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Negative Reviews of Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

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This perfume has marked the history of perfumery: here is the only real opponent that Bertrand Batman has ever known! However, this experience (1995) turned into a defeat, and Batman became a legendary superhero!
The original idea was a "butterfly", but development seemed closer to a "moth".

It was born, the Killer Moth.

Perfumer without a proper name, but with a famous name, the Moth was the most formidable enemy of Batman. However, due to one of the most stupid costumes of all time (the wings can not be used to fly) he missed his dream of becoming the most prolific perfumer. Or at least he had to wait a few years!
So the wings should be decorative! Maybe you had to choose a more aggressive animal!

Killer Moth has no superhuman abilities, and this is just a perfume for kids! Just like the comic is!

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03rd June, 2015
To be perfectly honest, this is just a slightly more refined version of all those sugar-sweet 'body sprays' they market towards young girls and women. If you like sweet and pink, then you'll love this. Personally, it gives me a headache.
25th January, 2009
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Russian Federation
If I were a teen experiencing Hanae Mori for the first time, I would scream; "This is it! This is the ultimate fragrance I have ben looking for! It is so sweet and likable, but so single-minded, confused and yet non-sensual. It does nothing to my imagination but makes me want to smell more of it for a continuous period of time. Smell it it the room - big yes, smelling like it - no.
20th April, 2008
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This just doesn't do it for me. As hard as I tried, because my husband gave it to me for Valentines Day, I couldn't bring myself to like this. It does get better after a while, but just better, not good. I couldn't put my finger on what it was it reminded me of, but someone above pointed out it's Windex and I totally agree! It's sweet and interesting and I agree that it's an original and unique scent but too sweet for me and not beautiful, sensual, fresh, or intoxicating, qualities I like in my perfumes.
29th May, 2006