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Negative Reviews of Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini

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I love Isabella Rossellini but I don't love her "Manifesto," despite the heart-felt copy that went along with my sample. Her manifesto is that the small, daily things are true luxuries: meals cooked at home with loved ones, fresh herbs in the garden outdoors. Despite this nice back-story, her scent wore very literally on me, and after application I felt like I had just spent an hour in the kitchen cooking. The basil and black pepper were powerful, and the base notes only seemed to elevate this kitchen scent into full-on funk. I was perplexed by this composition and rather glad when it was over. Lasting power was a few hours, but the opening and middle scenes really did smell like the after-effects of cooking a meal.
02nd April, 2010
Tho Manifesto starts sparkling and green, but it seems to me to be unisex or a man's cologne. The earthy musk and white pepper combine and overpower every other note. It continues until the basil comes into the mix, making me smell like an overzealous boy spraying on cheap cologne for his first date. I really don't enjoy this one at. It would smell better on a man.
11th January, 2006