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Negative Reviews of Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

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I am looking to find a signature scent - something I can use for years. So I read a bunch of reviews and went ahead and ordered 50 samples of everything I want to try and then some niche perfumes that came highly recommended. Caleche sounded right up my alley because anything orange/citrus peeks my attention.

I have to agree with LuciaW about this scent. I sprayed this on and my first impression was soap. It felt like a bucket of strong soapwater was poured over my face and I had to gasp for air for the first half hour. I wanted to wash it off but decided to pull through and see what the dry down smells like. On my skin there's no citrus at al, not the faintest hint! - the soap drowns it all. After almost 3 hours that was still all I could smell. One note: soap. Such a disappointment because after smelling it at the perfume counter on a piece of paper, I was convinced that this would smell great on me. Luckily I only got myself a 5ml vial of this. Now to tend to this soap-induced headache..
08th May, 2014
LuciaW Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I was so excited to receive a sample of this! On paper it sounded just the sort of fragrance I adore. I wanted to love it but I just can't. It opens with a hit of sparkling aldehydes and on me soon softened to the smell of soap, nice soap but soap all the same. The drydown was very powdery indeed. I usually like powdery scents but this I just had to wash off. It smells rather like the talcum powder my Mother in Law uses!

I can appreciate it, but it just doesn't work with my chemistry.
24th January, 2012
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United Kingdom
I have not smelled Caleche for many years and got a bit of a depressing shock. Can Hermes please stop fiddleing with them, they do not seem get better!!!!
Once more they have taken the guts out of beautiful scents leaving them thin, limp and with a weak base.
Belami has lost its peppery fullness and big warm soft after glow, Eqiupage is synthetic and lifeless compared with the original and Caleche is watery and transparent in the middle. Have the accountants taken over once more or in a rush to be "modern" turned to CK BE for new formulas and style??
Pissed off and disapointed!
10th July, 2009
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kess Show all reviews
United States
I tried this recently -- I could not get past the "soap" stage (must be the aldehydes). When not overpowered by the soap "accord", I sense rather nice florals (violets?), but I can only get whiffs of those, and then back to the soap. Overall, it smells like a very luxe, very expensive soap, but not a perfume I'd wear. Definitely try before you buy.
14th February, 2009