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Negative Reviews of Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

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This review is for the current reformulated edt version:

Bal a Versailles starts off with a very a sharp, pungent and spicy orange flower and cassis note that never lets up. Usually I love anything orange i.e. orange blossom, neroli, orange flower, but it is unrelenting and not pleasant at all. The leather, incense and civet that make the vintage edp so incredible is nonexistent and has been completed stripped with reformulation. It dries down to a powdery mess. I like some powder aspects, but this is ridiculous. It literally smells like someone took a bag of baby powder and threw it in your face. This stuff is so awful. A drastic chnage from the orignal edp. This is very dissappointing.
08th March, 2013
This review is for the current iteration( which I regret buying). I'd love to smell the versions others here own!

From the top: A blast of cough medicine mixed with the notorious body smells variously described by folk in many places, is followed by and hangs with a low-grade honey/greasy hair scent which sets my teeth on edge. It's like the sugar that's crystallized out of old, bad-quality clover honey. If this can be borne for a hour or so on my skin, it's replaced by an inoffensive, even pleasant, vaguely spicy dry-down. And that's it.

Lasts longer on fabric, which means, for me, the garment must be washed as the animal smell lingers longer. I disagree with those who call it urineous. It's the fecal smell exuded by fly-pollinated shrubs.

If this perfume is sex, it's cold, grungy sex without love.
19th March, 2012
Oh my, sadly this one was a scrubber along with Guerlain's Jicky...and I don't scrub perfume off too often (coming from a woman who loves Musc Ravageur). I have to agree with a few others who cite this fragrance as old school and dated, reminiscent of glory days way gone by. The only image I would add is the hyper-sillage one smells from the elderly woman who passes by seeking a seat on the public bus or in church :0(

This fragrance started to give me a headache. Yes, it does remind me of Shalimar and all of that...enough said. After the initial cheap floral bite, I waited for the spicy incense dry down...nothing. Bal a Versailles started to smell like rancid "bad" perfume on me that has "turned" because it has been in the bottle too long. Reminds me of something I would pick up on my grandmother or aunt's dresser as a kid and quickly put back down...and I'm over a half-century old ;0)

Yes, I can see this at the counter of some old department store in any town USA. Sorry to offend anyone but this is a no-go.
18th April, 2010 (last edited: 28th February, 2015)
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Adding to my review of this sent out yesterday:

It made it extremely sick when I wore it as opposed to having just a drop on my hand for review purposes. Very, very sick. & this is from someone who can shower in "Le Baiser du Dragon".
Very disapointed.
01st September, 2008 (last edited: 02nd September, 2008)
Ugmpff. Hit by the nose breaking spicy Neroli. When my nose is destroyed by it, i can hardly go any further. Like in heure blue and tabu and narcisse noir. i went to board to take a sniff from tabu to compare and umpg hit on the nose again. i know narcisse noir is much more gentle and cute at the opening, heure blue is more essence oil old so these two can race in harshness of opening i thought. Tabu is stronger in time and goes soapy as bal a versailles gets a bit flowery. But as my nose is destroyed with two harsh neroli kick i cannot tell much about the flowers and citrus. The mixture seems to be very complicated. As delicious as a late night baby food; put everything in the blender, honey and the eggs and the apple and the cheese; nutritious but do not expect it to taste gurme. But i can be completely wrong because my nose is dropped by neroli. and may be the neroli does that only to me because hates me as much as i hate neroli. Anyway, i could not find anything nice about it.
29th July, 2008