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Positive Reviews of Jasmiralda by Guerlain

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It is unclear why Guerlain had the urge to create a scent in honor of Victor Hugo’s gypsy heroine of Notre Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) in the year 1917. The novel debuted in 1831 and although there was an early 1911 silent film version, the two other silent versions (Esmeralda and The Hunchback of Notre Dame) were not released until, respectively, 1922 and 1923.

This gorgeous scent opens with a fresh blast of jasmine and vanilla, sweetly intertwined, and oddly reminiscent of the luscious L’Heure Bleue of five years earlier. The rose is supportive, never intrusive, as are the lovely violet and musk. The orange notes of neroli and orange blossom add to the initial sweet impression.

The stars are however the jasmine and the vanilla/tonka bean combo, which continue to weave their way through the heart and dry down, where the civet mischievously joins to add an animalic impression, bringing this already luscious parfum into the realm of sexual intrigue.

A quite superb Guerlain creation, particularly for those who are fond of jasmine and vanilla, but also for those in love with L’Heure Bleue.
19th November, 2017
my first review on this amazing site!! Jasmiralda is alas discontinuated but was a very soft and romantic floral,completely different from the others animalistic Guerlain. Look at its wonderful bottle, the "flacon bouchon coeur". There are rose and jasmine, as the name says, which means jasmine + Esmeralda, from Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris"
20th February, 2010