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United Kingdom
A bright mix of a fruity-orangey aroma with a core of aldehydes, touches of wormwood and untertones of forest berries - delightful and uplifting are the words that come to mind when enjoying these top notes.

Soon, very soon, an apricot/peachy tone combines with jasmine and muguet; but on my skin this never turns into a floral-dominated composition, as the fruity side plays an equally important part in the overall scheme.

In the base tonka and a soft patchouli are added, but until the end the brightness prevails to some extent and never leaves.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent has a lovely opening phase that is the most convincing stage of its development; towards the base is looses intensity and the bright vividness of its components. Whilst not necessary the most exciting fragrance released as the result of Tom Ford's reign at Gucci, it is certainly one of the good ones. 3.25/5.
21st March, 2017
What a great old school, fruity, non apologetic fragrance that was created in the 90's but could have very well been manufactured in the 80's do to it's loud opening as many 80's fragrances were designed. This starts off with peach, raspberries & floral notes of rose & I also get some white floral as well.

There is vanilla, sandalwood & tonka in the base to add depth to the fragrance. It is a well balanced fragrance especially for a mass marketed designer brand. This opens up loud, heady & projects very well for the first 1-2 hours. And it last at least 8 hours on me as I am referring to the EDT. This is nothing short of a feminine fragrance. I for one hate to classify fragrances to the men/women category as I wear whatever works for my skin regardless whom it is marketed towards, tho I cannot help shake the feeling this is more suited towards the dames.

It is a shame that Gucci discontinued this beauty as this was when Gucci as a perfume house WAS one of the best in the mass market designer game. Since the fall of Gucci Envy for men, this house has taken a downward spiral into the gates of hell with it's current creations which are uninspiring & non pleasing to my nose. The great Tom Ford helped this house ALOT when he worked for them, but once he left, it was curtains & mini blinds for Gucci!
10th October, 2014
Lush, gorgeous, intoxicating opening with roses, peaches and booze... a monster opening if u like. a pity that its sillage drops quickly, and can only be detected closer to the skin after an hour or so. still, a classy voluptuous fragrance nonetheless!
01st September, 2011
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Accenti, I owe you the new level of wisdom I reached in my early perfume adventures!

Accenti is fat orange roses, a sip of cognac chased by a taste of amber honey, sandalwood impregnated with peach nectar.....So much, and so much and so good! One of my favorite perfumes of all time--a loud floriental that is well-received, as long as gingerly applied. Always sensual, but fades from massive sillage to a supersweet fruity rose skin scent too quickly. If only it could be quieter to begin and end less muted!
What a gorgeous fragrance to have been found on the mass market! I am not surprised it has been discontinued, but I am enraged about it! Gucci, your Guilty is a crime of a perfume, and not in a figurative way. Let Guilty free and fight for Accenti!
22nd March, 2011
The nose behind this incredible perfume is Dominique Ropion.
30th January, 2011
Created by Florasynth Perfumers; a fresh marine floral-oriental edt with top notes of Indian artemisia, black currant and mandarin, heart notes of rose, jasmine, clove and lily of the valley on base notes of vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, Tonka bean, peach, raspberry and vanilla.
Presented in a classy square-cut clear bottle, designed by Alain de Mourgues
20th December, 2010
It's chic sexy and demands your attention
the typical 90's glamor transitional era
when Calvin Klein introduced us with the
first unisex fragrance CK One and still
we were going though wanning years of the
big orientals of the 80's i.e like Obsession Poison
Red Door & Giorgio of Beverly hills Red
accenti reflects that swan song of the big florienals before the tread for lighter watery florals.

It opens with a sweet and a bit tart of
raspberry in a few minutes dries to an note of tangerine and peach the drying down turns to a powdery vanilla with nuance of tonka bean and a big heap of Sandalwood. the florals like the Rose
Jasmine and Lily of the Valley are very hard to detect sadly overshadowed from their louder siblings the sandalwood
raspberry vanilla and peach;

It's intoxicating richness that is an
jewel in perfumery that is sadly going to be missed.
14th October, 2010
I first purchased this in the Schipol Airport on a layover in 2000. Smelled this and HAD to have it. I wore this on my first date with my (now) husband. Beautiful fragrance, and now very hard to find.
14th February, 2010
Flowery, peachy and potent. 100% feminine. I’m baffled as to why this fragrance has been discontinued as it is probably the nicest and classiest women’s perfume that I have ever smelt.
29th November, 2009 (last edited: 20th March, 2010)
Why do the best designers so often ‘stick with black’? Because if longevity is ever a pointed marketing concern, it is duly noted that sometimes a wildly ‘creative’ or ‘thematic’ look can become so dated it --so redolent with associations of ‘the past’, it will be downright disturbing to consumers, and potentially KILL a perfectly good product --way sooner than expected -- by way of visual aversion alone! For example, poor, poor 'Accenti', a great perfume, which fell victim to a dumb, pretentious design choice and hence failed commercially.

It's "look" reminds me of an unbelievable feature I saw in Architectural Digest about fifteen years ago: Stallone’s Hollywood mansion, in full glory, a ten-page spread. He had gone ‘balls out’ (Most of the design choices were really, TRULY his and Jackie’s [That's his mom.], I recall reading.) with the ‘Etruscan theme’ (more of a Pan-Ancient Greco/Egypto/Roman mishmash). It was replete with massive pink marble columns with jewel-encrusted capitals, faux frescoes twenty-feet-high depicting carriage races and epic battles, enormous INTERIOR architraves, megalithic sculptures of winged horses and recumbent deities ...all of it shipped in ‘specially’ from pretentious places. Moreover, in what I suspect was an attempt to cover the creature-comforts aspect of its design, some modern elements were ‘combined', all in the gilt, hotel-swank style of the then-revered Trump Towers. It was an audacious, specious, unforgivable, Acropolis-cum-casino overhaul of a once perfectly stately, traditional Hollywood Antebellum. Of all the photos in the spread, one stuck with me in particular: Jackie herself, made up in Tammy-Faye manner, leaning self-consciously against a pink mega-column, dressed in a diaphanous, white running suit, with her signature, braided, gold and white headband (with all of its antiquarian and workout overtones).

I was a young architecture and history student at the time, and I found myself thinking about this particular travesty, and how it missed the mark design-wise, a great deal. It was already “dated”; it was a flagrant waste of a perfectly good home; and it was clearly a hanger-on to eighties-era opulence! And in an emerging era (mid –nineties) of minimalism and simplicity, it struck me as a dire, painful waste of resources and demonstration of greed. And it was, for me, a cautionary tale.

I remember seeing it come up on the market a few years ago and feeling a pang pf genuine pain, for the Stallone’s certain revelation of their folly, and again, for that 'poor house'.

'Accenti' comes in a peach-toned faux marble box lined with peach interior cardboard; it has bright gold and malachite accents on its bottle. Visual associations are to the same little venue of out-of-touch Over-the-topness of that contemporaneous Stallone-effort. (This came out before Tom Ford saved Gucci from itself by hauling its façade into the nineties.) Gucci was still making a quality product then but totally flopping commercially because of its out-moded, eighties-era, moneyed and piss elegant image.

Poor, poor 'Accenti', for getting stuck with this stigma. It was killed by its own bottle! If only it had been released just tow years later, in a chic black box, with a plain, smart bottle!

The juice itself has all the bones of a masterpiece; it is an absolute joy to discover! It was also, ironically, very cutting edge: it was a linear composition, it was very 'new', and it was incredibly well-done. It easily could hold its own against PG’s ‘Aomassai’ or Lutens’ ‘Chergui’, if it had only come to us in another way! An incredible, honeyed, modern Oriental worth getting to know. Sadly, it's rare, hard-to-find, and pricey!

Poor, poor 'Accenti'.
02nd November, 2009
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United States
Accenti?? I'd never heard of this fragrance until I saw sample vials on the site of a discount retailer. I gave it a whirl and ordered a couple samples, and I loved them so much I had to find a bottle (which I did very quickly). To say Accenti is a 'fruity floral' isn't really fair because of the connotation in today's perfume market. Yes, it is a fruity floral, but you simply must believe me that this is an *adult* fruity floral. It's not sugar sweet, it's not ditzy, and most importantly it IS extremely well made. As other reviewers mention, Accenti is extremely potent - one spray provides ample sillage for many, many hours.

The initial blast is of 'fruit salad' of sorts; Black currant, berry and peach combined in the most absurdly lush fashion. The fruity accord is not sugary sweet, but it is very bold and...well...bold. Rose and jasmine are in the background, and as the opening blast of fruit calms down the floral heart comes more clearly into focus, balancing and drying the fruit notes. The movement from fruit blast to is quite remarkable, and a subtle layer of tonka moves in with the florals, supporting the heart notes and adding a subtle nutty/woodiness. The heart persists for an incredibly long time - hours in fact. There is a slow movement to the base as a subtle creamy vanilla twinged with sandalwood merges with the floral heart. Like the eviewer foetidus, this is my favorite aspect of Accenti. The combo of fruit notes, florals, vanilla, and woody notes is so smooth and full that I can think of no other fruity florals that can even compare.

Accenti is profoundly feminine, and there is no way around it. It wears fantastically on women, and I love suggesting it to my wife. However for the guys out there not bothered by fruity florals, this one is truly remarkable. I have no explanation as to why it was discontinued or why, unlike some 'lost' designers (i.e. D&G By) there is little to no buzz about it. Fortunately this makes bottles, especially lightly used bottles, ripe for the picking on eBay.

31st August, 2009
It is a huge loss that this frag is in the 'RIP' category these days.

Lovely from the first spray. Warm, luscious, feminine, and unique beyond measure. Why would anyone discontinue this amazing scent is beyond me.

The ingredients are (or 'were', I should say) jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, tangerine, vanilla, tonka bean, peach, raspberry and sandalwood. Spicy and wood-sy, Accenti was unmistakably feminine, and a perfume I would call 'simply impressive.'

Not only a great scent, but it is worthy of being a classic. The type of classic that companies like Gucci enjoys to make a million variations of -to release for summer, winter, 'Eau de Fraiche', light, extreme... you know the whole ordeal.

If you have the chance to test this luscious creation, please do so. The only thing that will disappoint you is the cruel cold reality that this is no longer being made.
23rd October, 2008
Beautiful and very potent: The opening accord is an interesting and rather abstract fruity green, intensified by aldehydes. It is appealing but, as I think about it, this accord is interesting because of its smooth elegant - but - neutral richness rather than presenting some kind of brightly compelling note or steamy ambiance. With the heart notes, the rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley come on stronger in an excellent, classy floral / fruit. Again, the accord is not dramatic; it is simply neutrally rich and full. The rose and jasmine are very important elements in the heart notes, and the fruit do not come through very strongly for me. I don’t get very much peach or clove, but I get a healthy raspberry and sandalwood, and I love this stage between the heart notes and the base notes. The base is the best of the three levels: It is smooth and woody (sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver) without being too masculine. The use of vanilla is exactly right, and you won’t hear me say that too often about vanilla. The vanilla continues the polished fineness of the top and middle. This is not an exciting fragrance but it’s a good, solid performer near elegant but comfortably adaptable for casual use... but just remember, it is potent.
23rd May, 2008
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feminine scent.Strong, long lasting. I count it on same gategory as coco.
In business occasions perfect.
08th November, 2006
I got a 100ml bottle of this as a gift, oh about 2 months ago and until today have not had the nerve to spray it on... I am fully aware of it's staying power you see! Several years ago my sister had purchased two bottles of body lotion and, well the scent in the summer nearly knocked me out! Anyhow, today I decided to try this and what do you know! To my great surprise Accenti is really not bad at all. I mixed it with Vanilla oil, (something I tend to do when I am not 100% sure I will like the scent for the whole day). It worked like magic too might I add. Two people in the elevator asked me what I was wearing, one of them standing far closer then was necessary ;)I got a few more compliments during my lunch time at work... So I guess this works afterall. Initially I was sure that his would be far too strong and wear that way throughout the day, but perhaps it was vanilla oil that really softened it up and made it foody. OK, I admit I love foody sweet fragrances. I am so happy I tied this on today, I really love it! The notes are: Black Currant, Tangerine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Clove, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Peach, Raspberry, Vetiver, and Patchouli. So adding extra pure Vanilla really made it all come together very nicely...
29th November, 2005
Very beautiful perfume. Sexy, stylish and smart. Very long lasting as well. One of my staples that I use anytime of the year.
23rd November, 2005