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Shalimar Eau Légère Parfumée was perfect when it was introduced in 2003. None of the later iterations improved it. What is wrong with Guerlain? Shalimar Eau Légère was destined to be a classic. The first time I sampled it, back in 2003, I was hooked. For several years it was readily available. Then they changed the formula and introduced it as Shalimar Light. Not as good but okay. I searched for and continued to find the Eau Légère version until some time in 2009, when the supply dried up. For a year or so, I was able to locate a few bottles of Shalimar Light, but I finally gave up my search and moved on to something completely different. Guerlain claims that Eau de Shalimar is the same formula as Shalimar Eau Légère, but critics say some of the key ingredients are inferior in quality to the original. I do not know, because I have not tried it. I have moved on.
14th December, 2011
Eau de Shalimar is pretty much exactly what one might expect from its name and look...a lighter, more "modern" or "fresher"---i.e., less animalic, less dense---variant of the classic Shalimar. No, it's not the same; but then, it's not meant to be. Yes, it is true to the scent profile of the original, in a way that many flanker scents are not. While I infinitely prefer the incredible richness and polish of the original, I also enjoy using Eau de Shalimar as well. It's crisper and yes, lighter, but far from insipid, and on me it wears very true to the original formula, by which I mean that it's recognizably Shalimar...I don't at all get the pronounced lime note listed and reported by others, nor does the vanilla dominate. For people who find some scents too heavy in warm weather (not a problem for me) or who wish they could wear their Shali to the office but feel they need a lighter approach, this could serve very well. Likewise, for those who have tried the classic version and found it too heavy for their preferences or too "old", this could likewise likewise suit them better. Although I'm generally not a fan of companies tinkering with a classic just for novelty or dialing one back to appease a trend for the lighter side of perfume, I've found that all the incarnations of Shalimar have a place, and all are reasonably faithful to the original which is deservedly timeless.
10th November, 2011
l agree with bbBD & MFJ on this one. "Lemon custard dessert" describes it perfectly, & yet it's not overly sweet or cloying at all. l adore Shalimar, but l find this version much more versatile & wearable all year round. A very successful modern interpretation of a classic.
(l have the Eau de Shalimar version in the Edition Charms bottle)
23rd February, 2011
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I love Shalimar but i like this better then the current reformulation now available. I just received this as Eau de Shalimar. It starts with an over powering citrus and then quickly goes to a vanilla and then settles down to an almost floral vanilla note that remains for a long time. It just smells romance. I would love to get a bottle of the original Shalimar Eau Legerre to compare with the Eau de Shalimar. I know they are suppose to be the same but a side by side comparison would be great. My husband likes it too. My favorite will always be vintage Shalimar pre-1990.
22nd December, 2010 (last edited: 13th July, 2014)
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United States
Shalimar Eau Legere takes the spirit of Shalimar and puts it in a more compact package. The initial citrus topnote is not unlike the lemon top of Habit Rouge. Nearly immediately a creamy vanilla joins the picture, slowly building in strength until the combination of citrus and vanilla approximates a lemon-custard desert. There's something in this citrus/vanilla accord that approximates the legendary citrus/vanilla/opoponax of the original - it refers to it - without actually being Shalimar. Shalimar Eau Legere was later re-introduced as Eau de Shalimar, but if you can find an Eau Legere bottle go for it because the original formula is richer and creamier. Thumbs UP.

18th September, 2010
I was very leary of any of the lights, being die hard vintage Shalimar fan but this one is a beauty!! Of course by Laurent, so no surprise. A great summer scent .
17th June, 2010
Despite looking blue in a similarly styled bottle, SHALIMAR EAU LEGERE PARFUMEE clearly possesses the DNA of the original classic, coming across more like an update which is creamier, less powdery and more 'eau'. Not surprising for a legendary beauty to have such a ravishing daughter; I'm smitten.

p/s: I think Asha is right - this is Shalimar Light under a different packaging.
04th November, 2009
Now, if you had problems appreciating Shalimar in all its concentrations/forms, do not give up just yet. Eau Legere opens with a light and sparkling lemon note that isn't overly zesty or too dull. Interestingly, a nice dose of soft and slightly powdery vanilla reveals itself almost immediately, and one feels as though the lemon and vanilla haven't been fused entirely, and can easily be deciphered and detected individually. If the original is too stuffy, powdery, animalic and dated for your liking, Eau Legere is a breezier, more lightweight presentation that you may like to sample.
09th July, 2009 (last edited: 15th January, 2010)
I love the old Shalimar on my Mom, it was the first perfume I ever remember. Shalimar Eau Légère is just beautiful. I can't get enough. It is my all time favorite!
18th April, 2009
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United States
Citrus, vanilla, and amber, with some light florals, and without the "synthetic"/rubbery note I smell in Shalimar EDC. Otherwise, it's similar to Shalimar EDC. Longevity is at least good, as is sillage/projection.
20th September, 2008
I've been wearing a decant of this version of Shalimar over the past couple of days and loving it. It's light but surprisingly long lasting on my skin. Lemony & vanilla. I usually like Shalimar eau de cologne or parfum (not so much the edt for some reason). This one is very nice! I will probably purchase it at some point. I can see myself wearing it year round. My husband likes it on me, too.
14th May, 2006
On my skin Shalimar with a lot more bergamot. A scent to be worn in summer weather IMO.
23rd November, 2005
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United Kingdom
Very much a modern take on Shalimar to my nose. The dry down is quite different but still veery nice indeed.
29th August, 2004
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I was very, very sceptical about this one, but it's very nice indeed! If Shalimar is too much for you, give this one a go. I stick to the original, though...
08th May, 2004