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If the brief for this fragrance was 'combine Calvin Klein's 'Truth' for Men AND Women' then they succeeded.It's a soft, watery floral dominated by basil with just an afterthought of fruit to it. Sure it has that pink-smelling sweat pea tinge but male fans of Halston's Unbound could most certainly wear this one. A very pleasant scent with sadly disappointing longevity, but is quite a mood booster while it lasts. Though I rate a Neutral overall I really would recommend it be tried by fans of watercolor pink scents like Juicy Couture, Arden Beauty, or the Lempicka line, as it would make for a comfortable Summer scent.
17th December, 2015
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United States
My wife really enjoys this one, and I really like it on her. Granted, its not overly feminine and I probably would feel comfortable wearing it myself, but it projects a very warm and comforting vibe to me.
13th May, 2011 (last edited: 07th June, 2011)
Manifesto is a scent of a forest after the midnight rain in a early morning dew
a morning stroll though the grass feeling the wetness bettween your toes
with yellow dandilions around you.
with a morning cup of coffee you admire
the the morning beauty around you.

i can pick up a note of green tea and i just love mixing in with the basil and jasmine like a warm cup of scented jasmine green tea but my nose don't pick up any pears but only a wisp of
white lily and musk for the drydown.
09th October, 2010
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I like this. It is complex but not overwhelming. I find it quite "womanly" - not a girly fragrance. I'd wear it more often but it makes my partner cough.
24th September, 2010
I love Isabella Rossellini but I don't love her "Manifesto," despite the heart-felt copy that went along with my sample. Her manifesto is that the small, daily things are true luxuries: meals cooked at home with loved ones, fresh herbs in the garden outdoors. Despite this nice back-story, her scent wore very literally on me, and after application I felt like I had just spent an hour in the kitchen cooking. The basil and black pepper were powerful, and the base notes only seemed to elevate this kitchen scent into full-on funk. I was perplexed by this composition and rather glad when it was over. Lasting power was a few hours, but the opening and middle scenes really did smell like the after-effects of cooking a meal.
02nd April, 2010
I find this scent really comfortable if not terribly exciting. It seems to wear quite close to the skin for me and doesn't have great lasting power. I get a very nice, light floral in the middle notes, and that seems to be what really lingers. I don't find any part of it heavy in any way. It could be a nice everyday scent, especially in spring/summer, in my opinion.
30th October, 2006
Well i wouldn't call it a "manly" scent but it certainly is unisex. The fresh top has some flowery bits and goes on to become a bit sweeter and the base is musky and comfortable. I wasn't expecting much from this one but was gladly surprised. I once had a cd that smelled similar to this one and it was nice. I like it a lot and it's for everyday use in my opinion.
17th January, 2006
Tho Manifesto starts sparkling and green, but it seems to me to be unisex or a man's cologne. The earthy musk and white pepper combine and overpower every other note. It continues until the basil comes into the mix, making me smell like an overzealous boy spraying on cheap cologne for his first date. I really don't enjoy this one at. It would smell better on a man.
11th January, 2006