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I have a small bottle of parfum concentration. While wearing it, it's like my skin is savouring a rich cream cake with plenty of various berries. It smells so creamy! And I thought there must be vanilla, though it's not among the notes. When the floral notes become more prominent, it reminds me of a body cream however I can't remember what it was. After several hours, the sandalwood takes over sweet fruity and floral notes, adding a more mature touch.

It's innocent and romantic, feminity of extreme. The sillage is moderate and the longevity can reach 9h. However I barely wear it outside. It always reminds of a cozy Sunday afternoon when we read a book or spend some quality time with our beloved ones. And I'm always craving a tea or a coffee while wearing this yummy berry cream cake. Guess my small bottle will be ok for a period of time.

Originally written in 2013.
05th January, 2018
I received this as a sample and I absolutely love it. It has such a childlike quality to it. The opening can be nauseating for a bit but once it settles down it becomes very soft and wears close to the skin. Butterfly is the perfect name for it as it's so subtle and quiet until you get close and then it just gently floats around you. This would be the perfect fragrance for anyone dealing with children as it's inviting, sweet and somehow comforting. Great spring and summer scent.
17th November, 2016
Yet another of the Angel rip-offs!

Seemingly hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scents reviewed on Basenotes are rip-offs of Angel, yet hardly any of the noses who review here seem to comprehend this. I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.

Why am I seemingly the only one who notices this trend? I begin to think I'm living in a twilight zone. Butterfly is a VERY BIG FRUITY GOURMAND, based entirely on Angel. More blasts of berry fruits taken to higher levels, going beyond the holiday potpourri spray and entering the stratosphere.

Even though I love the originality of Angel, I don't appreciate the laziness and irresponsibility of fragrance houses relying on the stupidity of consumers by sending out copy after copy.

Do not bother with Hanae Mori - buy the original!
01st March, 2016
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I've always loved gourmands, and this is a great one. I agree with the reviewers who say that it smells young. This was my favourite in my late teens. I loved sweet perfumes, but wanted something more complex than Pink Sugar or the Body Shop oils that my peers were wearing.

It's sweet, but sweet like a pipe rather than sweet like cotton candy.

I recently smelled it on someone else and repurchased, but in the smaller rollerball size. It's nice to have as a reminder, but too cloying to use as an everyday scent.
22nd February, 2016
Kotori Show all reviews
United States
Once you get past the initial blast of strawberry and ylang ylang, this fragrance dries down to an incredibly warm and pleasant gourmand. I do not ever smell the Rose on my skin, but I smell almond, vanilla, and sandalwood. It stands up to 100 degree days and doesn't fight with sunscreen smells, so I find myself wearing it often throughout the summer.
15th August, 2015
This perfume has marked the history of perfumery: here is the only real opponent that Bertrand Batman has ever known! However, this experience (1995) turned into a defeat, and Batman became a legendary superhero!
The original idea was a "butterfly", but development seemed closer to a "moth".

It was born, the Killer Moth.

Perfumer without a proper name, but with a famous name, the Moth was the most formidable enemy of Batman. However, due to one of the most stupid costumes of all time (the wings can not be used to fly) he missed his dream of becoming the most prolific perfumer. Or at least he had to wait a few years!
So the wings should be decorative! Maybe you had to choose a more aggressive animal!

Killer Moth has no superhuman abilities, and this is just a perfume for kids! Just like the comic is!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

03rd June, 2015
A tasty and luscious gourmand vibe!

You may trust me: This is brilliant. Marvellous from the beginning to the end, creamy sandalwood plus a potent and succulent fruity vibe, a very tasty and special gourmand! EDP or EDT they are equally delicious. All thumbs up!

25th May, 2013
Ah, Hanae Mori Butterfly. I'll just admit up front that this was my signature perfume for almost 10 years. I like the EDP or Parfum best - not the EDT. I began wearing it in 1997 or 98, as a 23 year old girl in San Francisco. I carried a Hello Kitty wallet, worked in the videogame industry, dressed in girly little dresses & big motorcycle boots, had a short choppy red haircut and wore butterfly clips in my hair. This scent was PERFECT for me then - it evoked the Japanese-pop-culture-inflected gamine thing I was going for at the time. Now, as a late 30s wife and mother with a more classic style - I feel that I have thoroughly outgrown it - but I still find it charming and adorable.

As for what it smells like - this is a fruity oriental that is quite gourmand in character. Totally girlish and even childlike - and yet somehow it manages to be charming, comforting and a little sensual instead of trashy. (At least I think so - Katie Puckrick calls it "stripper perfume!") It was designed in 1995, when Angel was everywhere and everyone was playing catch up - and it's definitely a sweet, sweet, SWEET gourmand scent that is a distant cousin of perfumes like Angel and (groan, yes, it's true) Pink Sugar - while not smelling exactly like them.

This is essentially a strawberry-almond perfume. The base almond is so sweet that it becomes like marzipan or an almond-paste filled croissant. There is a buttery quality like baked goods. Together, this all gives an impression that's very similar to vanilla bakery + red fruit.

If you have ever been in a Japanese bakery that specializes in French pastry - and they have some of these in San Francisco's Japantown - it smells LIKE THAT.

The opening is HARSH - it has been compared to windex and hairspray by other reviewers, and I don't think they're wrong. It smells synthetic and tart to the point of being astringent. Yuck. Mercifully, this wears off quickly - especially in the EDP and Parfum concentrations, which are far smoother than the EDT and much superior, in my opinion. Top notes are red fruits - raspberry and red currant to begin with - and finally evolving into a strawberry. There's a blended floral heart - I can't put my finger on precisely what - but I think there's a rose that melds with the strawberry, then you get that sweet almond and a slightly woody base.

I find men love this stuff - my husband said I smelled like a "vanilla cookie" when we were young and dating, and a gay male friend once exclaimed "you smell like vanilla witchcraft!" when he went in for a hug. I have had men AND women stop me on the street to ask me what I'm wearing because they want to buy it. So it's got good sillage. It's also incredibly long-lasting - it really does go ALL DAY. So best to go light on the spray.

All in all, a lovely fragrance - but definitely cutesy. This is what Hello Kitty might wear on a date! Charming as all get out - but I think my days of wearing it are sadly over.
17th October, 2011
Sweet but not too sweet. The strawberry note is lovely and I detect a sweet sugar note. Love it.
23rd September, 2011
This fragrance distinctly reminds me of the vanilla EDT from The Body Shop with super sweet fruity notes added to it. It also reminds me a lot of the Harajuku Lovers Lil' Angel fragrance. I actually like The Body Shop's vanilla fragrance quite a bit, but I've never been a fan of Lil' Angel. My body chemistry seems to bring out the candied fruit notes like crazy and I find the smell a little too overly sweet. This EDT would have been better (in my opinion) if the fruit notes were more subtle, the way they are in the Body Shop's vanilla EDT. I still don't dislike this scent enough to give it a thumbs down, but it's definitely something that I have to be in right mood for, because it's really not a subtle fragrance. However, I would definitely recommend it to the fans of Lil' Angel, and to anyone who really loves very sweet gourmand fragrances.
08th September, 2011
For the life of me I can't smell any fruity top notes on this scent. All I get are the spicy vanilliac notes in the base. Which are good, but the more I smell them the more they remind me of another perfume - Dior Addict.
27th May, 2011
Another generic fruity floral scent. I smell peach for some reason. I don't believe it is listed as a note but it is about all I enjoy in this. Nothing special here.
01st April, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
This was an unsniffed purchase for me that worked out beautifully...I absolutely adore this fragrance! When I first sprayed, I thought I detected some chocolate mixed in the the strawberry, but that faded rather quickly and turned into a strawberry/vanilla heart with sandalwood undertones. Very long-lasting, I applied yesterday afternoon and could still smell it on my arm this morning. A very balanced gourmand with just the right amount of fruit.
28th March, 2011
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eris Show all reviews
United States
Ah, Butterfly. This is the scent I put on just for me, because it evokes so many good feelings and pleasant memories. Fruity, girly, but tempered with just enough smoke to make it bearable--and I'm really not a fan of the sweeter scents.

My first boyfriend literally would not stop sniffing me when I wore it, and ever since then it's been my go-to. It should, in all fairness, be TOO candied and immature, but something about it, when worn by the right person, lends it a subtle kind of gravitas. It manages the overdone lychees-and-sugar without being cloying, and in the end it smells like coy, coltish sexiness. It's intoxicating while still being innocent, and for all of this, it remains my go-to.

On me, the EDT (my favorite of the formulations) starts off most noticeably with lychee, which gradually fades into a luscious "woodsy" smell, and finally wears down to a very warm musky incense that retains hints of both the lychee and the wood.
05th February, 2011 (last edited: 25th April, 2011)
I first smelled this on a woman walking down the hallway at school and it lingered and it was absolutely heavenly! I chased her down to find out what it was, and I immediately went out and bought it. On me, it doesn't seem to last very long (I have the EDP - blue), but that's ok. It's very comforting and warm. It's what I want to wear when I need to "hug my inner child". It's a Sunday lazy afternoon fragrance. Simple. Warm. Comforting.
20th September, 2010
I really like this one. Hanae Mori races out of the bottle with a lush, berry-driven sweetness which threatens to overwhelm when just in time the floral mid barricade is raised. And here it remains in this strange juicy/dry balance for no small time, allowing a delicious strawberry/rose accord to rise from what could have been a jammy mess (Lola). The light woody drydown is of great quality and each phase of the scent is well worth the wait. It also seems multi-seasonal, as well as multi-occasional, and it goes on for ages, so high marks all around from me.
04th June, 2010
Butterfly is definately a sweet gourmand scent, reminds me of almond cookies and vanilla extract for some reason. I do not like overly sweet scents, but I love this one....go figure! Maybe my tastes are changing? Very foody with amazing sillage and lasts a long time on me....I smell this for hours and hours. I do detect some ylang ylang and woods but very faint IMO. I find this scent sexy and playful and perfect for night or cooler weather as it is a little heavy. I just love this!
15th November, 2009
I have a sweet tooth for gourmand scent. And HM pink Butterfly (edt strength) is simply mouth-watering gorgeous. I can't resist sniffing my arms constantly. Today, I think I smell good enough to eat. lol. And that's a lovely thought.
09th April, 2009
Caution: Sweet alert. If you hate sweet fragrances, read no more. This perfume opens with a bubblegum note, and I like bubblegum. The name is misleading on my sample. It merely states “Hanae Mori” EDP. I don’t think it is the original 1965 fragrance, which was peach, patchouli, and vanilla, or I would be crazy about it. It must be the new Butterfly, which is strawberry, bilberry, black currant, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, almond, and praline. At any rate, the fruit notes are indistinct; they may as well be peach. Together, they form a tutti-frutti concoction that is creamy and candylike. (I am surprised that this is Japanese; I thought they preferred clean, transparent scents, but this does fit in with their enchantment with all things “cute.”) It doesn’t do anything astonishing, but the pleasing bubblegum note carries on for a long time. It’s childlike and fun, and I can’t help liking it. It won’t replace Coco the more grown-up, fruity fragrances in my wardrobe, but I do enjoy it.

02nd April, 2009
This one is okay.  I was pleasantly surprised, as I don't like Hanae Mori on a blotter and I don't like it on the gal at work who wears too much on occasion.  Whatever it is that makes it smell like vanilla is smooth, easier on my nose than the sharp vanilla in Dior Addict. Its light, tropical fruits are blended in a way that makes it a little more sophisticated than the dessert scents it seems to want to be grouped with. It is a little bit refined despite itself. Hanae Mori is definitely at its best when applied sparingly. It is still just too sweet for me, though.
11th March, 2009
To be perfectly honest, this is just a slightly more refined version of all those sugar-sweet 'body sprays' they market towards young girls and women. If you like sweet and pink, then you'll love this. Personally, it gives me a headache.
25th January, 2009
This is a pretty decent perfume. To me, it's very, very sweet and musky, and there isn't much development over the life of the perfume. It does have amazing longevity as it lasts longer on me than any other perfume I've ever tried. I like wearing it occasionally, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.
15th October, 2008
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
Today I finally got around to sampling the Hanae Mori that someone sent me! I don't know why I waited so long. As soon as I sprayed it on, I started singing, "Sugar! Oh, honey, honey! You are my candy GIRL! And I can't stop lovin' YOOOO!"

It's got the same opening as D'Orsay Arome3. Pineapple! But unlike D'Orsay Arome3, the pineapple doesn't go away! It stays and stays and stays. It's almost 11 hours later, and I'm still smelling like a pineapple upside-down cake. I love pineapple upside down cake. How can there be no vanilla in this concoction? Amazing!
06th October, 2008
This one is my safe blanket! Whenever I feel down, it is snowing (I am not fond of snow), everything looks gloomy I just spray a little of HM Butterfly and things look better. I remember my mom baking, childhood friends, my sister sharing her cake slice with me... This perfume makes me smile. Big thumbs up!
26th July, 2008
sniff-sniff Show all reviews
Russian Federation
If I were a teen experiencing Hanae Mori for the first time, I would scream; "This is it! This is the ultimate fragrance I have ben looking for! It is so sweet and likable, but so single-minded, confused and yet non-sensual. It does nothing to my imagination but makes me want to smell more of it for a continuous period of time. Smell it it the room - big yes, smelling like it - no.
20th April, 2008
I echo the sentiments of Nlb's poetic review. This is an absolutely beautiful perfume which deserves time to develop on the skin to appreciate all its charms. It is one of my absolute favorite comfort scents, and never fails to lift my spirits. Just wonderful.
23rd October, 2007
At first sniff this seems to be a grownup cousin of Pink Sugar but it is actually quite a bit more complex, and morphs considerably on drydown. Definitely gourmand, but with some dry woods and aldehyde added for balance. So if you like your vanilla, almond, and berries with a little something extra, this might be it.
09th February, 2007
When I first smelled this, I was head-over-heels in love with it. Sweet and fruity and for some reason reminded me of fresh sassafras. I was addicted to it; my then-boyfriend loved smelling it on the sweatshirt I'd borrow. Then, I slowly stopped using it. When I tried to wear it again, it left a bad taste in my mouth all the way through the drydown until I had to take a shower. I've given it several more chances, but I just can't wear it anymore.
31st January, 2007
I love this, my husband loves it. It is very feminine and light to me. It might be said that is smells a little like almond cookies or a bowl of berries drenched in almond and whipped cream, but it is not just this, it is such a pretty floral oriental with a little wood. It smells like almond cookies, like hypnotic poison smells a little like root beer freeze, but there is so much more to it than just food.
31st October, 2006
My kids call this "Batterfly" .
They first sniffed it out on me, saying "OH! You smell just like waffle batter"- a compliment, as
I do make these delicious waffles, & realize the batter does smell like Hanae Mori Butterfly. Pure vanilla extract, a few drops of pure almond extract, the smell of the batter as it slowly begins to warm up. Butter, eh, Batterfly! I got a large bottle of this as a gift, & can only wear it once in a while. Like other Sweet Baked Good scents, it will probably always be popular. A lot of People prefer yummy or refined or sexy.
09th October, 2006