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GUCCI EDP is a Noteworthy blend of Oriental Spicy notes and Vanilla accords with a touch of Masculine as Gives you a sense of Wealth and Makes you feel Special.It is Great no doubt about it. Powerful,Hot,Captivating, Intoxicating,Rich,Attractive and Spicy.

The opening is a Little Spicy and Loud but in a Sophisticated way.The Middle notes by Caraway are Rich and then the Incense, Vanilla,Leather and Musk of the base start to emerge into the mix.The dry down is a Deep Alluring and truly one of the best dry downs I have experienced amid Female Fragrances.

This Glamorous and Provocative fragrance creates for a Mature Lady who commands Attention.not a Young and Juvenile girl.In my opinion GUCCI EDP makes you like a Femme Fatale.Perfect for Snowy Nights and Special Moments.If you are Looking for a Real Oriental Spicy fragrance this one just for you.


Longevity?Noticeable on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
I don't think this perfume is made any longer, but I have a pile of carded samples that I bought years ago for $.25 apiece at some old perfume shop. I always liked it in that dirty pleasure sort of way, relishing that cheap thrill of mild sleaziness of enjoying a cheap perfume. 

Trying this perfume again after a few years I realize my mistake. I found these samples at some mistakenly low-price and the made amateurish mistakes of equating cheap with Cheap.   This is a beautiful, simple floriental, one that eschews the genre’s typical diva-ish complexity in favor of simple, well-chosen broad strokes. I smell it as if it is under an olfactory magnifying glass. It's laid out like paint-by-numbers canvas that only has the colors orange flower, cumin and amber filled in. The artist stepped back, realized less might be more and left if in its simple state of beauty.  Perhaps more mainstream perfumers should try this pre-editing, because Gucci EDP smell a little rough at the edges and just right.

This simple structure makes a tightly knit perfume that remains coherent through drydown.  Smelling it years later, it seems like a fragrance that could be released today as a masculine woody floral.  
19th June, 2014
An intensely animalic, sweet plummy opening gives way to powdery, but no less sweet, vanilla, heliotrope, and amber accord. The lingering animalic accents reveal themselves as cumin and an indole-laden orange blossom, but after the first five or ten minutes their presence is less conspicuous. Meanwhile, the remnants of the plummy top note morph into something dark and boozy as the scent develops. The booze, indole, and cumin in tandem establish a suggestively predatory, feline undertone that offsets the sweet florals and vanilla. Prominent labdanum and a warm musk lend the cedar-based drydown a rich, retro-inspired character that’s not far in mood from the original Rochas Femme. From start to finish Gucci Eau de Parfum is an enjoyable, sophisticated scent that leaves me with a haunting impression of having come from another era.
15th June, 2014
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Very dark, warm, and plush...

Like leather seats in a room full of spices and incense. This is a very dry fragrance, but quite mysterious as well. Has an almost resinous like quality to it. Spicy caraway with deep vanilla. Dry orange blossom in the opening. The "cherry" aspect of the heliotrope with the dry leather and incense make it very unique. Can be a little dry, and almost tangy with the spicy-sweet dry-down, but I like it. This is amazing for a female EDP from Gucci. There is nothing quite like this out there these days, and it also develops into an incredibly sexy dark, spicy leather scent on a man. Brilliant!
21st November, 2013
The bottle itself and the darkness of the liquid inside, was certainly intriguing to say the least. Gucci eau de Parfum was one spicy fragrance that I was dying to try.

The opening was good, spicy yet smooth and I saw that this fragrance had potential, however what followed was rather strange. The scent just vanished, it was barely detectable, a wimpering hint of spice the only thing left on my skin.

Where were those enticing flowers, the double dose of caraway seed and herbaceous thyme? I began frantically sniffing coffee beans, almost shoving them up my nose in order to smell a faint hint of something, but to no avail.

It was only about 5 hours later when the drydown began to immerge that Gucci eau de Parfum reminded me of its existance. I can see where the comparison to Dior's Hypnotic Poison comes in. The base is very vanilla with a musky and nutty feel to it. The incense and leather notes are only very faint.

Overall, from what I can gather, Gucci eau de Parfum is intentionally a soft and intimate fragrance, not so heavy with the spices as some may think and quite feminine rather than being unisex or masculine.

What I expected and what I experienced were two different things entirely.

30th June, 2011
Starts quite sweet and pretty. Changes dramatically, becomes animalic and even tangy.
Very substantial, old-school in its heft. Develops a toasted nut aspect. Then this vanishes quickly, poof.
And one is left with surprisingly little. Odd for an EdP.
I dunno, I didn't find anything here I'd enjoy smelling on someone.
16th January, 2011
Gucci eau de Parfume is like a elegant Tweed jacket dry and musty it brings
an Androgynous chicness in modern perfumery The opening of Heliotrope with
it's vanilla with almond nuance opens the
top note, in a few minutes dry Caraway
makes it's presence known Iris adds to the
powdery feel it has an strawberry middle drydown Leather is subtle and it's not
overwhelming Incense adds to the dark mystery of the scent with an reserved
reputare aloof and not showing her true
nature i love the dark musky drydown
and vanilla sweetens the base.

Gucci eau de Parfume has no categorized
identity genderless it's neither Male
nor Female it brings androgamy to the
wearer it's unisex to me, these are one
of the scents that thinks outside the box like CK One that does not follow
conventional rules on female perfumery
it avoids trendy girlish watery floral
fruity scents that is all the rage and
beats to it's own drum, this scent is for a woman who wants to break convention.
03rd December, 2010
Acquired very cheaply as (I believe) it is being discontinued ... A serendipitous purchase: full, sensual, elegant, and slightly dirty. When worn in winter the vanilla hangs heavier than I would care for, thought it generates many compliments from others. In summer, this smells fabulously leathery, which I love. The cumin smells raunchy. I enjoy this note very much.

My Significant Other 'complains' that this smells 'very Nineties' -- though why this should be considered problematic, I cannot fathom.
08th July, 2010
While Gucci EdP is a classy, weareable, nice fragrance ... its bottle is for me a nightmare. Too heavy and unconfortable, it get's dirty very easily as the parfume drops on the large surface of the top. In times when packaging is crucial I can't understand why the didn't plan a more user-friendly bottle.
19th March, 2010
Wow..all I smell throughout is Cherry Coke. Nothing else whatsoever!
06th November, 2009 (last edited: 16th December, 2009)
This is Gucci's top product, without a doubt. Classy, elegant, sophisticated, grown-up - but not staid. (Yah, I know. Gucci and CLASS? But there it is)

It opens on a soapy orange blossom, but with the heliotrope's creamy fullness already tangible in the background, ready to take over. Orange blossom is not my favourite note ever, and I'm glad it does not outstay its welcome.
The heart is restrained and elegant -a bit dry and herbal while it remains feminine- and an almost rubber-like leather note starts peeking out. If you've smelled Bulgari Black you know what I mean.
Quite lovely.
Poor lasting power for an alleged EdP, though.
04th September, 2009
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United Kingdom
I bought a part bottle of this blind and it's just arrived. The bottle is a thing of beauty and very heavy. I put one little spray on my forearm this evening and my first thought was 'wow that's powerful' and I wasn't too sure that buying it hadn't been a mistake. Half an hour later and the first punch in the nose it gave me has gone and it is wonderful, I can't stop sniffing my arm. Three hours later and it's a gentler, slightly spiced wood that's not dry but rich with a little touch of vanilla. Definitely a keeper.
30th April, 2009
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United States
Cumin can be a challenging note. This one is tough to wear, but would probably be fantastic on the right person. A guy could also wear this.
22nd March, 2009
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It is fresh citrus with a very small amount of cumin and florals on me. Nice but not fascinating.
04th September, 2008
Gucci Eau de Parfum perfume is not for my skin. It becomes too sharp, and not beautiful. I have really tried to wear it, as I wanted to like it. I have owned a bottle, but had to give it away. The new 'Gucci by Gucci' 2007 is quite similar, but much better for my skin. It doas not develope the sharpness. I might get a bottle of that one instead.

Gucci Eau de Parfym is an obvious qualityfraganse, so it gets a neutral from me.
30th August, 2008
I echo all of the other positive reviews of this perfume - it is magnificent from start to finish, but I especially like it after about an hour when it melts into a second skin. This is the kind of scent that makes people think YOU smell good rather than your PERFUME smells good. Love Tom Ford's scent creations. This and Black Orchid are hauntingly beautiful.
07th July, 2008
There has never been, nor will there ever be, a sexier 'modern' scent.

Gucci Eau de Parfum is just sublime. There is no other word to describe it. It is extremely well-crafted, skillfully blended, very deep and layered, and seriously seductive. It is a luminous scent that reminds me of heavy-lidded bedroom eyes, dirty thoughts and regretful morning-afters. (in a good way) The most important thing is, this scent is extremely luscious and it has a addictive drug like feeling. It is dark, or makes me feel dark.

It has a synthetic sort of facade to be honest, yet a very good one at that.

The list of notes are:

Top notes: orris, heliotrope, orange blossom, and vanilla absolute.
Middle notes: cistus, cumin, and thym.
Base notes: patchouli, vanilla, and deep musk.

Musk is particularly dirty here, as many have mentioned, but vanilla is not that over-powering. It is a floral scent (particularly white flowers I detect), yet it is warm and rich, and not a innocent, sweet floral, but a dangerous and intriguing one at that. And you don't get any annoying fruit notes like many other women's (and men's by the way) scents seem to push forward nowadays. (As if I want to smell like Fruit Loops) I am addicted, and I am a guy. There is a coldness and innate arrogance of this perfume: it is complete, sensual, yet not very tender. It is an extremely confident statement.

I wish they had released a masculine version of this particular scent. Yet it seems less and less likely, since the much more demure pink Eau de Parfum II seems to get more push from Gucci nowadays. They don't care that much about this perfect Tom Ford creation anymore as much as they used to. So no luck there I guess.

And finally the heaviness of the gorgeous bottle, the weight, the shape, how the juice sprays itself out of it, the packaging, the amber color of the perfume, and the ad campaign with the model Natalia Vodianova with the bedroom hair and that haunting expression on her face (if you guys remember it) are all perfection. It is not for everyone I'll admit, but to me, it is riveting, controversial, sexy as hell.

Truly exquisite. Eau de Parfum is flawless in every way.

EDIT: I am certain Gucci has now discontinued this, and this is the most asinine decision any company has ever made. This gem was the only redeeming quality remaining in the company's perfume portfolio and without Gucci Eau de Parfum, they won't have anything that will make them stand out in today's watered down, 'peony-and-pink-pepper'-ed scent market.

Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves.
15th May, 2008 (last edited: 04th May, 2011)
you are reviewing Gucci 2 not Gucci 1 !!!!

I love this fragrance. perfect marvellous squared bottle for a marvellous scent!
it's very longlasting, deep, woodsy, seductive and sexy, even mysterious. got tons of compliments everytime I wear this!
10th December, 2007
A fellow BNer traded me an elegant little mini - square, clear glass bottle, coin shaped clear glass top of same outer dimensions and depth - charming!! Love the frag - just my cup of floriental. The cumin opening blossoms into a rich floral anchored in woodsy patchouli. She's a full bodied diva - and you can take her anywhere.
30th May, 2007
Like being in a big carpeting shop, without air conditioning. So synthetic, sultry, no thanks.
14th May, 2007
Gucci Eau de Parfum is simply irresistibly. It is a very feminine scent and sensual scent with the compositions of orris, heliotrope, orange blossom, vanilla, citrus, cumin, and thyme, patchouli and musk. (notes cited from The Scent Salamander site). It is intense, spicy and potent. Three spritzes will last you a full day without reapplication. The amber and the spices blended very well, and the cumin made it highly seductive. I love this perfume immensely and it is probably the only one that I like from the entire Gucci women’s range.
27th February, 2007
Right away you get the odd combination of herb and citrus. Since cumin and thyme are in the mix, I believe I sniff the thyme first, and the cumin comes in blending with the heliotrope, orange blossom and other floral notes. There is also orris, musk, vanilla, and the person who sold it to me pitched it as a patchouli scent, although I could not verify that, but could be. I think the cumin gives it a little tangy leathery feel. I do like this scent very much. Gucci scores again. Again, try before you buy, and give it a fair shot-- the top notes are a bit odd, but the heart and base notes are lovely and the drydown is well crafted.
05th January, 2007
I discern a bit of confusion in these reviews - a light floral this perfume ain't! Perhaps people are thinking of eau de parfum II which is much lighter.
Gucci Eau de Parfum (I), the amber-coloured one, is a spicy oriental with top notes of orange blossom and cumin,
middles notes of iris, and base notes of cedar, vanilla and musk. It's dark and refined rather than vanilla-sweet, with a beautiful mix of spice. A lovely evening scent, and quite unisex in my view.

31st December, 2006
I'm not sure if I like this or not. It's a skillful blend, in my opinion, but it's a strange combination. The initial topnotes always remind me of amaretto, of all things, and then as it settles down, there's a distinct sweetness, but I'm always reminded of leather, as in, soft, new leather, like the inside of a new purse.

This fragrance is a bit exotic, a bit sweet, quite different, and although it's technically a floral, it has an oriental edge to it.

Overall, I'd say it's well-made and probably fabulous on the right person. I'm just not so sure I'm that person.

Interesting fragrance, in any event, well worth investigating.
06th December, 2006
This perfume is a strange one to me. I don't particularly like the opening, it smells like the color purple would smell if it had a scent, if that makes any sense to anyone... I do however really like it after it's been on me for about an hour. It's got a lovely base that's rich and warm, similar to most of my favorite perfumes. Overall, definitely not my favorite, but I'll use the several sample vials I have. Here is a little bit about the notes I found on a fragrance website: FRAGRANCE NOTES - Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Citrus, Orris, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Cumin, Musk.
21st October, 2006
A luxurious scent: original, sexy, disarming, sweet(but not too much)and spicy.Very feminine and mysterious.I love this!
30th July, 2006
This smells like laundry - some clean, some dirty. I like the clean. A very strange blend.
09th June, 2006
sweet but not too sweet.. vanilla and heliotrope. This is perfect scent in all occasion. It is special, but not too spesial, so you can even be in job interview with it.
Only problem is bottle, it is not easy to take with you.. and if you want to be in cucciheaven, you had to get more it during day....
11th January, 2006
This is a light demure & pretty floral. It isn't a white floral so this one isn't cloying or heady at all. I love the top and middle notes of this, but it does not last long at all on my skin. I really have to spray it on to get any scent to rise! You could wear this to a wedding or to a business meeting, it's very versitile. I don't think I'd pay full price because of the staying power. I would however swap for it.
04th December, 2005
I love, love this fragrance - love it! First and foremost, it reminds me of a spiced dessert syrup that's part of an Indian dessert called golub jamun. It's a dish I've had many times and in the company of good friends, and the resemblance of it to this fragrance is what drew me to the Gucci even before I tested a spritz on my person! It's a fragrance that smells like it looks - lusciously, exotically sweet and thick, a little spicy, delicately perfumed with florals at the fringes (the golub jamun syrup is actually flavored with rosewater - the Gucci instead has orange blossom, a very different floral but also a common flavoring in Middle Eastern/South Asian desserts and so somewhat similar in associative memory for me) and generally just delicious. I will always have this in my collection and consider it a staple; it doesn't seem to get the attention of the other Gucci scents and is perhaps a tad more subtlel than Rush and Envy, but spectacular nonetheless and a stunning example of an exotic gourmand fragrance.
26th September, 2005