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Neutral Reviews of Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

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The bottle itself and the darkness of the liquid inside, was certainly intriguing to say the least. Gucci eau de Parfum was one spicy fragrance that I was dying to try.

The opening was good, spicy yet smooth and I saw that this fragrance had potential, however what followed was rather strange. The scent just vanished, it was barely detectable, a wimpering hint of spice the only thing left on my skin.

Where were those enticing flowers, the double dose of caraway seed and herbaceous thyme? I began frantically sniffing coffee beans, almost shoving them up my nose in order to smell a faint hint of something, but to no avail.

It was only about 5 hours later when the drydown began to immerge that Gucci eau de Parfum reminded me of its existance. I can see where the comparison to Dior's Hypnotic Poison comes in. The base is very vanilla with a musky and nutty feel to it. The incense and leather notes are only very faint.

Overall, from what I can gather, Gucci eau de Parfum is intentionally a soft and intimate fragrance, not so heavy with the spices as some may think and quite feminine rather than being unisex or masculine.

What I expected and what I experienced were two different things entirely.

30th June, 2011
Starts quite sweet and pretty. Changes dramatically, becomes animalic and even tangy.
Very substantial, old-school in its heft. Develops a toasted nut aspect. Then this vanishes quickly, poof.
And one is left with surprisingly little. Odd for an EdP.
I dunno, I didn't find anything here I'd enjoy smelling on someone.
16th January, 2011
Gucci eau de Parfume is like a elegant Tweed jacket dry and musty it brings
an Androgynous chicness in modern perfumery The opening of Heliotrope with
it's vanilla with almond nuance opens the
top note, in a few minutes dry Caraway
makes it's presence known Iris adds to the
powdery feel it has an strawberry middle drydown Leather is subtle and it's not
overwhelming Incense adds to the dark mystery of the scent with an reserved
reputare aloof and not showing her true
nature i love the dark musky drydown
and vanilla sweetens the base.

Gucci eau de Parfume has no categorized
identity genderless it's neither Male
nor Female it brings androgamy to the
wearer it's unisex to me, these are one
of the scents that thinks outside the box like CK One that does not follow
conventional rules on female perfumery
it avoids trendy girlish watery floral
fruity scents that is all the rage and
beats to it's own drum, this scent is for a woman who wants to break convention.
03rd December, 2010
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While Gucci EdP is a classy, weareable, nice fragrance ... its bottle is for me a nightmare. Too heavy and unconfortable, it get's dirty very easily as the parfume drops on the large surface of the top. In times when packaging is crucial I can't understand why the didn't plan a more user-friendly bottle.
19th March, 2010
Wow..all I smell throughout is Cherry Coke. Nothing else whatsoever!
06th November, 2009 (last edited: 16th December, 2009)
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United States
Cumin can be a challenging note. This one is tough to wear, but would probably be fantastic on the right person. A guy could also wear this.
22nd March, 2009
Gucci Eau de Parfum perfume is not for my skin. It becomes too sharp, and not beautiful. I have really tried to wear it, as I wanted to like it. I have owned a bottle, but had to give it away. The new 'Gucci by Gucci' 2007 is quite similar, but much better for my skin. It doas not develope the sharpness. I might get a bottle of that one instead.

Gucci Eau de Parfym is an obvious qualityfraganse, so it gets a neutral from me.
30th August, 2008
I'm not sure if I like this or not. It's a skillful blend, in my opinion, but it's a strange combination. The initial topnotes always remind me of amaretto, of all things, and then as it settles down, there's a distinct sweetness, but I'm always reminded of leather, as in, soft, new leather, like the inside of a new purse.

This fragrance is a bit exotic, a bit sweet, quite different, and although it's technically a floral, it has an oriental edge to it.

Overall, I'd say it's well-made and probably fabulous on the right person. I'm just not so sure I'm that person.

Interesting fragrance, in any event, well worth investigating.
06th December, 2006
This smells like laundry - some clean, some dirty. I like the clean. A very strange blend.
09th June, 2006