed by an exotic rose,blended with exuberant leather,tobacco, vetiver and sandalwood,passionately envelop the skin giving the fragrance a distinctly sexy is most certainly made for a close encounter with the opposite sex. in my opinion the scent can be unisex. it is also perfect for evening wear and definitely many heads have turn.highly recommended if you are looking for a fantastic classic leathery scent to seduce.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

24th April, 2015
Who's afraid of Cabochard?...

Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest.
Oak moss is hanging from every tree.
Her hooded cape is made of crude leather.
She's chain-smoking Gitanes.
She's cursing her grandma for the chore.
She hasn't picked any flowers, she's picked a thick stick.
She's thrashing everything in her way with it.
She's stepping angrily on the forest floor, squashing it under her boots.
She's pissed.
She's all sweaty and salty.
The smell she's leaving in her wake has nothing to do with a little girl.
She's not cute.
She's not innocent.
She's not happy.
I feel sorry for the wolf...

No matter how big and bad he may be, Cabochard is bigger and badder (sic) and will just swallow him whole.
20th December, 2014
Cabochard was another blind buy for me. Funny, though I've tried so many classics, I never tested this one. When the fragrance notes mention leather and oakmoss , my interest becomes peeked pretty quickly. I have a love affair with oakmoss that borders on the pathological. I'm am bereft that it is fading from current formulations.

Anyway, back to Cabochard. My first sniff was quite a little shocker. I wasn't prepared for such of hefty dose of greenery from the galbanum. Now, I have other scents with galbanum in them, but not that amount. After a little drydown the galbanum eased up and the leather and oakmoss came through.

Cabochard is a very green, dry, earthy and , yes, slightly bitter scent. In the end, that's sort of it's attraction I think. It doesn't smell like anything else that I know of and I like that!
12th December, 2014
Review for the Eau de Toilette.

Cabochard is a beautiful fragrance. It’s a leathery, subtle, beautifully soft floral. I enjoy it very much. Many people say that this is reminiscent of Bandit by Piguet. I remember reading that Bernard Chant, the perfumer, took the formula of Bandit and toned down the leather whilst amping up the floral aspects. In this I think that he succeeded.

Cabochard doesn’t feel like such a typical feminine fragrance, although it is soft. It’s essentially a soft leather with florals, very subdued but beautiful in its own particular way. The notes are too long to list, and it’s so well blended to it’s hard to tell.

For me I get four main notes: jasmine, oakmoss, rose and leather, with further hints in the drydown of powdery orris, castoreum musk, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum and smooth, soft whiffs of tobacco… a beautiful combination.

To me it comes across as a fruity-leather (even though no fruit is listed in the notes). It’s subtle in that the sillage is gentle, so you can smell it and others get a beautiful leather & floral trail when you walk by, it’s in no way overpowering to those around you. It’s also beautifully blended and no note feels like it’s overpowering the other.

I would recommend this one for anyone wanting to smell different to the normal type of sweet floral generic perfumes, as the leather note is present and the oakmoss gives it a different vibe to the norm. Even though this is considered vintage, I don’t really find it dated in any way. I see it as perfectly balanced. I am not sure about the newer, current reformulations but the bottle I have seems to smell fantastic. I happily wear it and find it quite unisex. I call it “fruity-leather” but it’s actually a classical beautifully smooth and soft floral-leather chypre. I really can’t fault it in any way, it ticks so many boxes for me (mainly because I’m tired of endless generic florals and the leather, jasmine and oakmoss really give this one a unique character, plus it’s perfectly blended by a master perfumer). In any case, please do try it out if you can, you may be surprised.
24th September, 2014
Cabochard de Gres is over the top, a stiff veritable classic, simply one of the best leather mossy chypre of the olfactory universe in my humble opinion. This milestone represents indeed (side by side with "pillars" a la Balenciaga Portos, Monsieur Rochas, Equipage, La Perla, Arrogance Pour Homme, Cuir de Russie L.T. Piver, Kouros and further) the reason on which nowadays moonshiny perfumers as for instance Antonio Gardoni (Bogue MAAI, Cologne Reloaded), Vero Kern (Mito and Onda) or Enrico Buccella (Cerchi nell'Acqua Waves), just quoting several, keep on to perform (in a contemporary key) neo-classic concoctions based on animalic amber, honey, moss/galbanum, ylang-ylang, hesperides, leather, aldehydes and stuffs like that (taking inspiration from the glorious past and re-proposing a classic animalic chypre traditional recipe). I'd go beyond the evolution description just underlining how much smooth, balanced and refined this work of art finally performs on my skin (after a complicated almost gloomy opening). I detect ylang-ylang, honey/wax and rose for sure (yes at the beginning somewhat stuffy), an aldehydic/camphoraceous mossy (slighty dirty-stale) introducing blast and a soapy leathery shadowy background with woody-animalic accents, musks and tonka. Bergamot, a touch of aromatics, animalic-aldehydic leather and patchouli provide a virile, vaguely lemony, intensely honeyed-leathery and mouldy spark in the air with that typical classic dose of potpourri/vintage that delineates a left back "mannered/cultured" glorious territory. Cabochard could obviously turn out quite dated for the ordinary standards but its gentlemanly "level" is superbly holy in the middle of this general depressing current panorama.
23rd September, 2014
My review is for the vintage EDT. The opening is beyond classic, a dirty, animalic chypre comprising salty aldehydes, dark, gloomy, wet and almost rancid flowers, a subtle camphor-stale indolic aftertaste, a load of musk, a velvety balsamic breeze all over and a general, palpable funereal, austere, but at the same time vibrant, carnal, utterly sensual and self-confident personality. A humid base of herbs, woods, oak moss and leather like in the darkest male fougère complete the composition. The similarity to many fougères for man is quite bold, basically here's more about flowers, there's more woods and green notes, but the heart of oak moss, aldehydes and leather which gives that precise "austere" and dark personality is quite the same. That is why nowadays this can be clearly considered more a man scent, and even quite challenging for its boldness and its darkness – we're so used to "azure-aquatic-green-sport" bullshit. To be really honest, like some other chypres, this also smells a bit outdated to me, meaning that it is a powerful madeleine of a past era which strongly connotes the person wearing it – perfectly for nostalgic people or however to smell "like" that, but on the contrary, it lacks in the "timelessness" I personally value in scents. Other than that (which I'm not even sure if it's clear, however it's my personal opinion) it's a sure milestone for perfumery, superb from any point of view.

19th June, 2014
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A sad tale of two (probably more) reformulations.

The vintage pre-formulated version was a complex multifaceted gem with a raspy galbanum top, a smoky green leathery heart and deeply mossy chypre undertones. Not quite as challenging as Piguet's Bandit but still the headstrong, motorcycle-riding leather-clad butch sister to Chanel No.19's too-cool-for-school ice queen.

The latest incarnation unfortunately smells nothing like the original. On my skin all I got was a linear, mildly spiced talc. This rating is obviously for the true Gres Cabochard. As for the impostor? Throw it in the trash can where it belongs.
29th April, 2014
Cabochard is so many things - green, leathery, woody, floral, indolic... It begins with a definitive juicy-green character, like frsehly squeezed wheatgrass; yet there is something ashy and dry underneath. The health-concious wheatgrass juicer is also a chain smoker. The nicotine in her veins brings the best of her - creativity, energy, laughter. It's balanced again with some medicinal sage, and pretty, clean and proper neroli and enough rose to make you think of a rose garden but not smell like an English lady. Orange blossom and jasmine make advances as the perfume develops on the skin. These two bold notes, while indolic and dirty, also have a zest of life to them, a very forward personality, with the methyl anthranilate shining through beautifully and bringing some sweetness into the green. They are only ever so slightly soft-focused with powdery orris note. As for the base - it's what you've always dreamed of: oakmoss, tobacco and vetiver, with some isobutyl quinoline for good measure.

Cabochard to me seems to have predicted the future of the 1970's - No. 19, especially, to whom it is a very close relative with the same motifs of leather, greens, juicy citrus notes, iris, leather and vetiver; interplay between green, dry and floral-powdery. As well as everything that followed, dominated by green, herbaceous and soapy notes. The leading scents in this trend were No. 19, Ivoire, Estée Lauder's Azurée (by perfumer Bernard Chant), Alliage and Private Collection; Coriandre, Calandre, Chamade, 1000, AnaisAnais, and Aromatics Elixir (also designed by Bernard Chant), and of course Rive Gauche. I'm glad I found out who is the perfumer behind it (though I'm certain that Guy Robert's Chouda - the original fragrance Madame Gres commissioned for her brand - was magnificent!) and see the connections with his other creations.

Top notes: Sage, Rose, Neroli
Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Orris
Base notes: Vetiver, Leather, Oakmoss, Tobacco
22nd January, 2014
Mossy,woody, and very leathery

Dark, woody, leathery, mossy: like a walk through the dark forest

I've wanted to sample this for years. Leathery, musky, dark fragrances appeal to my sense of uniqueness--at least on an intellectual level. Anything that falls outside the sweet/fruity/girly category that's been in the vanguard of feminine perfumery for so many years was bound to grab my attention. And now I've been gifted with a vintage sample of this fragrance. I'm so impressed.

I have no idea of the age of this sample, but it's dark, bitter, and herby. At first I was overwhelmed by the leathery notes that leapt to the forefront so quickly. I sensed no florals at all--leather, top front and center for several hours, then a slow softening of the notes to a gorgeous, woody, mossy drydown. Is it the age of the sample or the year it was produced? I wish I knew; this is so unique that I wonder if I'd be disappointed if I purchased a recent formulation. I'd always believed I'd love leathery scents, but now I wonder if it's less the leather than the woodiness that's often used in the basenotes of many leather-based scents. For me, the basenotes are the highlight of the fragrance. Rich and dark and moody--not an easy fragrance to wear but trust me, you will be remembered! Sillage is powerful, longevity is beyond the norm---a light dabbing is going on 8 hours now and still very strong. Update: the next morning I could still catch whiffs of this powerful fragrance.

Vintage is recommended since I can't speak for newer versions. Not a fragrance for everyone--you need a strong dose of chutzpah to carry this! A great unisex fragrance, probably most suitable for evenings--but then again, if you love it and possess the requisite personality, anytime is a good time to wear Cabochard.

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Pros: Strong character, long lasting, unique
Cons: May be too leathery and bitter for some tastes."

22nd September, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Soft leather, green and versatile

The vintage version: From the beginning I get a lot of tarragon and ylang ylang and galbanum in an interesting mix, with orris and a bit of jasmine, although the orris remains in the background. The drydown develops into notes of wood and amber, but overall on my skin this is quite a light and bright scent, in spite of oakmoss, amber, leather and patchouli becoming more prominent later on. Maybe it is the citrus/vetiver component, maybe the fact that the leather, patchouli and moss are not of the very heavy or sharper fougère variety: on me it remains soft and quite restraint. It is colourful and changes over the hours. Projection and silage are limited, but longevity is an acceptable more than four hours. Very versatile.

06th June, 2013
I did two spritzes of Cabochard EdP this morning. Eleven hours later it's still going strong. On me it started crisp and green, then throughout the day it ebbed and flowed into something much warmer and more powdery, walking a fine line between powdery and dusty. There's nothing contemporary about this scent (if my mom wore it I'd probably tease her about her old lady perfume), and I wouldn't wear it for a Trans-Atlantic flight, but it's unexpected and fun for playing dress-up on a cold winter day.
10th January, 2013
Very similar to Bandit and Azuree...Bandit smells the best of the three but is much more expensive. You can't beat Cabochard's one, well worth it. Very unisex. Great sillage for an EDT.
07th January, 2013
OK, I'm giving it a thumbs up for now, but I'm still scared of it. I bought it blind after reading rave reviews on Basenotes (I trust you lot). Anyway, it's still too summery to get away with it, but I'm going to wear it to work in autumn on a day when i'm wearing lots of black and feeling powerful. I have a feeling it'll give me an air of aloofness and make some people wither in my presence, but that's not always a bad thing. I feel this is the perfume Cruella de Ville would wear, but just for the record, I adore dogs. Watch this space. I may come back with more in a few months.
18th September, 2012
CABOCHARD – Gres – 1959 [floral chypre]

This is such a masculine scent, that I am surprised it was ever marketed as a woman’s scent. It is a spicy, herbal scent, drying to a classic oakmoss chypre with a fragrant floral overlay – quite unique in all of the women’s scents I have experienced.

Top Notes: Clary Sage, Galbanum, Tarragon, Hesperides
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Geranium
Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Castoreum, Sandalwood
01st May, 2012
Cabochard is one of my all time favourites. Usually, chypre cuir fragrances are very dry and sometimes really hard. Some feminine fragrances in this category can be mistaken for masculine EDTs. Not Cabochard! This great perfume has dark green notes, rich woody notes and smokey leathery notes but they are all softened by the splendid floral elements which contribute to making the entire composition truly feminine. Many years ago, I came across a rather impressive grey-haired business-woman dressed in a very chic marine blue trouser suit. She wore Cabochard with such elegance and confidence she made all the heads turn. From this moment on, I have thought of Cabochard as the perfect fragrance for daring and self-assertive women.
23rd November, 2011
I would never have imagined in a hundred years that I would enjoy leather-based scents. The thought of leather makes me cringe, however when I come to smelling leather scents, I am suitably impressed.

Cabochard, along with Bandit by Robert Piguet, are the essential, classic leather fragrances. From this fragrance I get a lot of dry, smokey and powdery leather and woods.

There are many floral notes in this composition that keeps Cabochard from becoming too masculine. The way that this fragrance has been presented, makes me think of a strong, independant woman that appears tough on the outside but is loving and feminine on the inside.

Cabochard summed up in my own words is a sexy scent with attitude. Interestingly I was nearly going to say that Cabochard smelt like an elegant, black leather handbag. It just so happens that after leaving the perfume store, a few doors down I walked past a store that sold handbags and as I walked past I inhaled the aroma of leather. In no way does Cabochard prove similar to that shiny, brand new, leathery smell we all know and love.

I'm not sure as to how much this fragrance differs from its pre-formulated, vintage self, however the Cabochard as it is now is very wearable and certainly unique.

27th August, 2011
I never had the chance to smell the original Cabochard yet, but I've to say that the current formulation still smells pretty good. It opens with a bitter green accord while extremely pitched citruses float around. Floral patterns make their appearance together with animalic leather notes adding body and complexity to this extremely influential fragrance.

A point of strength of this composition is the appearantly "simple smell" that makes of it an easy option for leather beginners as well as a satysfying experience for the most trained noses. I trust more aknowledged reviewrers than I, that current Cabochard has almost nothing to do with the vintage version, but IMO it still smells much better than the majority of today's mass market fragrances.

While Cabochard is anything but aged, it still has a remarkable old-fashioned vibe that works as a reminder of its status as a classic leather-chypre. Definitely unisex. A mandatory try!
20th August, 2011
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I used to wear the old Cabochard, so I bought a bottle recently just for old times sake and to see what they had done to it. I'm a die hard fan of the old version, but yes, sometimes it could be very uncompromising as an old dame of its type. The tobacco and leather could sometimes get quite harsh and a bit fag/old ashtray. This one is more linear, but I think actually more wearable because it has been lightened up. I'm not normally a fan of any reformulations, but in this case I quite like this one. Even enough to write a review.

It's like a very recognisable cousin and still deserves to be in the same family with some merit to it. The lack of ooomph within hasn't made it a nasty perfume, just a much paler self. I'm wearing it anyway.... and i'm pleased I bought it. It's dry and sultry still.
12th July, 2011
Dark smoky and racy Sex walks down the nocturnal streets though wet asphalt
with the scent of cigarette in her hand and steam from the subway floors
this is an seductive scent with no evidence of the good girl in her
16th August, 2010

This is for the vintage parfum so kindly given to me by one of my basenoter friends .:)
This reminds me ,very oddly, of two separate things:
1. The smell of my very old barbie dolls from the 1970s.
2.The aroma of warm human skin just under the arm - note... I did NOT say armpit ! A human skin smell - not dirty or sweaty but comforting.
Yes there is leather which is distinct also but very smooth and a background aroma. Vetiver is also very distinct in this parfum and I think this is giving it the human smell more than anything else. This is quite a soothing fragrance to me. I believe I have smelt this before on various women, when I was a small thing.

15th July, 2010
I have a sample of uncertain vintage. Not sure the concentration. Not knowing the notes I first thought cigarette/tobacco on a bed of vanilla. This was not quite I have so many negative associations to cigarette smoke. The next day I tried again. No cigarette smell. No flowers. Not a chypre. A very mysterious and warm dry scent that made the hair on my skin stand up it was so evocative of something. On my skin it isn't so much bold (as others have found) as singular. I think it's a leather embroidered together with Ylang Ylang and Jasmine..that contrive to make it subliminally illicit. This one does a real "head trip." I'm full of admiration for anything that is not a floral but still beautiful...
16th June, 2010
A mere imitation of its former self, but still an intriguing blend of booze and slightly bitter florals. The opening is light and evokes the image of a rose dipped in a tumbler of whisky. It becomes more floral and sweet with the introdcution of jasmine, but never yielding to the feminine side. With a similar base note composition to Aramis, the dry down is rich, aromatic and lends the fragrance an air of simple refinement. It has a moderate longevity, feels quite contained, and is undoubtedly suitable for wear by either sex.
18th September, 2009
AHHH. This is perfect! I wear Bandit and Cabochard exclusively. The scents of "today" seem nothing, compared to the classics of the 40s and 50s and earlier. Too many of them smell like candy, or worse yet, flowers. All my co-workers slather themselves with creations from Bath and Body Works, smelling of one dimensional fragrances of vanilla, peaches, blackberries...ick.
I actually love Cabochard so much, I bought 17 bottles of Cabochard, when I found it for....yes.....14 bucks for the 3.4 ounce spray! Oh so cheap, but only in the price, not the scent. I even spray Cabochard on my pillow at night, just so I can wake up to it's comforting smell. Yes, it screams of leather, but in a subtle way, like suede. My husband likes the smell, and although I think Cabochard and Bandit are somewhat sister scents, he complains the Bandit smells a bit too manly. I say, too bad for him! The guys I work with actually appreciate my Cabochard, and some of them have even asked to wear it. Most of them spray their wrists several times, and sniff it throughout the day, telling me it covers up the horrid smells that the other women are wearing, lol.
01st September, 2009