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Negative Reviews of Chaldée (original) by Jean Patou

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I should have went neutral after reading so many positive reviews but no thanks, i really dont like it,

So what is it? I completely understand why men like it, because this smells like men cologne:-) i have vintage mini EDT from that MA Collection from 80s,opening is a bit alcoholic,

and its so much opoponax dominated scent, the beautiful aromatic floral bouquet, with indolic properties stressed by those aromatic florals, (hyacinth,lilac and narcissus) is mixed with powdery opoponax that makes it a bit muddy and masculine

And i was thinking again about Tawaf, and maybe Tawaf was inspired by this scent, its rather simple scent, and i don't like how it is done,i expected much more from Patou, some elegance, and smooth transition, white flowers and opoponax dont go well together to my nose:-)

But maybe i cant appreciate because these flowers here are made for men exclusively:-) .they don't speak my language
23rd January, 2013