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Positive Reviews of Silences Purple by Jacomo

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I really like Silences Purple. It has nothing in common with the original Silences (which I also own and love) except for the name and the bottle shape.

I would describe the scent as a floriental. It starts out a bit sharp and medicinal, but settles in minutes to a vanilla floral that dries down over time to a sweet smoke and wood. It took me a few wearings to fully appreciate it, but now I find it amazingly complex and beautiful. The scent has great sillage and lasts 12+ hours on my skin.

A lot of people compare this to Dior Addict. I had not smelled Addict when I purchased Silences Purple unsniffed, but I have since had a chance to compare the two. There are some similiarties, but I think Silences Purple is a better-constructed fragrance, in addition to being more affordable. Jacomo is such an underrated perfume house, and this perfume must be one of the best-kept secrets of the fragrance world. Big bottles of the EDP are available for $15 to $20 at several etailers.
30th August, 2010