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Thanks to Quarry for turning me on to this delightful rose fragrance - I would have definitely overlooked it, and missed out on this shimmering light, carefree rose, actually kind of unique. Smelling With Love, it seems such an effortless, obvious rendition of rose - it takes so well to the light, airy shimmer of this construction. Why are so few around, or at least done well? I too am puzzled it's a limited edition which wasn't picked up.
I love rose fragrances, which means wading through a painful assortment of cheap, synthetic, screechy or fetid-rosewater varieties. I was frankly surprised, but thrilled, this one achieved the airy sparkle it has without veering into a dreaded territory for me, a special level of hell - the department store fragrance counter. So this one is unusual for me to like, what with the airy sparkle flirting in hairspray territory, but like it I do.
14th July, 2012 (last edited: 01st October, 2014)
A gorgeous and seriously overlooked fragrance that makes a lovely addition to the Guerlain collection. Christine Nagel did the house proud! Great from start to finish. I couldn't review it any better than MarksCarltonLane did below.

06th January, 2010 (last edited: 07th March, 2010)
Bought this blindly, due to Quarry's review, and I'm here to say ~ she's right on the money! I'm quite finicky about the scent of roses. Paris by YSL was a longtime favorite, but now seems a bit dated. Guerlain's With Love is easy to wear, especially nice too, that it is an eau de toilette. Extremely polite, not cloying whatsoever. Grab some now, while you still can!
27th October, 2008
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United States
I am devastated that this has been discontinued. I wore it for my wedding. It is the perfect bridal scent-- floral and crisp, whispering... My bottle is now almost gone, and I'm afraid if I buy it again, it will be stale.

It is so gorgeous. A rose reinterpreted. None of the others in this line compare.
17th August, 2006
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United States
Can a rose scent qualify as seeming nicely chalky? Can a rose scent steer clear of the dreaded, fetid rose-water smell? Can a rose-based perfume intermingle with human flesh so masterfully that, after a few hours, the two produce a delectable dream state when sampled up close? Yes. Guerlain's With Love is an under-publicized, under-appreciated, limited-edition gem which can still be purchased at If you like tannins in your wine, you might appreciate the dry, tannic quality that balances the lovely floral notes. I'm most inclined to wear this from spring into summer. Strangely, it layers well with Fresh's Index Cucumber Baie.
10th August, 2005
Have I become so magnetized to ocean floor and core-of-the-earth scents that I've forgotten the elements of air, sunlight and flora? I credit Guerlain with sign posts and profound destinations along the endless journey to the perfect scent. I was initiated into the world of perfume when I purchased the Baccarat crystal flacon containing one ounce of Shalimar in 1978. So began my immense respect for Guerlain's matchless collection reaching back to the 18th century. As with most noses, my collection will always have requisite parfums of legendary Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue and soon-to-be-added Vol de Nuit ... and, even Jicky ... each title-winning, heavyweight championship scents. Along came 2003 and With Love. What a delicious departure from the heavyweight, knock-'em-dead, iris-jasmine-and-roses-in-thick-syrup classics! With Love is a carefree laugh of fresh cut wild roses, sparkling quince, effervescent freesia and lighthearted lily held comfortably in an ambery base with warm whispers of cedar and sandalwood. This is a spring afternoon spread on a picnic pallet listening to symphonic music such as Handel's Water Music, indulging in a pear-flavored Chardonnay and offering some delectable cheese on crackers to your lover or significant other. And lots of non-verbal language. Because With Love speaks for you.
07th November, 2004